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[ Urgent Fury ]
Grenada, October 25, 1983: the first American military operation since Vietnam.

Two decades before the modern War on Terror, an elite counterterrorism unit, Navy SEAL Team Six, received its first mission: rescue Grenada's Governor from the communist forces that overthrew his government.

Intel informs Team Six to expect light resistance. Instead, they fast-rope into a hornet's nest of small arms fire and anti-aircraft artillery. Before it's over, the rescuers become the rescued and Team Six barely survives its baptism-by-fire.

The Invasion of Grenada, famously closed to the press, remains a little-understood chapter in modern warfare. This in-depth analysis of one valiant unit's experience shines much-needed light on America's performance there.

[ Wild Weasels ]
The advent of radar gave the world's military forces a powerful weapon against aerial attacks; not only could they detect planes coming in, but radar-guided anti-aircraft batteries could destroy them before they reach their target. The only answer to this grave threat is to take out the radar sites as soon as possible.

WILD WEASELS goes inside the cockpit with the Vietnam airmen charged with this critical and dangerous mission. As the "first in, last out" pilots, they were exposed to enemy fire for the longest time of any airmen. These brave flyers literally had a split second to fire their missile at the enemy before the enemy fired back. Filled with combat footage and interviews with "Wild Weasel" pilots, this is a thrilling look at some of the most dangerous combat missions ever flown.

[ Tracking Terror: The CIA In The Middle East ]
Bob Baer was a CIA case officer for a quarter century. He had a front-row seat at countless headline-making events, from terrorist attacks in Beirut to the war against Iraq. In this extraordinary expose, he reflects on the lessons learned in his long career, and offers the ultimate insider's look at the relationship between the United States and the Middle East.

TRACKING TERROR: THE CIA IN THE MIDDLE EAST is a galvanizing dossier of one man's undercover career that intersects nearly every aspect of the problems that have dominated US-Middle East relations for decades. Baer tells unforgettable tales of trying to rescue hostages and track terrorists in some of the world's least forgiving nations and environments. And, along with Iraqi opposition leader Ahmad Chalabi, he details his ultimately unsuccessful efforts to engineer a rebel uprising against Saddam Hussein.

Candid, insightful, and important, TRACKING TERROR makes a compelling case that the United States' early neglect of the terror problem contributed to the threats that the nation faces today.

[ Jungle Ambush ]
During the Vietnam War, a daring group of Army Green Berets known as SOG launches highly classified missions into neighboring countries Laos and Cambodia, in an attempt to foil the cross-border activities of the North Vietnamese Army. The "Secret War" as it is known, is fought by SOG's unique blend of elite, highly trained American and indigenous troops who, while grossly outnumbered, brazenly venture into combat.

On October 5th, 1968, SOG Spike Team Alabama is deployed into a high threat area of Laos on a reconnaissance mission to silently track a regiment of enemy troops. However, within the first minutes of their operation, Alabama's worst nightmare becomes a reality when they realize they've fallen into a horrible trap set by the North Vietnamese Army. Outnumbered a thousand to one, Spike Team Alabama will fight a staggering battle for their lives, and earn their place amongst the greatest in the history of American military.

[ Air America: The CIA's Secret Airline ]
When the final refugees were airlifted from the roof of the American embassy in Saigon, the helicopter that took them to freedom was not part of the U.S. military. Instead, it was flown by one of the most storied clandestine operations in the history of the CIA - AIR AMERICA.

HISTORY UNDERCOVER talks to over a dozen former Air America employees to create the definitive chronicle of the shadowy airline. From its origins with the legendary Flying Tigers of WWII to the final days of the Vietnam War, we'll see how Air America was a cornerstone of U.S. Southeast Asian policy for nearly a quarter century. While maintaining a thin cover, the group flew clandestine missions over China, Korea, and Vietnam, piloted by men who were no less remarkable than the airline itself.

Though the Cold War has ended, the legacy of these unique flyers lives on, living up to their logo: "Anything, Anytime, Anywhere, Professionally."

[ America's Elite Forces: A Checkered History ]
During the Vietnam War, special operations forces took on a more important role than ever before. But this rapid growth, mandated by President Kennedy, created almost as many problems as it solved.

AMERICA'S ELITE FORCES: A CHECKERED HISTORY explores the growth - and growing pains - of these troops over the last 40 years. Joined by experts like General Wayne Downing, Mike Wallace reveals how the military command structure had to adjust to the expanding role of these forces that operated outside of the traditional, established channels. Embarrassing failures, like the death of 8 soldiers during the failed raid to free the Iranian hostages, tarnished the reputation of both the forces and the military overall. But the unification of all these units under the US Special Operations Command marked a turning point in their history, and the dramatic success of Operation JUST CAUSE, which removed General Manuel Noriega from power in Panama, validated their role in the modern world.

In today's volatile world, their future seems to be assured, but skeptics and detractors remain - and every fresh incident, successful or not, fuels the controversy surrounding AMERICA'S ELITE FORCES.

[ Greatest Raids: The Entebbe Raid, 1976 ]
"You had more than 100 people sitting in a small room, surrounded by terrorists with their fingers on the trigger. They could fire in a fraction of a second. We had to fly seven hours, land safely, drive to the terminal area where the hostages were being held, get inside, and eliminate all the terrorists before any of them could fire."
Israeli Brigadier General Dan Shomron, Commander of the Entebbe Raid

It was an extraordinary risk and an unqualified success. On July 3, 1976, a strike force of just over 200 Israeli commandos landed at Entebbe Airport in Uganda and successfully ended a hijack and hostage ordeal that had started a week earlier. Two of the 105 hostages died in the crossfire, all eight Palestinian and German terrorists aboard the plane were killed and the only Israeli lost was the force leader, Yoni Netanyahu. From the tense planning stages to the 58-minute operation itself, THE ENTEBBE RAID, 1976, tells the complete story of this remarkable chapter in the ongoing fight against terrorism.

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[ Decision To Drop The Atomic Bomb ]
This video is divided into three parts. Part One documents the events that lead up to Truman's decision to drop the atomic bomb. Includes, Roosevelt passing away, B-29s firebombing Japan, General Eisenhower being honored in the street of Washington, American scientist involved in making the bomb, 509th Composite Group. Truman aboard USS Augusta Bay, Big Three and much more.

Part two looks at the aftermath of the atomic bombs and the suffering it caused on the Japanese people. Part three is in color and documents the physical destruction to Hiroshima.

[ C-130 Operations in Vietnam ]
This video includes the following films focusing on operations in Vietnam of the C-130: "Anything, Anywhere, Anytime" is an overview of C-130 operations in Vietnam including the 463rd Tactical Airlift Wing; The AC-130 Gunship: Training and Operations in Vietnam; Operation Junction City: C-130 Airlift; Khe Sanh resupply; C-130 crash at Tan Son Nhut Airbase; C-130 transport of elephant from Special Forces Camp to Chu Lai.

[ Disaster At Bien Hoa ]
This video documents in graphic detail the death and destruction caused by numerous explosions on the Bien Hoa Air Base flight line on Sunday morning 16 May 1965. In all 26 U.S. airmen and 6 Vietnamese airmen died. 15 aircraft were completely destroyed and 20 more were damaged beyond repair.

The video is divided in two parts. Part one is a narrated Air Force film (approx. 20 minutes) titled "How To Stage A Disaster." The film looks at the Bien Hoa incident from the perspective of how and why safety was compromised.

Part two (approx. 40 minutes) is not narrated and covers the B-57 explosions, firefighting, rescue, evacuation and clean-up of the flight line. The film footage is high-quality and provides excellent coverage of the event.

[ Fulton Recovery System ]
This video documents the use of the Fulton Recovery System by C-130 Hercules aircraft at Edwards AFB in 1966 and at Phang Rang AB in 1968.

The Fulton surface-to-air recovery system is a system used by the United States Air Force and United States Navy for retrieving persons on the ground from a C-130 Hercules aircraft. It involves using an overall-type harness and a self-inflating balloon which carries an attached lift line. An HC-130H engages the line with its V-shaped yoke and the individual is reeled on board. Red flags on the lift line guide the pilot during daylight recoveries; lights on the lift line are used for night recoveries. Recovery kits were designed for one and two-man recoveries.

[ C-141 Starlifter ]
This video contains several films including a C-141 overview detailing its capabilities such as load capacity and the number of troops it can carry. The second details the loading and airlift of a nuclear weapon aboard a C-141. The third film documents the December 1965 airlift via the C-141 Starlifter of 3rd Infantry Brigade, 25th Division from Schofield Barracks, Hawaii to Pleiku, South Vietnam by the 61st Wing of MAC.

The final film provides an historical overview of airlifts and aircraft used by USAF during WWII, Korea and Vietnam.

[ U-Tapao Air Base, Thailand ]
This video includes scenes shot at U-Tapao from 1967-1972 by combat cameramen. Includes aerial views of the base, day-to-day activities as well as scenes of 635th Combat Support Group, 4258th Strategic Wing, flight line activities, barracks, B-52Ds crewmen and maintenance, dining halls, Red Horse: 555th Sqd., main gate, control tower operations, 618th Military Airlift Support Squadron, C-5A Airlift, 6th Aerial Port Squadron, and much more.

This video contains no narration. Includes actual on-site interviews with personnel serving at the base. Also includes a music soundtrack and Armed Forces radio broadcasts from Vietnam.

[ B-52 at U-Tapao AB ]
This video is divided into three parts. Part one is narrated and follows a B-52 crew based at U-Tapao Air Base in Thailand. There are interviews with the crew and they are shown in an operational debriefing. Also seen is MACV at Tan Son Nhut Air Base, where B-52 targets are selected.

Part two is not narrated (captions) and covers crew boardings, B-52D departures and returns, reception for 100 mission pilot, bomb handling and loading activities, duties of ground crew in preparation for aircraft departure, and gathering of drag chutes at end of runway. Unit is the 307th Strategic Wing.

Part three is a short narrated segment focusing on Operation Linebacker II, launching of B-52s against Hanoi, N. Vietnam in an attempt to break the deadlock at Paris peace talks.

[ F-4 Phantom Overview ]
This video includes six Air Force and Navy films on the F-4 Phantom, including: Two training films produced by the Air Force during the Vietnam War demonstrating the aircraft's capabilities with excellent close-ups of the plane's interior and exterior, as well as details of all the instruments in the cockpit and showing the pilot the maneuvers he will most likely use in combat; And a Navy film on rescuing a pilot provides excellent footage of the aircraft's exterior and interior.

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[ Vietnam: An American History ]
Relive the gritty unfolding of the Vietnam War with this award-winning documentary, Vietnam: An American History. Capturing the gripping reality of America's costly battle, this documentary provides an objective look into the Vietnam turmoil -- see it live and in the moment. Own a piece of history with this spellbinding visual masterpiece!

[ Channel 12 Media ]

[ The Boeing B-52 Stratofortress ]
The Ultimate Boeing B-52 Stratofortress Vietnam-Era Vintage Film collection! Since it first flew in 1955, the Boeing B-52 has defined the role of the strategic bomber. Here is a collection of films that were shown to the Aviators who flew the "Buff" through the hottest parts of the Cold War, and over the jungles of Southeast Asia.

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[ The Race to the Moon ]

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