Exercise SOLID SHIELD 76: An Historical Summary.

44th Military History Detachment, United States Army Forces Command.

91 pp., text. 1 table, 5 maps, 3 charts, 14 reproduced photographs.
(Regraded UNCLASSIFIED from original CONFIDENTIAL)

Narrative history of a major peacetime exercise derived from both documents and the actual participation of the 44th Military History Detachment. Chapters:

  1. Introduction
  2. Background Information
  3. Preparations for Exercise SOLID SHIELD 76
  4. Conduct of Exercise SOLID SHIELD
  5. Combat Service Support Overview
  6. Support Activities Overview
  7. Exercise Evaluation and Comments
  8. Summary.

Includes information on:

Actual exercise play lasted from 16-22 May 1976. Tables provide major participating units.

15 Take Part In Training Exercise

EGLIN AFB - Fifteen officers and enlisted men of the 33rd Tactical Fighter Wing will deploy during the month of May to Solid Shield 76, the U.S. Atlantic Command's Joint training Exercise taking place in the areas of Camp LeJeune, NC, and Ft. Stewart, GA.

Solid Shield 76 is the ninth in a series of annual exercises and will emphasize command and control in a unified environment. More than 50,000 personnel from the U.S. Army's Forces Command, the Navy's Atlantic Fleet, the Marine Corps' Fleet Marine Force Atlantic, TAC MAC and the Coast Guard will join in this massive exercise. Approximately 3,000 of the participants will come from the Reserves and National Guard.

TAC and TAC-gained Air Reserves and Air National Guard forces will provide fighter and reconnaissance support, tactical air control systems, forward air control elements and medical facilities. Augmentee and support personnel will be drawn from throughout the command. MAC will provide strategic and tactical airlift, rescue and weather support. Training operations will take place on the Camp LeJeune and Fort Stewart reservations as well as in adjoining areas and Atlantic waters.

The exercise scenario, simulating military action between two opposing forces, will include Naval maneuvers, an airborne evacuation, a paratroop assault and an amphibious landing. The Atlantic Command is one of seven unified commands within the Department of Defense structure and has the responsibility for all joint military operations in the North and South Atlantic, the Gulf of Mexico, the waters of the Caribbean and an area of approximately 52 million square miles -- 40 percent of the world's ocean surface.

Gen. Robert J. Dixon, commander of TAC, serves as the Air Force component commander of the Atlantic Command and is responsible to CINCLANT for developing and maintaining plans to accomplish assigned operational missions. In this capacity, he functions for CINCLANT as the single point of contact for the use of Air Forces and as senior advisor on the employment of air power.

Air Force forces participating in Solid Shield 76 will be under the command of Gen. James V. Hartinger, commander TAC's Ninth Air Force.

Dyess crews involved in massive exercise

May 19, 1976

About 200 members of Dyess AFB's 463rd Tactical Airlift Wing, both flyers and support personnel, are spread over much of the eastern United Stales in support of "Solid Shield '76." The U.S. Atlantic Command's training exercise will involve more than 50,000 personnel from the U.S. Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and the Air Force Tactical Air Command and Military Airlift Command (MAC), said Admiral Isaac C, Kidd, Commander In Chief of the U.S. Atlantic Command.

Besides involving every active military service, the massive exercise will involve about 3,000 members of the reserves and National Guard. Twelve aircraft from the 712nd Tactical Airlift Squadron (TAS) and six of the Wing's C-130 aircraft have been staged at Pope AFB, NC.

According to mission commander Lt. Col. Al Bule, the 463rd aircraft will support the exercise with cargo airdrop and airland deliveries. In addition, the crews will fly high altitude, low opening personnel drop missions and take part in an assault landing during the operations. The crews departed May 9 and should be back at Dyess by Wednesday, May 26. Twenty-seven members of Ihe 463rd TAW Airlift Control Element (ALCE) team, headed by Lt. Col. Maurice D. Bach, will control airlift operations in two locations, Hunter and Wright Army Air Fields in Georgia near Savanna. They should return by May 29. The 1st Mobile Aerial Port Squadron (MAPS) sent a 41-man support team to those two Army Air Fields in Georgia led by Squadron Commander Maj. Edward Ward, and they also will return May 29. MAPS has also provided a three-man Combat Control Team led by TSgt. James D. Klyce. This team has Joined an Army unit and is tasked with coordinating airlift, or any type of tactical air support, with ...

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