Air Force Nicknames

ABSALON EXPRESSJoint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) directed and coordinated exercise.
ACE CARD VIIJoint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) directed and coordinated exercise.
ACID TEST IIIJoint U.S. Canada winter tactical deployment exercise held in Alaska in 1970.
AIR BOYA classified Naval Air Systems Command effort concerned with electronic countermeasures.
ALOUD INDIAJoint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) exercise.
ALOUD SERIESJoint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) directed and coordinated exercise.
APPLIED FALCONRYAn experimental study at the University of Albuquerque, New Mexico, which may involve lasers or atomic weapons.
AQUA DARTMarine Corps program for underwater vehicles designed to transport reconnaissance swimmers or equipment for long distances.
ARCTIC EXPRESSA Joint Chiefs of Staff exercise.
ARDENT GROUNDA NATO exercise designed to test the ability of artillery batteries from several nations to work as a team with mortar elements and fighter aircraft. It was conducted in the United Kingdom in May and June of 1980.
ARENA EXCHANGEJoint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) directed and coordinated exercise.
ARROW EXPRESSA NATO exercise in Denmark involving troops from nine countries to demonstrate quick deployment to the territory of any threatened member.
ASH CANAn ERDA program of taking samples of the atmosphere from known geographical points at regular intervals of time and at altitudes between 80,000 and 135,000 feet. Balloon-borne and air-to-air recovered, the program monitors radioactivity by obtaining stratospheric air samples over a wide latitudinal range.
ASSAULT BREAKERA non-nuclear response to massed armor with radically increased kill effectiveness, and involves a near forward battle area surveillance aircraft with active and passive all-weather sensors for providing midcourse command guidance for standoff weapons. It is a DARPA concept.
AUSTERE STRIKEAir Force system utilizing an electro-optical seeker and tracker for acquisition and tracking missions flown by F-4 aircraft.
AUTUMN FORGEA series of NATO exercises conducted each year in Allied Command Europe. It began in 1975 linking a number of training exercises under a common scenario to enhance the readiness of combat forces and the capability of NATO forces to work together.
BACK PORCHTropospheric scatter communications system installed in Vietnam and linked with U.S. forces in Thailand.
BALL BUOYThe AN/SSQ-51/52-XN1 sonobuoy developed by Sanders for the Navy.
BAMBOO TREEAn Air Force communications/direction project (Air Access Berlin) involving the AN/GPA-98 Course Directing Radar Set; the AN/GRC-115 Radio Set; the AN/MPQ-T2 Bomb Scoring Range-Radar Trainer, the MPQ-41, and the ARQ-23.
BARE BASEAn Air Force Systems Command program to equip and logistically support the moving of a tactical unit from its home air base to a bare base site on short notice and function under combat conditions within hours of arrival. The concept calls for a complete self-contained package able to set up and support wartime tactical aircraft missions for up to six months without equipment replacement other than war consumables, spares and aircraft.
BATTLE KINGCannon Launched Guided Projectile (CLGP) loading and handling tests.
BEACH COMBERA version of the Assault Breaker laser-guided missile.
BEACH JUMPERA project funded under the heading "Navy Cover and Deception Program" in the FY75 Navy RDT&E budget. Related is the STADD program.
BEST HITThe Allied Forces Southern Europe Fighter Weapons Meet held in July 1971 at Eskisehir near Ankara which brought together teams of Air Force pilots from Italy, Turkey and Greece.
BIG BEARA classified ELINT program, probably run by the Air Force, involving Sylvania and using spectrum analysis.
BIG BILLAn Army Missile Command effort to employ a multiple warhead on an anti-tank weapon using optical guidance or pilot control.
BIG BIRDThe first of the reconnaissance satellites designed to perform both the search-and-find and close-look functions that previously required the use of separate spacecraft.
BIG CROWA modified KC-135 jet used as an airborne electronic warfare laboratory to provide the Army an airborne platform with the capability of creating electronic warfare environments for the susceptibility/vulnerability analysis of missile and support systems.
BIG EARArmy Missile Command awarded Zenith Radio Corp. (Menlo Park, CA) a contract in December 1970 for rehabilitation of the BIG EAR system. BLU-80/B
BIG EYEA joint Navy-Air Force program to develop a free-fall binary chemical dispenser.
BIG LAMPSA Navy program to modify 11 SH-3G aircraft into an SH-3H configuration. This helicopter would supplement the smaller HH-2D light airborne multi-purpose system (LAMPS).
BIG LOOKDesignation of Navy EC-121 aircraft used to monitor North Vietnamese surface-to-air missile activity. An upgrading program, known as Big Look Improvement Program (BLIP), was also undertaken. Under BLIP, the RP-3D aircraft were to be fitted with an electromagnetic intelligence-gathering capability.
BIG MOTHERAn Air Force Quick Reaction Capability program (ARC-362) for a stand-off jammer known as SPASM, to be used on EC-130 aircraft. Known officially as the Land-based Multi-purpose Naval Aircraft (LMNA).
BIG RALLYA crash program which furnished troposcatter communications links from northern Italy into the Turkish tropo system as part of the 486L Mediterranean Communications (MEDCOM) system.
BIG SAFARIAn Air Force program of the early 1960s under which the first operational RPVs were developed, including COMBAT DAWN and BUFFALO HUNTER.
BIG SQUIRTA broadcast station operated by Voice of America just below the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) in Vietnam and built by Page Communications.
BIG STICKA new Navy bomb-carrying canister for use on A-4, A-6 and A-7 attack aircraft.
BIG TEAMAn Air Force intelligence project.
BIG WINGThe MK-82 laser guided bomb.
BIRD BUFFERAir Force computers at the Satellite Test Center at Sunnyvale, CA.
BIRD DOGAnother code name for the GENIE air-to-air missile developed in the U.S. by McDonnell Douglas.
BLACK BEAUTYJoint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) directed and coordinated exercise.
BLACK CATInfrared horizon sensor system for satellites developed by General Electric for the Air Force.
BLACK CROWA sensor used aboard AC-130 gunship aircraft for truck interdiction missions. Funding has been carried out by both the Naval Air Systems Command and Air Force Aeronautical Systems Division. The system locates enemy trucks from ignition system emissions.
BLACK DOMEA classified program conducted by Sylvania for the Army's Electronics Command.
BLACK EYEAn Air Force Space and Missile Systems Organization study of techniques for disabling sensors aboard hostile satellites. Use of optical masers considered.
BLACK FLYA sailwing RPV (remotely piloted vehicle) developed by Fairchild Industries for flight tests under DARPA's RPV evaluation program.
BLACK FOXAn emergency airborne communications system for long-range link between defense centers through a 14,000-foot wire antenna trailed behind an EC-135 aircraft. Originally developed by Sylvania, Collins now manufactures the antenna as part of the Westinghouse-produced AN/ARC-96 Low Frequency Airborne Radio Set which is incorporated into the Air Force's overall 487M Special Purpose Communications Program (SPCP).
BLACK FURRY IIIThe third joint-service exercise to test the U.S. Southern Command's ability to defend the Panama Canal.
BLACK HAWKJoint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) directed and coordinated exercise.
BLACK HAWKSupposedly cryptographic equipment for which Honeywell received contract from Army; classified. May be tied in with RED EAGLE and RED FOX.
BLACK HOLEA Hughes-developed infra-red suppression system originally developed for the YAH-64 helicopter and now scheduled for use in the Navy's Bell AH-1J and AH-1T twin engine helicopters.
BLACK JACKAn air-to-surface version of the air-to-air Genie rocket which, after testing, was cancelled by the Air Force.
BLACK KNIGHTJoint Chiefs of Staff coordinated exercise.
BLACK SPOTA project (also designated 4053) in development at LTV to equip NC-123 aircraft with forward-looking radar, infrared sensors and low light level television. Part of the Air Force's overall night vision effort termed Shed Light.
BLACK STARJoint Chiefs of Staff coordinated exercise.
BLADE LASSA NASA computer model.
BLIND BATTerm used for infrared-equipment AC-130 aircraft in Vietnam. Part of the Air Force's overall night vision effort. (See SHED LIGHT.)
BLOW HOLEDefense Advanced Research Projects Agency effort connected with target location and identification.
BLUE AIRAn Army Missile R&D Command analysis subroutine involving TRW.
BLUE AXA 10-day Marine Corps training exercise conducted at Camp Lejeune, NC in January, 1972.
BLUE BARONAn independent Navy evaluation of the joint Air Force/Navy AIMVAL/ACEVAL tests which evaluate the merits of competing air-to-air missile concepts.
BLUE BIRDName applied to a group of four satellites that Hughes manufactured for the Communications Satellite Corporation, COMSAT. Specifically, they are the INTELSAT 2 series.
BLUE BOOKAir Force Office of Scientific Research project, now completed, to analyze phenomena associated with Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) sightings and to make recommendations on methods of investigation and evaluating UFO reports.
BLUE EAGLEAir Force program using airborne UHF radio receivers and transmitters in EC-121 aircraft.
BLUE EYEA tentative name applied to the Air Force's development of the AGM-79A missile, now cancelled.
BLUE FISHA classified project of the Army Mobility Equipment R&D Command.
BLUE FLAGAn Air Force project at Eglin AFB, FL, which simulates an extensive enemy air defense environment in order to train battle-staff decision makers in tactical warfare.
BLUE FORCEA Navy program under the Naval Electronic Systems Command.
BLUE FOXProject which produced the AN/FPS-80 Tracking Radar Set built by General Electric, used with the 466L Electromagnetic Intelligence System, ELINT; Air Force.
BLUE GREENJoint US/UK weapon developments.
BLUE KNIGHTJoint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) directed and coordinated exercise.
BLUE MAILA classified Navy program dealing with CONUS defense. The effort entails studies of ASW against missile-carrying submarines; characteristics of the Soviet YANKEE-class submarine, and SS-N-6 and SS-NX-5 missiles; as well as possible NAVAIR concept formulation.
BLUE NINEProject which produced the AN/FPS-79 Tracking Radar Set built by General Electric, used with the 466L Electromagnetic Intelligence System, (see ELINT); Air Force.
BLUE PEARLA modernized version of the AN/FPS-80 Tracking Radar Set built by General Electric for the Air Force.
BLUE SCOOTERA proposal made by Boeing (Wichita, KS) and later abandoned, for a drone reconnaissance vehicle.
BLUE SCOUTAir Force application of NASA's Scout launch vehicle.
BLUE SPIKEA Naval detector system, details classified.
BLUE SPOTA Westinghouse experimental sensor payload for the Lockheed mini-RPV called "Skyeye". The payload will supply TV camera surveillance, line-of-sight, laser target designator and range finder.
BLUE SPRINGSAn Air Force program which involved RPV reconnaissance flights over China in the 1960s.
BLUFF BLINKERThe Naval Regional Procurement Office, Los Angeles, awarded a contract to Tasker Industries for work on this project.
BOB CATA guided 500-pound bomb in development at Naval Ordnance Laboratory, Corona.
BOLD EAGLEAn Army Security Agency project. Also involves Air Force Electronic Systems Division.
BOLD ORIONThe Air Force's strategic air launched missile, designated 199-B.
BOLD SHOTA Joint Chiefs of Staff exercise.
BONUS DEALA Strategic Air Command project to identify directed bombing.
BOOSTED ROOSTERCombination Arcas sounding rocket and Sidewinder missile propulsion unit used by Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratory for an upper-air research program.
BOSPHORUS EXPRESSJoint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) directed and coordinated exercise.
BRAVE CREW 74A joint Army/Air Force training exercise conducted at Fort Hood, Texas in June 1974.
BRAVE SHIELDA joint-service training exercise held in the Southeastern part of the United States in February, 1972, Members of the 82nd Airborne Division from Fort Bragg, NC were the main forces being deployed in the exercise.
BRAVE SHIELD 17A continuation of joint readiness exercises involving all branches of the Armed Services. Brave Shield 17 was held March 30 to April 23, 1978, at Ft. Irwin, CA, and included the first use of the E-3A AWACS system in an Army Readiness Command exercise.
BRICK BATA top priority that gives defense contractors precedence over other commercial companies in obtaining critical materials.
BRIGHT LIGHTA Navy operation to rescue American prisoners of war in Vietnam.
BRIGHT STARA rapid deployment exercise conducted in Egypt by combined US forces (1981).
BRIM FIREA Joint Chiefs of Staff exercise.
BUBBLE DANCERWorld Wide U-2 weather sampling operations.
BUBBLE FOAMA Strategic Air Command track from Rock Springs, Wyoming to O'Neill, Nebraska.
BUBBLE GAMEA Strategic Air Command refueling Area 1.
BUBBLE INNA Strategic Air Command post strike refueling area 1.
BUBBLE OVERA Strategic Air Command project effective in the early 1970s.
BUBBLE SOAPA Strategic Air Command Far East Route initiated in May 1967.
BUBBLY LIGHTA Strategic Air Command track from Seattle, Washington to McCall, Idaho.
BUCK ARENAA Strategic Air Command track from St. Louis, MO to Lafayette, IN.
BUCK PLATEA BMEWS monitor route compulsory reporting point within the Strategic Air Command.
BUCKET SEATA Strategic Air Command refueling track.
BUCKING BULLA post strike refueling area within the Strategic Air Command.
BUFFALO HORNA Strategic Air Command disaster to base and higher headquarters signal initiated in August 1967.
BUFFALO HUNTERA code name for short-duration low altitude drones now being used by the Air Force for photo reconnaissance missions.
BUG BOMBA Strategic Air Command Spanish Atlantic Refueling Track.
BUG NESTA Strategic Air Command snow time refueling area.
BUG SPRAYA Strategic Air Command project initiated in May 1967.
BUGGS OUTA Strategic Air Command operational test and evaluation of ECM equipment on T-29 aircraft.
BUGGY FOXStrategic Air Command refueling area No. 12.
BUGGY RIDEA Strategic Air Command alert force launch from a single base.
BUGLE CALLAn Air Force radio in support of the Strategic Air Command.
BUGLE NOTEEmergency operations of B52 aircraft in Southeast Asia.
BUGLE RAGStrategic Air Command reconnaissance photos from U-2 aircraft for updating RBS site chart production.
BUGLE SONGStrategic Air Command air refueling Area 7.
BUGLE TONEA Strategic Air Command south route compulsory reporting point.
BUGLE TRIMStrategic Air Command refueling track on the Southeast Asia route.
BULK LOADA Strategic Air Command and Air Force refueling track.
BULL CREEKStrategic Air Command Logistic Survey and Support Activities.
BULL MARKETA Strategic Air Command Civil Engineer Conference.
BULL PASTUREA Strategic Air Command refueling Area 17.
BULLET BLITZThe operational test and evaluation of the SRAM missile.
BULLET CASEStrategic Air Command air refueling Area 8.
BULLET PASSA Strategic Air Command operational test & evaluation of B-52 fire control system.
BUMPER MARGINStrategic Air Command refueling Area 15.
BUMPY ROADA Strategic Air Command snow time refueling Area 2.
BUMPY TRAILA Strategic Air Command refueling track in Southeast Asia.
BUNDLE WESTA Strategic Air Command post strike refueling Area 3.
BUNK BEDA Strategic Air Command refueling track.
BUNK STOREA Strategic Air Command refueling track.
BURNING BRIGHTA Strategic Air Command commanders report to the command post.
BURNING CANDYA Strategic Air Command project initiated in June 1967.
BURNING GLASSA Strategic Air Command operation initiated in April 1969.
BURNING LIGHTA Strategic Air Command operational order initiated in December 1966.
BURNING MATCHThe Strategic Air Command 1st refueling track on the Southeast Asia Pacific orbit route.
BURNING PIPEOperational employment of Strategic Air Command RC-135C aircraft.
BURNING STARA Strategic Air Command operation initiated in January 1967.
BURNT ASHESA Strategic Air Command Quick Reaction Capability (QRC) program for use on RC-135C aircraft.
BURNT BOOTA Strategic Air Command refueling area 03.
BURNT POTATOThe Strategic Air Command north route first refueling track.
BURP GUNA Strategic Air Command refueling track.
BURR OAKA Strategic Air Command refueling track.
BUS STEPStrategic Air Command refueling Area 2.
BUS TOKENCanadian high altitude air refueling Area 1 within the Strategic Air Command.
BUSH BLAZEThe Strategic Air Command north route second refueling track.
BUSH HOGThe Strategic Air Command second Air Force refueling track.
BUSINESS ACCOUNTA Strategic Air Command track from Battle Mountain, NV to Boysen Reservoir, WY.
BUSINESS AGENCYStrategic Air Command activities of Torrejon Tanker task force.
BUSINESS BRAINStrategic Air Command nonscheduled flights of T-39 aircraft.
BUSINESS EFFORTJoint Strategic Air Command, Tactical Air Command aircraft briefings.
BUSINESS EMPIRE IIStrategic Air Command scheduled flights of T-29 and C-131 aircraft.
BUSINESS LEADERStrategic Air Command combat training launch for instruction of operational base launch.
BUSINESS MOVEStrategic Air Command major air commands refueling for world wide movements.
BUST OUTStrategic Air Command launch of PC Force reconnaissance aircraft and supporting tankers.
BUSTED JAWThe Air Force's RC-135R aircraft.
BUSY ALLEYA Strategic Air Command contingency deployment air refueling Area 2.
BUSY BEAVERA Strategic Air Command manual (2005).
BUSY BIKINIA Strategic Air Command track from Great Falls, MT to Minot, ND.
BUSY BLADEThe implementation of a Strategic Air Command security option operational plan.
BUSY BROOMA Strategic Air Command program to eliminate and reduce excess supplies and equipment at base level.
BUSY DAYCryptographic equipment built for the National Security Agency by National Cash Register.
BUSY DOORBELLAir Force inspection and survey procedures.
BUSY DRIVEREmergency military assumption of responsibilities.
BUSY FIGUREStrategic Air Command B-52 range degradation flight operations directive.
BUSY GATEStrategic Air Command refueling track.
BUSY GUITARStrategic Air Command direct operational testing of a classified nature.
BUSY JEWELERA Strategic Air Command visit of a VIP in February 1971.
BUSY JOCKEYA Strategic Air Command refueling track.
BUSY KEYBOARDStrategic Air Command Post reporting exercise.
BUSY LAWYERStrategic Air Command U-2 reception plan for VIPs.
BUSY LEAGUEStrategic Air Command bomber contingency training mission.
BUSY LUGGAGEStrategic Air Command Air Force weapons drop test program, 1969.
BUSY MARBLEJoint test of AEC (now ERDA) and DOD Strategic Air Command reentry vehicles.
BUSY MEDICStrategic Air Command refueling track.
BUSY MEMORYStrategic Air Command unit level standard evaluation training program.
BUSY MERGERRepresents Air Force support to the Strategic Air Command in mute missions.
BUSY MISTERStrategic Air Command snow time refueling Area 3.
BUSY MODELStrategic Air Command rehabilitation improvement of the 99BW alert facility.
BUSY MONDAYStrategic Air Command Category II testing of the 487L communications system.
BUSY MOTHERStrategic Air Command air refueling area.
BUSY MOTORStrategic Air Command refueling track.
BUSY MOTORBOATStrategic Air Command refueling track.
BUSY MOVEMENTStrategic Air Command airlift movement of assembled MK 11 reentry vehicles.
BUSY NOTICEStrategic Air Command Fifteenth Air Force Division Wing Base Commanders Conference.
BUSY OBSERVERThe name given to sea surveillance training and operations, using B-52s, to find and photograph vessels at sea.
BUSY OPERATORStrategic Air Command predeployment training.
BUSY PAINTERStrategic Air Command refueling track.
BUSY PALACEStrategic Air Command refueling track.
BUSY PARADISEStrategic Air Command refueling track.
BUSY PARTNERStrategic Air Command refueling track.
BUSY PARTYStrategic Air Command program to identify messages requiring the crew to unlock the aircraft.
BUSY PATRONOperation of Strategic Air Command maintenance school.
BUSY PELICANA program to update navigation and plotting systems of Lockheed DC-130 drone launch and control aircraft for BGM-34C, COMBAT ANGEL, COMBAT DAWN, and BUFFALO HUNTER programs.
BUSY PERFORMERStrategic Air Command B-52G and H aircraft maximum range low level test mission.
BUSY PIPELINEStrategic Air Command direction for RC-135C aircraft special activity.
BUSY PISTOLStrategic Air Command refueling track enroute to the Thule orbit.
BUSY PITCHERStrategic Air Command refueling track.
BUSY PLAYERA Strategic Air Command evaluation exercise.
BUSY POKERStrategic Air Command orbit area for the clear BMEWS monitor mission.
BUSY POLICEStrategic Air Command refueling track.
BUSY RALLYStrategic Air Command U-2 tactical Squadron commanders seminar.
BUSY RASCALStrategic Air Command prevention of unauthorized aircraft operation.
BUSY RECORDERStrategic Air Command evaluation and portrayal of data for Third Air Division Commander.
BUSY RELAYA Strategic Air Command program initiated in July 1967.
BUSY REPORTERStrategic Air Command launch of an ABRES A-3 missile.
BUSY ROADStrategic Air Command Second Air Force Div. planned missions.
BUSY ROBOTStrategic Air Command model 154 operational test and evaluation exercise.
BUSY ROOSTERStrategic Air Command air refueling area.
BUSY SALOONStrategic Air Command refueling Area 16.
BUSY SENTRYStrategic Air Command exercise for intercontinental ballistic missile units.
BUSY SHOPStrategic Air Command bomber tanker mission.
BUSY SKYSPOTStrategic Air Command operation initiated in November 1967.
BUSY SLATEAir Force conference, August 1969.
BUSY SPEEDWAYStrategic Air Command Second Air Force division bomber stream express profile evaluation mission.
BUSY SPOTLIGHTStrategic Air Command side looking radar project initiated in May 1968.
BUSY STRANGERStrategic Air Command air division bomber stream diversified profile missions.
BUSY STREETStrategic Air Command program initiated July, 1967.
BUSY SURVEY IIStrategic Air Command Strategic Integrated Operational Plan (SIOP) 4D missile training assistance program. SIOP is an Air Force plan related to targeting for Minuteman.
BUSY TALENTA Strategic Air Command maintenance officer recognition and career enrichment program.
BUSY TAVERNA Strategic Air Command air refueling area.
BUSY TEACHERA Strategic Air Command program to test the Second Air Force Division battle staff planning team.
BUSY TENPINSThe launch from the Space Launch Center of a Thor Agena rocket.
BUSY TOUCHA Strategic Air Command refueling track on the Far East-West route.
BUSY TOURISTA Strategic Air Command weapons storage area.
BUSY TUESDAYStrategic Air Command support of B-52 aircraft requirements study.
BUSY TYPHOONStrategic Air Command generation of reaction forces and request for assistance.
BUSY UNITStrategic Air Command program to defray supply deficits.
BUSY USHERStrategic Air Command launch of No. 13 LF-02 missile MK-1 Minuteman II.
BUSY WIZARDAn Air Force Strategic Air Command jet engine improvement program.
BUTCHER BIRDAn advanced anti-radiation missile (ARMY) in development for the Navy which would be a follow-on to the Shrike and ARM-1 missile. Sometimes called ARM-2 for which Texas Instruments performed guidance work.
BUTTE PASSStrategic Air Command hardened intersite cable system maintenance support at Malmstrom AFB, MT.
BUTTER FREEZERStrategic Air Command refueling Area 3.
BUTTER JARStrategic Air Command refueling track from Tonopah, NV to Farmington, NM.
BUTTON BOMBLETAnti-intrusion device bought by Army and Air Force.
BUTTON PACKA sensor evaluation integration in Strategic Air Command security programs.
BUTTON SWITCHStrategic Air Command north route compulsory reporting point.
BUTTON UPStrategic Air Command security system reset procedures used during Minuteman facility wind down.
BUXOM BELLEStrategic Air Command refueling track.
BUY NONEA version of a USAF directed ORIT mission.
BUZZ SPRINGStrategic Air Command refueling Area 09.
CACHE MARKERA classified DARPA project.
CAFTAN BLACKA research and development program of the Army. Under the program, Lockheed is investigation sources of unintentional radiation.
CAMEO ECHO IIAn Army Missile Command program with HRH-Singer as prime.
CAMEO ECHO IIIA telemetry study by HRB-Singer for the Army.
CANNON BALL IIAn atmospheric density measurement satellite developed by the. Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratories. It is a cast brass sphere 26 inches in diameter and weighing 800 lbs.
CAPTAIN COOK I & IIJoint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) directed and coordinated exercise.
CAPTIVE LIGHTNINGJoint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) directed and coordinated exercise.
CAST FIREA stabilized laser designator for the Rockwell OV-10 aircraft. The system allows a forward air control pilot to covertly designate a target for attack.
CAST GLANCEAn over-the-horizon detection system project sponsored by the Naval Sea Systems Command.
CAST LIGHTMartin Marietta received a contract for this Navy program. It is classified, but is possibly a laser designation device.
CAT EYEPart of the Air Force Quick Reaction Capability (QRC) program.
CEFAR YONDERA communications intelligence program for the Army Security Agency. The classified program is a balloon-borne configuration of communications intercept receivers and jammers.
CEFIRE TIGERAn Army Electronic Counter Measures Program contracted to GTE Sylvania. It is an airborne multichannel communications jammer directed against hostile radio relay links in the VHF and UHF ranges. It will get data from ground portions of the LeFox Grey system.
CEFIRM LEADERGround Calibration Processing System for light Army aircraft; encompassing DFL mission analysis and processing system and ancillary data for the AN/ARD-22, Airborne Direction Finding System. An Army effort assigned to ESL (Sunnyvale, CA).
CEFLY LANCERA single intelligence system for rapid assessment of enemy activity behind battle lines. It requires a highly qualified small reconnaissance aircraft as a platform. The Army now plans to combine CEFLY LANCER and Guardrail to develop a next-generation system.
CERTAIN RAMPARTSpecial project under the Army Communications Command.
CHAFF MUFFINA CHAFF program conducted by the Office of Naval Research. Hycor, Inc. is the contractor.
CHANNEL FINDERAN/WQN-1 mine hunting sonar.
CHARGER BLUEAn EW program aimed at providing expanded frequency coverage and density for ECM equipment to meet Warsaw Pact threats.
CHICKEN LITTLEA mortar developed by the Army.
CHINESE MODELA complete four-station ACCUFIX chain.
CHURCH OPALA Navy exercise from the Office of Naval Research involving long range acoustic propagation (LRAP).
CHURCH PLATEA Navy program to develop an airborne system able to gather information on distant targets and relay to launch platforms.
CHURCH STROKEA Naval exercise in conjunction with Long Range Acoustic Propagation Project (LRAPP).
CHURCH STROKE IIA sensor performance data reduction and analysis study for Naval Electronic Systems Command, involving University of Texas at Austin, Applied Research Laboratories.
CIRCUIT GOLDA Naval program. Hydrotronics received a contract for engineering support in mid-1975.
CLARINET ANCHORA new name for the SEA ANCHOR program. It is classified. See also CLARINET RAMROD.
CLARINET BULLSEYEA shore-based high frequency direction finding system that locates and classifies enemy ships.
CLARINET HARPYA classified Navy communications project.
CLARINET MIRACLEA Navy high priority program to develop a new HF Communications system for communication with submarines worldwide. The new system, said to be under development by GTE Sylvania, will be such that transmission will not be dampened or disrupted by solar radiation.
CLARINET OMENTests conducted by the Navy for safe submarine communications with satellites.
CLARINET PILGRIMA Navy shore-to-ship communications project involving modification of Lockheed EC-130G/Q aircraft.
CLARINET PLATOA naval communications security program, intended to provide a secure voice capability which is flexible, reliable, and has superior maintainability.
CLARINET RAMRODA high classified Naval Electronics Command project formerly known as BOWLINE. It is related to CLARINET ANCHOR, the new name for SEA ANCHOR.
CLARINET SOCRATESA classified naval communications security system.
CLARINET VALLORA naval communications security system capable of securing all Navy record communications on a given platform.
CLASSIC ASCOTA Navy program under the Naval Electronics Systems Command.
CLASSIC CALIPERA Naval Electronic Systems Command project involving Sperry Rand (Reston, VA), and being integrated with CLASSIC HARVESTER equipments into a CLASSIC OUTBOARD system.
CLASSIC COYOTEA land-mobile, self-contained, signal receiving, processing and analysis system for signal security operations in the very low frequency-to-millimeter range. Naval Electronic Systems Command is the cognizant agency.
CLASSIC FOXA security assessment system for monitoring, managing and analyzing Navy signals. GTE Sylvania is developing it for Naval Electronics Systems Command.
CLASSIC HARVESTERA shipboard signal acquisition and intelligence processing system, part of the Navy's overall CLASSIC OUTBOARD System for intelligence data processing aboard ships. CLASSIC HARVESTER is being integrated with CLASSIC CALIPER into CLASSIC OUTBOARD.
CLASSIC NOMADA Navy program under the Naval Electronics Systems Command.
CLASSIC OUTBOARDA ship-based project aimed at outfitting 24 missile frigates (two per carrier) with the ability to pinpoint enemy forces for better protection of carriers. Now being integrated with CLASSIC CALIPER and CLASSIC HARVESTER, it will provide broad area ocean surface surveillance capability. A similar land-based system is known as BULLEYE.
CLASSIC SALTBUSHA naval cryptologic program, funded in the FY75 Navy RDT&E budget. Classified.
CLASSIC WIZARDA Naval communications program with a master station on the island of Guam. Another facility will be on Adak Island, Alaska.
CLEAR SKYA classified program administered by the Air Force Technical Applications Center. Rand Corp. has been a contractor.
CLIPPER BOWA Navy project for an ocean surveillance satellite capable of monitoring foreign sea traffic using active radar and electronic intelligence sensors. The U.S. planned to launch two satellites under this program in 1983 and 1984, but high costs prompted a halt in funding in FY80.
CLOSE LOOKAn Air Force reconnaissance satellite built by Lockheed.
CLOUD COVERThe Army Electronics Command awarded a contract to Sylvania (Mountain View, CA), in 1971 for a one-year research and development application.
CLOUD PUFF IVAn Air Force study of cloud physics.
CLUSTER CONDORA classified Naval intelligence project, pod-mounted on tactical aircraft.
CLUSTER GIRLA classified Naval intelligence program initiated in FY77.
CLUSTER HAMLOCKThe concept of scatter jamming receivers associated with rangefinders and target designators by directing energy towards the victim receiver laser beams.
CLUSTER HEMLOCKA Navy optical collection and classification system which observes, records and classifies man-made signals from the visual through the infrared range, including laser signals. Deployed in the Mediterranean, it is produced by Martin-Marietta.
CLUSTER SPIKEA classified Naval program concerned with naval assessment of the threat posed by electro-optical and anti-ship cruise missile capabilities in the Soviet field.
CLUSTER YARDA classified sensor collection system.
COBRA ACEEffort initiated in 1971 utilizing uncleared personnel in a service support facility.
COBRA AMBERA radar configuration for an anti-ballistic missile re-entry data collection system, later cancelled.
COBRA BALLAn optical configuration for an anti-ballistic missile EW data collection system.
COBRA BITEInvolves non-intentional and non-literal electromagnetic radiation.
COBRA CHARMSpecial collective effort utilizing uncleared personnel in a service support facility.
COBRA DANEA multi-object L-band tracking radar replacing the existing single beam radars which cannot provide all the data required for effective operations. Primary function is to monitor the status of Soviet technology in maneuvering warheads.
COBRA DICESpecial collective effort utilizing uncleared personnel in a service support facility.
COBRA EDGESpecial collective effort utilizing uncleared personnel in a service support facility.
COBRA FANGAn aerospace data facility.
COBRA FOAMAlso referred to as the Technical Sensor Program; an Air Force effort to improve the acquisition of technical intelligence, one aspect of which treats sensor development.
COBRA GUARDAn airborne electromagnetic intelligence platform.
COBRA HOODThe modification, development and operation of five EC-47 aircraft by the Air Force in either an early warning or electronic reconnaissance role.
COBRA JADESpecial collective effort utilizing unclassified personnel in service support facilities.
COBRA JAWFine grain measurements.
COBRA JEANThe use of advanced range instrumentation ships for intelligence missions.
COBRA JOERadar used in the Far East for an unspecified mission.
COBRA JUDYAn Air Force project to complement the COBRA DANE radar. Using a shipboard, S-band, phased array radar developed by Raytheon, COBRA JUDY will be able to monitor Soviet missile test shots, including their radar signatures, from the moment their single or multiple re-entry vehicles enter the atmosphere down to near impact.
COBRA KEYA radio calibration program initiated in 1974, but later cancelled.
COBRA MISTEarlier known as SENTINEL MIST, the AN/FPS-95 high powered, ground-based, long-range radar. Developed by RCA, the radar was being considered by the Air Force for the CONUS Over-The-Horizon radar to provide aircraft detection and missile launch warning. Program cancelled.
COBRA MULEAn Air Force program to evaluate equipment for intelligence potential.
COBRA NOOKSpecial collective effort utilizing uncleared personnel in a service support facility.
COBRA PITTCommunications equipment support of project DIAOLS from 16 Nov 1970 to 15 Feb 1971. Program cancelled.
COBRA RUNSpecial equipment Phase I of a program that was to be effective in 1973, but was cancelled.
COBRA SHOEAn over-the-horizon backscatter radar in the Mediterranean used to monitor Soviet missile launches. The program was a modification and addition to an unspecified Mid-East radar.
COBRA SPOTSignal intelligence equipment. The program was development training of Cambodian personnel and has been cancelled. Program was also an effort to utilize uncleared service support personnel.
COBRA STONEA classified intelligence program of the mid 1970s.
COBRA STRIKEA mobile re-entry data collection system in support of DOD requirements, but cancelled.
COBRA SURFA proposed long-range surveillance radar for use by the Air Force in the Pacific area.
COBRA SWAMPAn Air Force intelligence support program to the Aeronautical Systems Division electronic warfare effort. Program cancelled.
COBRA TALONAn Air Force ballistic missile-tracking radar system, also known as the AN/GPS-10. It is a ground-based radar in the Pacific Ocean area that would help detect and track Soviet space missions aimed at US satellites.
COBRA TIMEThe collection of technical electronic intelligence by airborne Air Force platforms. Program cancelled.
COBRA TOWThe AH-1G attack helicopter equipped with the TOW missile system.
COBRA WALKSpecial equipment Phase II. Program cancelled.
COIN ASSISTDesignates travel of wives of Air Force personnel missing in action or prisoners of war.
COIN URGENTDesignated ferry crews returning to the Continental U.S. cancelled.
COLD ASCENTA test of pressure altitude sensors for weather reconnaissance aircraft.
COLD ASHAtmospheric sampling operations conducted by the Air Force for the Energy Research & Development Administration.
COLD BANNERAn airlift mission in support of the Military Airlift Command Annex Bravo program.
COLD BAREProgram to familiarize weather personnel in tactical weapons system operations, cancelled.
COLD BASKETA reconnaissance program in support of headquarters USAF.
COLD BLASTAn Air Force test to provide warm fog dissipation support, cancelled.
COLD BOOMMilitary Airlift Command C-5 long-range operational mission.
COLD BOUNCEMilitary Airlift Command turbulence program at the Air Force Avionics Lab, cancelled.
COLD BRIEFMilitary Airlift Command turbulence program of MAC commanders and subordinate units.
COLD BURNA Military Airlift Command program of meteoroid debris sampling support for Smithsonian Institute.
COLD CANUse of Air Force RB-57 aircraft in support of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.
COLD CAPEReconnaissance support for the Air Force Eastern Test Range.
COLD CARMilitary Airlift Command support program, cancelled.
COLD CARRIERA Military Airlift Command joint emergency airlift transportation program.
COLD CATUsed by the Royal Air Force of USAF Air Weather Service high altitude reconnaissance aircraft.
COLD CECKAlaskan ice and fog suppression program.
COLD CHANGEA Military Airlift Command Commanders conference, Oct 1972.
COLD CHARGEA Military Airlift Command Commanders conference 1971.
COLD CHUCKA Military Airlift Command southern hemisphere reconnaissance for HQ USAF.
COLD CLEARA worldwide airborne supercooled fog dispersal program.
COLD CLIMATICAir Force support to the Department of Transportation Climatic Impact Assessment program, cancelled.
COLD COASTMilitary Airlift Command east coast winter storm watch.
COLD CONEAir Force use of the RB-57F aircraft to test an aerosol sampling unit.
COLD COVERAn audio visual record of USAF participation in a Joint Chiefs of Staff exercise.
COLD CROSSScout and Pathfinder missions flown in support of the Tactical Air Command.
COLD CROWA Military Airlift Command trial test of consolidation units in Europe.
COLD CURREYMilitary Airlift Command special weather reconnaissance.
COLD DIETA Military Airlift Command program of 1970.
COLD DOMEMilitary Airlift Command domestic reconnaissance project for HQ USAF.
COLD DRAFTWarm fog dispersal by helicopter at March AFB, cancelled.
COLD DUCKReadiness inspections conducted by a Military Airlift Command inspector, cancelled.
COLD EAGLEMilitary Airlift Command identification of officers to occupy key positions.
COLD EYEWeather Service reconnaissance of tropical cyclone disturbances worldwide.
COLD FACTThe recovery of meteorological and geophysical data for climatological use.
COLD FALCONField trips of Air Force Academy cadets.
COLD FIRE 74A medium-scale air exercise sponsored by Allied Forces Central Europe in 1974. Purpose was to evaluate various aspects of the mission of tactical air forces assigned to the Central Region with limited participation by land forces.
COLD FISHMilitary Airlift Command water sampling program.
COLD FLAGCasualty assistance to families of personnel now missing in action.
COLD FLAKEMilitary Airlift Command support to ground based fog dispersal, cancelled.
COLD FLAREJoint FAA/NASA/Air Force project to study radiation effects of solar flare activity on crew and passengers of future supersonic transports. Tests conducted with RB-57F aircraft in flights from Eielson AFB, Alaska.
COLD FLEXFlexible reconnaissance missions for Air Force Global weather experiments.
COLD FLOORA Military Airlift Command program.
COLD FLOWAn ERDA foil calibration check, cancelled.
COLD GUARDA Military Airlift Command joint conference in 1973.
COLD HARVESTMilitary Airlift Command commanders conference in 1974.
COLD IRANFerrying Air Weather Service aircraft to and from Iran, cancelled.
COLD IRONGenerators, boilers and transformers in direct support of ships.
COLD JUICEMilitary Airlift Command C-5 aircraft refueling demonstration and training operational missions.
COLD LIFTMilitary Airlift Command logistics support for C-5 and C-141 aircraft, cancelled.
COLD LOOKMilitary Airlift Command program to designate a specific training area each month, cancelled.
COLD MAPMilitary Airlift Command airlift augmentation in the Pacific Command.
COLD METWeather reconnaissance support of the Air Force Global Weather Center.
COLD MISSMilitary Airlift Command aerial recovery and return of space capsules.
COLD MIXMilitary Airlift Command flight evaluation of C-141 combat tactics, cancelled.
COLD MOUNTAINMilitary Airlift Command commanders conference in 1973.
COLD NIGHTINGALETraining of Air Force C-9 aircraft crews, cancelled.
COLD ORBITMilitary Airlift Command weather reconnaissance mission support plan, cancelled.
COLD ORDERMaintenance and enforcement of an order on Military Airlift Command bases.
COLD PACKRotations of Military Airlift Command tactical airlift forces to the Pacific.
COLD PALLAir Weather Service support of air pollution studies, cancelled.
COLD PASSReadiness exercises within the Military Airlift Command, cancelled.
COLD PORTA Military Airlift Command airlift operation, cancelled.
COLD PROBEMilitary Airlift Command special project support effective 1973.
COLD QUAKEAir Force Weather Service project using two aircraft equipped with Atmospheric Turbulence Measuring Set (ATMS) to determine whether rough air can be measured.
COLD RAINRainfall augmentation in South Central Texas.
COLD RANGEA study of the Eastern Test Range.
COLD RAYEnergy Research & Development Administration cosmic ray test program, cancelled.
COLD RISKMilitary Airlift Command personal accident prevention message.
COLD RUSHMilitary Airlift Command procedures for airlift of priority photo materials.
COLD SACKMilitary Airlift Command weather reconnaissance support of PACCS for Strategic Air Command, cancelled.
COLD SADDLEAn order to activate contingency support staffs, cancelled.
COLD SANDMeteorological satellite data over White Sands Missile Range, cancelled.
COLD SCARFMilitary Airlift Command support in the Civil Reserve Air Fleet program.
COLD SIGHTAn Air Weather Service cold fog contingency operations in Europe.
COLD SIGNALMilitary Airlift Command airborne Electronic Countermeasures training mission.
COLD SILVERMilitary Airlift Command airlift of vice presidential support requirements.
COLD SMOKEAn Air Force armament ordnance development, funded in FY75 budget. Classified.
COLD SPADEMilitary Airlift Command standby force in support of Air Force accident teams.
COLD SPECKMilitary Airlift Command special reconnaissance for HQ USAF.
COLD SPLASHAir Weather Service support for ballistic missile launches.
COLD STANDARDSImplementation of Air Force regulation 30-1.
COLD SURFMilitary commanders conference in 1972.
COLD SURGEMilitary Airlift Command C-5 aircraft ad hoc fact finding and assistance team, cancelled.
COLD SURPRISEA practice or evaluation using Military Airlift Command OPLAN Number 939, cancelled.
COLD SWANAn Air Force mobility support plan.
COLD TALKAn expeditious communications check within the Military Airlift Command.
COLD TOYMilitary Airlift Command support of the Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratory High Altitude project by the 58 WEA reconnaissance squadron.
COLD TRACKContinental United States background missions by the Air Force.
COLD TRAINSupport of OPORD 32-71, cancelled.
COLD TRAPExperimental reconnaissance support for the terminal radiation program.
COLD TURNMilitary Airlift Command notification and recall procedures.
COLD VIEWA review of selected Military Airlift Command bases, cancelled.
COLD VIPMilitary Airlift Command vehicle improvement program, cancelled.
COLD WANDTesting of ground-based supercooled fog dispersal system, cancelled.
COLD WAVEFlight support by Air Force RF-57F aircraft for Avionics Laboratory sensor tests.
COLD WINTERJoint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) directed and coordinated exercise.
COLD WRENCHAn Air Force mobility support program.
COLLEGE ACCOLADEAir Force OPLAN 7-70, cancelled.
COLLEGE BINGOAerospace Defense Command tests of defense support equipment, cancelled.
COLLEGE BLASTAerospace Defense Command CQM-10A drone program.
COLLEGE BLUEAerospace Defense Command emergency manning of Canadian DEW line facilities.
COLLEGE BOATAerospace Defense Command assembly of battle staff members.
COLLEGE BYEAerospace Defense Command ceremonial flyby.
COLLEGE CADENCEAerospace Defense Command F-106 worldwide deployment, cancelled.
COLLEGE CAPITOLRecall of Aerospace Defense Command personnel to Chidlan Building, cancelled.
COLLEGE CHECKHeadquarters 14th Aerospace Force standard evaluation check, cancelled.
COLLEGE CHEFDevelopment of fund for dining facilities in aircrew buildings, cancelled.
COLLEGE COEDContinuation of SDS operation by the Aerospace Defense Command.
COLLEGE COFFEEAssembly of 14 aerospace force command post staff.
COLLEGE CONVERTAir National Guard transition to the Aerospace Defense Command, cancelled.
COLLEGE DARTAdvanced aerial combat tactics in the Aerospace Defense Command training plan.
COLLEGE DROPOUTAerospace Defense Command operational plan 41-65.
COLLEGE EYEModification program retrofitting Lockheed C-121 Super Constellation transports to EC-121R configuration for role as airborne weapons command and control posts. Some 40 aircraft were modified.
COLLEGE FAKERAerospace Defense Command training deployment and redeployment of EB-57 aircraft.
COLLEGE FINALSAerospace Defense Command fault detection tester interface program.
COLLEGE FLASHRadar handoff procedures.
COLLEGE GIRLSAir Force high level intercept activity against U-2 aircraft.
COLLEGE GOLDAerospace Defense Command firing of denuclearized warheads.
COLLEGE GOOFAerospace Defense Command procedures for identifying messages.
COLLEGE HILLRecall of Aerospace Defense Command personnel, cancelled.
COLLEGE HUNTINGImplementation of Aerospace Defense Command OPLAN 32-66, cancelled.
COLLEGE ICEAerospace Defense Command program associated with the Cobra Dane communications system.
COLLEGE JUMPAerospace Defense Command test of defense support equipment squadron communications, cancelled.
COLLEGE KEY IIAn evaluation of the Ballistic Missile Early Warning System (BMEWS).
COLLEGE LAUNCHERAerospace Defense Command operations plan 13-67.
COLLEGE MENAerospace Defense Command support of continental air defense operations plan FAMILY MAN, cancelled.
COLLEGE REALITYAerospace Defense Command atmospheric defense study Post-1977, cancelled.
COLLEGE REDUnauthorized landing of Communist aircraft. Aerospace Defense Command operations plan 66-XX.
COLLEGE RUDDERAerospace Defense Command program 55-13. No other details known.
COLLEGE SAFEA satellite operations plan effective in April 1971.
COLLEGE SAXONOperations and procedures program within the Aerospace Defense Command, cancelled.
COLLEGE SCANAerospace Force SPACETRACK and MEWS (Modular Electronic Warfare Simulator) weapons system standardization and evaluation, cancelled.
COLLEGE SCATSupport of EC-121 aircraft to Aerospace Defense Command Operations Plan 5-XX.
COLLEGE SCOOTERAerospace Defense Command Operations Plan 3318.
COLLEGE SCRODAerospace Defense Command launch evaluation of the CIM-10B Coffin-Launched Aerial-Intercept Missile.
COLLEGE SHAPESpace object identification capability of SPACETRACK System.
COLLEGE SPORTAerospace Force SPACETRACK System Support test.
COLLEGE STACKRecall of forces.
COLLEGE STEPUSAF and Aerospace Defense Command Continental Air Defense Operations Plan 3010.
COLLEGE STOMPAerospace Defense Command special tasking optical monitoring project.
COLLEGE STOPAerospace Defense Command concept of operations for the B-57D aircraft.
COLLEGE STUDYAerospace Defense Command assembly of support staff members.
COLLEGE TANGTexas Air National Guard wartime mission plan from the Aerospace Defense Command, cancelled.
COLLEGE TAPAerospace Defense Command augmentation forces.
COLLEGE TEAMAssembly of personnel for 24 hours a day operation within the Aerospace Defense Command.
COLLEGE TIGERAn Aerospace Defense Command program involving the SPACETRACK System.
COLLEGE TONICAerospace Defense Command Augmentation Forces, cancelled.
COLLEGE TRACKExchange of data between various sensors used in object detection.
COLLEGE WATCHRadar handoff procedures.
COMBAT AFFAIRTesting and evaluation of the Air Force 0-2 aircraft used for Forward Air Controller missions.
COMBAT ALARMA HQ USAF sponsored operational project, cancelled.
COMBAT ALLEYTargets in Vietnam.
COMBAT ANGELAn Air Force drone program. The drone is a tactical electronic warfare support system which also performs electronic warfare jamming operations in a dense electromagnetic environment, using the AQM-34 drone.
COMBAT APPLEAn Air Force RC-135 aircraft operation in Southeast Asia.
COMBAT ARENAA chronological and historical data base on air operations over North Vietnam and Laos.
COMBAT ARROWUnconventional warfare C-130E aircraft assigned to the Air Force.
COMBAT ATLASLoading investigation of the F-4E aircraft, cancelled.
COMBAT BANTesting and evaluation of the Air Force A-7D aircraft, cancelled.
COMBAT BONUSTest activities associated with AF exploitation programs, cancelled.
COMBAT BRAKECommunications support for USAF operations plan 10-68.
COMBAT BUGAn Air Force drone operation. Litton provided classified "Equipment R" to the program which was used in Southeast Asia, under assignment to Strategic Air Command.
COMBAT BURKEOperational test and evaluation of a dummy acoustical seismic intrusion detector.
COMBAT CATCHSpecial Air Force reconnaissance program.
COMBAT CHIEFAir Force reconnaissance program, cancelled.
COMBAT CIDERCircuits for anti-ballistic missile communications netting.
COMBAT COMETOperational test of the F-4 weapon system against BOMARC drones, cancelled.
COMBAT COMPUTERCombat operational model of a computer, cancelled.
COMBAT CRICKETTesting and evaluation of the Air Force OV-10 aircraft.
COMBAT CROSSAir Force electronic warfare support project.
COMBAT CUPOperations relating to Annex B HQ USAF operational plan 1068.
COMBAT DAWNAn Air Force drone program in which hostile ground radar emitters are detected and positioned in the air and relayed to ground vans. Medium altitude RPVs are used.
COMBAT DOMETest of the Low Altitude Parachute Extraction System (LAPES).
COMBAT EAGLEEarly evaluation of Walleye use aboard Air Force F-4D aircraft.
COMBAT ECHOWeapons systems evaluation program for air-to-air missile firings.
COMBAT EDGECommand Post procedural exercise.
COMBAT EGRESSPersonnel evaluation tests of Air Force passenger carrying aircraft.
COMBAT FALCONReconnaissance program assigned to Tactical Air Command, cancelled.
COMBAT FLAMEA program change request to place three Air Force C-97G aircraft into Program Element 2 of the budget, cancelled.
COMBAT FOXHeadquarters USAF operators plan 1-68.
COMBAT GRANDEUSAF Electronic Systems Div. program (also known as 451D) to upgrade the Spanish air defense system.
COMBAT GUARDDeployment and evaluation of the AC-119G aircraft by the Air Force.
COMBAT HALOHigh altitude sampling for ERDA division of Biology and Medicine, cancelled.
COMBAT HARVESTTest of the Heavy Lift Helicopter concept (HLH) for spacecraft capsule recovery.
COMBAT HORNETAir Force AC-119G and AC-119K gunship aircraft used in Vietnam.
COMBAT HUNTERTests of the Hughes AGM-65A Maverick missile at Fort Riley to evaluate how the television-guided, high performance air-to-surface missile would perform against large numbers of fast-moving tanks laying down a smoke screen, cancelled.
COMBAT INKOperational test of a pre-production model detector, cancelled.
COMBAT KEELSpecial application of the AN/MSQ-77 radar bombing control system (see COMBAT PINPOINT, COMBAT SKYSPOT).
COMBAT KIDAir Force test of chemical-agents, cancelled.
COMBAT KINGDeployment and combat evaluation of Gunship K, cancelled.
COMBAT KNIFEC-130F aircraft assigned to Tactical Air Command for unconventional warfare missions. (see COMBAT SPEAR).
COMBAT LADYOperational test and evaluation of new munitions by the Air Force, cancelled.
COMBAT LANCERCode name given to Air Force operation of the original six General Dynamics F-111A aircraft sent to Vietnam for combat operations evaluation in March 1968.
COMBAT LIFECaptive life determination of air-to-air missiles, cancelled.
COMBAT LIGHTNINGEstablishment of Tactical Air Control Center (TACCS) in Southeast Asia and related actions, cancelled.
COMBAT LIONSpecial reconnaissance project, cancelled.
COMBAT LOTLaunch on take-off dart target tow system.
COMBAT MIXAn Air Force study and test to obtain effectiveness data on high explosive-incendiary / armor piercing-incendiary ammunition.
COMBAT MODELA joint Tactical Air Command-Air Force Systems Command test of production engineered laser bomb systems.
COMBAT OTTERAir Force procurement of three updated AN/MPQ-T2 radar trainers for operational test.
COMBAT OUTPOSTAir Force operations plan 10-68, cancelled.
COMBAT PACERAir Force project to increase airlift in Southeast Asia by extending daily utilization rates of C-141, C-130 and C-135 aircraft; formerly called FAST FLY.
COMBAT PICTUREA support package for Air Force One, the Presidential aircraft, at Homestead AFB, Florida.
COMBAT PIKEAn Air Force weapons system evaluation program for air-to-air (AIM) missile firings (see COMBAT SAGE).
COMBAT PINPOINTBomb delivery using F-4 aircraft and AN/MSQ-77 radar bombing control system (see COMBAT KEEL, COMBAT SKYSPOT).
COMBAT PIPETesting and evaluation of the AN/ASX-1 target identification system, cancelled.
COMBAT PIXPhotographic documentation of Southeast Asia.
COMBAT POINTERAir Force test of steerable jamming antennas.
COMBAT POKEROperational test and evaluation of combat aircraft recording data system (CARDS).
COMBAT POLKAOperational test of the interface between the Air Force F-4D aircraft and Falcon (AIM-4D) missile.
COMBAT PRINCEHIRAN/LORAN controlled photography, cancelled.
COMBAT PUZZLEAn open-ended test project directive related to electronic warfare, cancelled.
COMBAT QUEENHIRAN/LORAN controlled photography, cancelled.
COMBAT RAMTest activities associated with F-4D aircraft radar, cancelled.
COMBAT REBUFFB-52 aircraft munitions testing.
COMBAT RECOVERYAir Force Traffic Control and Landing Systems (TCLS).
COMBAT REGENTAir Force tactical airborne command and control project, cancelled.
COMBAT RENDEZVOUSDemonstration of AC type gunships, cancelled.
COMBAT REXReorganization of 7499th support Group (Air Force), cancelled.
COMBAT ROSEAn Air Force report on ground electronic interference.
COMBAT ROTORDeployment of UH-1N helicopters to PACAF (Pacific Air Force), cancelled.
COMBAT SADSearch and destroy operational test and evaluation.
COMBAT SAGEAir Force weapons systems evaluations program for air-to-air missile firings (see COMBAT PIKE).
COMBAT SARReplacement aircraft for A-1 aircraft, cancelled.
COMBAT SCARDevelopment of tactics for hunter/killer type operations, cancelled.
COMBAT SEERSensor report follow-on operational tests, cancelled.
COMBAT SENTA classified scientific and technical ELINT system, utilizing a Boeing RC-135U aircraft which has been in the operational inventory since 1971 in use by SAC.
COMBAT SHAKERWeather modification program, cancelled.
COMBAT SHIELDAn effort to provide electronic countermeasures and electronic counter-countermeasures of Air Force combat units.
COMBAT SIERRAB-52 Gunship evaluation, cancelled.
COMBAT SKYSPOTAir Force radar system, the AN/MSQ-77, used with B-52 aircraft in Vietnam (see COMBAT KEEL, COMBAT PINPOINT).
COMBAT SNAKEReconnaissance operational development program, cancelled.
COMBAT SNAPOperational test and evaluation of AIM-9J missile.
COMBAT SPEARC-130E aircraft assigned to unconventional warfare missions with the Pacific Air Force (see COMBAT KNIFE).
COMBAT SPEEDYSpecial reconnaissance project, cancelled.
COMBAT STARTactical electronic warfare operational test & evaluation, cancelled.
COMBAT SUGARA test project involving chaff (see CHAFF).
COMBAT SWORDPLAYAir Force program to improve all-weather bombing capability in Southeast Asia.
COMBAT TALKCONUS training and movement of aircraft & personnel for a physical operational unit, cancelled.
COMBAT TALONA global force of unconventional warfare C-130E aircraft. Classified.
COMBAT TANGA 105 mm gun.
COMBAT TAPSEvaluation of the capability of the pod-contained TERCOM system, cancelled.
COMBAT TARGETAddition of beacons to Air Force tactical fighter aircraft radar bomb-homing system providing increased bombing accuracy to strike in Vietnam; similar to COMBAT SKYSPOT.
COMBAT TESTAir Force study on operational testing.
COMBAT THUNDEREvaluation of all-weather bombing capability of Air Force F-105 aircraft Thunderstick 2 cancelled.
COMBAT TRACTIONA cancelled Air Force program evaluating characteristics of aircraft on runways in crosswinds.
COMBAT TRAPAir Force evaluation of the Army's Ml fuze extender.
COMBAT TREETesting of an IFF interrogator, cancelled.
COMBAT TURKEYAn Air Force program designed to exercise the Air Force Command Post (AFCP).
COMBAT VEEAerial support to combat Venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis, cancelled.
COMBAT VIEWOperational test of US Army direct viewing devices.
COMBAT VINETesting of the AN/APQ-99 terrain following radar, cancelled.
COMBAT VULCANInfrared countermeasures for tactical aircraft.
COMBAT WALLOperational test involving Army night vision devices.
COMBAT WALTZOperational test of the Air Force F-4D aircraft and the Sparrow 2 (AIM-7) missile, cancelled.
COMBAT WHEELSAir-to-air missile firing program for Air Force fighter aircraft, cancelled.
COMBAT WOMBATSpecial classified project, cancelled.
COMET DUSTAn Air Force special project classified.
COMET GUARDFormer designation of the Air Force's Integrated Satellite program.
COMET STREAKAn Air Force special project, classified.
COMFORT CARRIERAir Force support of Military Airlift Command special plan 177. Cancelled.
COMFORT CRAFTAir Force tactical airlift training support, cancelled.
COMFORT SELECTSelection of Air Force crews for airlift competition, cancelled.
COMFORT SILVERAn event held by the Air Force Reserve for nationwide combined tactical airlift and tactical gunnery competition.
COMFORT WHITEAir Force staff airlift backup, cancelled.
COMFT DARTAir Force air-dropped weapons and munitions effectiveness study, cancelled.
COMFY ALBTest of an automatic development model for use with AN/FLR-9.
COMFY BANNERAn Air Force automatic processing system.
COMFY BEEAn Air Force high altitude drone for electronic surveillance and photo reconnaissance missions. The early code name of the current COMPASS DWELL program.
COMFY BLUEAir Force designator for the AN/MSQ-90 data collection system, cancelled.
COMFY BOXInstalling COMPASS EARS type hardware at Air Force sites.
COMFY BOYElectronic Warfare topical studies reports, cancelled.
COMFY BRIDLEAn Air Force secure communications network in Southeast Asia. (Also COMFY DISC, COMFY DOG).
COMFY BRIGHTAir Force production report concerning electro-optical evaluations, cancelled.
COMFY BRUTEAn Air Force engineering installation capability program.
COMFY BUGGYConduct mobile monitor and survey of communications.
COMFY BULLSelf-directed deployment program within the Air Force.
COMFY CARBONQuarterly report formerly issued by the USAF Security Service which provided a single source for current electronic warfare information. The report covered changes in the threat environment, equipment parameters (friendly and hostile), equipment and tactics effectiveness, test results, interference, jamming and intrusion. Cancelled.
COMFY CARDAir-transportable mobile huts with HF, VHF and UHF radio equipment.
COMFY CARTConduct communications security survey of communications in facilities operations in Southeast Asia, cancelled.
COMFY CHIMEM-84 Rome Air Development Center rewinder and cleaner prototype machine test.
COMFY CLOCKSurvey of communications security in Southeast Asia air operations.
COMFY COATDescribed as a low altitude drone used for electronic surveillance and photo reconnaissance.
COMFY DISCSecure communications network in Southeast Asia.
COMFY DISHService test of AN/FLR-9.
COMFY DOGSecure communications network in Southeast Asia.
COMFY DOZENAir-transportable communications and maintenance hut complex for HF and UHF communications.
COMFY DRAGONOperational security program (Air Force).
COMFY DRESSElectronic transmission reports of interference, jamming and intrusion, cancelled.
COMFY FALPModification of C-141 paratroop doors to include a special configuration.
COMFY FLUFFAnalytic reports concerning anti-ballistic missile tests and exercises in electronic warfare, cancelled.
COMFY GATOROperational program with remote controlled equipment on C-130E aircraft, cancelled.
COMFY GINExpanded communications security coverage in Southeast Asia, cancelled.
COMFY GRILLMessage identifier in message originated by the National Security Agency when querying the Air Force.
COMFY HARVESTReal-time reporting and processing system.
COMFY HAWKReview a threat to Air Force research and development and operational test and evaluation activities.
COMFY HOPStudy interference to Space Sensor equipment, cancelled.
COMFY HOUNDQuarterly report of electronic warfare activities, cancelled.
COMFY JADEMan-portable airborne emergency reaction system.
COMFY KEEPERAir Force Security System notification of location of key personnel.
COMFY LEVIEmergency airborne reaction system phase II.
COMFY MATMessages requiring immediate assistance and needed equipment.
COMFY MOWERAir Force Security Systems secure voice network KY-8.
COMFY MUSICService test of the Watkins-Johnson CEI-555 receiver, cancelled.
COMFY PANTRYMovement of high priority cryptologic cargo.
COMFY PAPADirection finding exercise.
COMFY PIKEProgram to automate field level processing of analytical data, cancelled.
COMFY RABBITResults of evaluation and analysis of electronic warfare activities in a specific area, cancelled.
COMFY RIFLETheater-produced electronic warfare support planning of combat elements, cancelled.
COMFY RIGTesting of go/no-go test sets at non-FLR-9 sites.
COMFY RUGMonitoring and analytical reporting of communications relating to a presidential trip, cancelled.
COMFY SADDLEAir Force secure voice network KY-8.
COMFY SCREENDummy communications preparation with program testing.
COMFY SCRIBEElectronic warfare associated studies and scenarios, cancelled.
COMFY SILKGround air secure voice system at the 6924th Security Squadron, cancelled.
COMFY SLEEPAn interim mobile electronic intelligence system, cancelled.
COMFY SMOGA spectrum occupancy study.
COMFY SPOOKAn Air Force Security System program, cancelled.
COMFY SPROUTDenotes intelligence messages for the commander at Air Force Security briefings.
COMFY STEEDSpecial research Division (Air Force) monthly summary.
COMFY SWORDStudies of non-intentional radiation, cancelled.
COMFY TIMEMonitor of Air Force frequencies, cancelled.
COMFY TIPWeekly abstract of doctrines and publications relating to electronic warfare.
COMFY VELVETA dial switch intercom system.
COMFY WEBA prototype system for upgrading data communications subgroup of the AN/FLR-9.
COMFY WORLDAir Force actions on airborne realignment.
COMMAND FLIPAircraft deployment plan within the Pacific Air Force.
COMMAND OREPacific Air Force program, cancelled.
COMMANDO ABANDONHand held camera program, cancelled.
COMMANDO ABOVEPacific Air Force security police elements for contingencies.
COMMANDO AGENTComplete rebuilding of command NF-2 floodlights.
COMMANDO AIDPacific Air Force special airlift exercise, cancelled.
COMMANDO AIMPacific Air Force OV-10/O-2 aircraft, cancelled.
COMMANDO AMBERSpecial drug testing program.
COMMANDO BANANABeddown of forces at Korat, cancelled.
COMMANDO BANDPacific Air Force encoding program, cancelled.
COMMANDO BANDITPacific Air Force operations order 73-3.
COMMANDO BARONCommander in Chief, Pacific Air Force operations plan C-113, cancelled.
COMMANDO BASKETA Pacific Air Force airspace violation, cancelled.
COMMANDO BATPacific Air Force program to exploit known tactical advantages.
COMMANDO BEARCATPacific Air Force inspections.
COMMANDO BLADEOperations planning conference June 1974.
COMMANDO BOLTLinked to IGLOO WHITE, this program involved high performance aircraft attacking targets detected by air-dropped sensors, cancelled.
COMMANDO BULLETPacific Air Force fighter weapons meeting.
COMMANDO BUSHInterim radar deployments to Korea, cancelled.
COMMANDO BUZZSpecial purpose C-121 aircraft, cancelled.
COMMANDO CAGEIdentification of Hawaiian Air Defense Division System air defense exercises, cancelled.
COMMANDO CALFIdentify team training exercises conducted by 326th Air Division.
COMMANDO CAMERAAerial combat strike photography.
COMMANDO CARPETWestern Pacific air traffic control improvement projects.
COMMANDO CAVERecouping high cost local purchase equipment from the Vietnamese Navy, cancelled.
COMMANDO CAVE IRecouping high cost local purchase equipment from Thailand.
COMMANDO CHALLENGEPacific Air Force conference.
COMMANDO CHOWIdentification of two training missions, cancelled.
COMMANDO CHUMPacific Air Force airlift support program.
COMMANDO CLAMPPacific Air Force training and orientation project, cancelled.
COMMANDO CORKImplementation of Pacific Air Force operations plan 5002.
COMMANDO COTProgram for advertising Pacific Air Force officer job vacancies.
COMMANDO COUSINPacific Air Force tactical electronic warfare operation, cancelled.
COMMANDO CRICKETAir operations central upgrade.
COMMANDO DANCERA Headquarters Pacific Air Force program, cancelled.
COMMANDO DECOYIntra-theater weapon movements within the Pacific Air Force.
COMMANDO DELUXEThe 326th Air Division generated alert force capability test, cancelled.
COMMANDO DENTPacific Air Force logistic airlift support.
COMMANDO DEPTHProvides Commander In Chief of Pacific Air Force information for possible command-wide action.
COMMANDO DETOURPacific Air Force operations plan C105.
COMMANDO DIALECTImplementation of alternate Air Defense Command and Control System, cancelled.
COMMANDO DOCKThe Kanto Plain communications consolidation.
COMMANDO DOMINOPacific Air Force operations plan C-107.
COMMANDO EAGLEA directive to Fifth Air Force subordinate units to conduct air defense training sorties.
COMMANDO ECHOA Pacific Air Force test of ORI implementing instructions, cancelled.
COMMANDO EDGETaiwan air defense radar improvement program, cancelled.
COMMANDO ELITEClose air support for the US Army, Hawaii, cancelled.
COMMANDO EMBERAirlift support for Pacific Air Force operations plan C-100, cancelled.
COMMANDO ESCORTPacific Air Force commanders command control SSB radio network.
COMMANDO EXPRESSBare Base activation planning.
COMMANDO FACEOperations plan 5001 notification.
COMMANDO FADEPacific Air Force special operations in Southeast Asia, cancelled.
COMMANDO FALCONA Pacific Air Force reconnaissance program, cancelled.
COMMANDO FAMOUSOperations plan 5001 notification.
COMMANDO FASTENExercise of the 326th Air Division/FAA emergency flush procedures, cancelled.
COMMANDO FILMDevelopment of HQ Pacific Air Force 35MM slide depository.
COMMANDO FIX IMaintenance assistance visits to all Pacific Air Force units.
COMMANDO FLAMEAirlift support to Pacific Air Force operations plan C-100.
COMMANDO FLASHPacific Air Force operations plan C101.
COMMANDO FLYPacific Air Force operations plan C-103.
COMMANDO FOLLOWEvaluation of the CBU-33 anti-vehicle land mine, cancelled.
COMMANDO FOXPacific Air Force tactical deception and unconventional warfare program.
COMMANDO FREIGHTBase reopening planning.
COMMANDO FRIENDPlan for management of Permissive Action Link (PAL).
COMMANDO FULFILLNotification of operations plan 5001.
COMMANDO FUSENotification of operations plan 5001.
COMMANDO FUTUREConferences of the Pacific Air Force.
COMMANDO GLOWSoutheast Asia air traffic control radar improvement program.
COMMANDO GOALPost-Southeast Asia Headquarters manning of Pacific Air Force, cancelled.
COMMANDO GOAL IIPost-Thailand withdrawal Headquarters manning.
COMMANDO GOLDPacific Air Force operations plan C-100.
COMMANDO GOLFOperations plan 5001, cancelled.
COMMANDO GOPHERVietnam navigational aids upgrade, cancelled.
COMMANDO GUARDCommunications support for base level data automation standard program.
COMMANDO GUNExercise notification of operations plan 5001, cancelled.
COMMANDO HASTEIntra theater shipment between Takhli Air Base and Clark Air Base.
COMMANDO HAWKPacific Air Force operations plan C-102.
COMMANDO HEEDDeployment plan involving AN/ALQ-119.
COMMANDO HIGHPacific Air Force program due to be effective in 1975, cancelled.
COMMANDO HOOPPacific Air Force identification of aircraft.
COMMANDO HORNETPacific Air Force operations plan C-109.
COMMANDO HUNTAn interdiction operation, using IGLOO WHITE sensors, carried out by the Air Force against North Vietnamese vehicular traffic on the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Laos and South Vietnam.
COMMANDO HUNT IIA monsoon interdiction campaign plan, cancelled.
COMMANDO IMAGEA Pacific Air Force special interest airlift mission.
COMMANDO INDIANThe Air Traffic Regulation Centers (ATRC) segment of the Air Force's Tactical Air Control System (TACS), 407L Program.
COMMANDO JADEA Pacific Air Force program to test air support, cancelled.
COMMANDO JOEA tactical Air Force communications system phasedown.
COMMANDO LAVAField testing of special interdiction techniques, cancelled.
COMMANDO LEAFPacific Air Force operations plan 32-64.
COMMANDO MAGNIFYA five-year evaluation of future communications requirements undertaken by the Air Force.
COMMANDO MATEFifteenth Air Base Wing operations plan 5001, cancelled.
COMMANDO MERCURYPacific Air Force Command Advisory Function System.
COMMANDO NAILA Pacific Air Force radar bombing program, cancelled.
COMMANDO NECTORPacific Air Force Dart II deployment, cancelled.
COMMANDO NEGATEPacific Air Force LORAN evaluation, cancelled.
COMMANDO NICKA buffer site, cancelled.
COMMANDO NIGHTClose air support of combined forces exercise, cancelled.
COMMANDO OBLIQUESouth Korean photography.
COMMANDO OMEGAPacific Air Force ground-based satellite terminals.
COMMANDO OPENFifteenth Air Base Wing operations plan 5001 notification.
COMMANDO ORANGEProvides logistic support to ground forward air guides, cancelled.
COMMANDO OUTFifteenth Air Base Wing operations plan 5001 notification.
COMMANDO PANZERA Pacific Air Force Reconnaissance project, cancelled.
COMMANDO PARKAA support program within the Pacific Air Force, cancelled.
COMMANDO PATCHContingency combined effects munition equipment for classified locations.
COMMANDO PAVEA Pacific Air Force laser bomb evaluation, cancelled.
COMMANDO PEPPERA special Pacific Air Force reconnaissance project, cancelled.
COMMANDO PLUGCommand anti-drug smuggling program responsibilities.
COMMANDO PODLogistics support to the AN/ALQ-119 electronic countermeasures pod.
COMMANDO POUCHPacific Air Force airlift courier high priority mail material and personnel, cancelled.
COMMANDO QUEENA Pacific Air Force reconnaissance project, cancelled.
COMMANDO QUILTA Pacific Air Force special logistics project.
COMMANDO RABBITEstablishment of prepositioned communications packages.
COMMANDO RAPIDFifteenth Air Base Wing operations plan 5001 exercise notification, cancelled.
COMMANDO RAZORExercise of emergency recovery bases, cancelled.
COMMANDO REBOUNDFifteenth Air Base Wing operations plan 5001 exercise notification, cancelled.
COMMANDO RECALLRecall to duty of personnel within the Pacific Air Force.
COMMANDO RIFLEA Pacific Air Force reconnaissance project, cancelled.
COMMANDO RINGThe CBU-38 munitions initial combat employment, cancelled.
COMMANDO RIPEThe Pacific Air Force redistribution of idle programmed equipment project.
COMMANDO RIPPLEExercise of Air Force Bases and Facilities in Korea, cancelled.
COMMANDO ROBINThe high altitude interception training utilizing RB-57F targets.
COMMANDO ROUNDFifteenth Air Base Wing operations plan 5001 exercise notification, cancelled.
COMMANDO SABREThe F-100F forward air control, cancelled.
COMMANDO SAXONConduct and support of the College Eye operations program by the Pacific Air Force.
COMMANDO SCARFSpecial munitions project to be conducted in authorized operational areas, cancelled.
COMMANDO SCOPEConsolidated communications message distribution centers located on Pacific Air Force bases.
COMMANDO SHACKLEThe aerial surveillance of the III Corps Tactical Zone in Vietnam by units of the Seventh Air Force (see CSR).
COMMANDO SHIELDPacific Air Force tactical electronic warfare requirements.
COMMANDO SMITEA Pacific Air Force aerial support program, cancelled.
COMMANDO SOAPA 15th Air Base Wing operations plan, cancelled.
COMMANDO SPINA novel and inexpensive weapons and procedures program, cancelled.
COMMANDO SQUEEZEDisposition of 7th Air Force supply and equipment assets, cancelled.
COMMANDO STEPA 15th Air Base Wing operations plan, cancelled.
COMMANDO STRIKEA close air support of combined forces exercise, cancelled.
COMMANDO SURPRISEA Pacific Air Force program for the interception of air traffic (Korea-Japan).
COMMANDO SWORDImplementation of Pacific Air Force operations plan C-128.
COMMANDO TAB15th Air Base Wing operations plan 5001 notification.
COMMANDO TACKLE15th Air Base Wing operations plan 5001 notification.
COMMANDO TAILOROperation and maintenance of an integrated communications system in Thailand.
COMMANDO TALK15th Air Base Wing operations plan 5001 exercise notification.
COMMANDO TALONA special operations project in the West Pacific.
COMMANDO TESTThe logistics support given to the AN/ALM-126 test station.
COMMANDO THRIFTA test of a maintenance concept concerning office equipment and aircraft avionics.
COMMANDO THUNDERSTORMA contingency selected acquisition report program for U.S. personnel.
COMMANDO TRIPLE15th Air Base Wing operations plan 5001 exercise notification, cancelled.
COMMANDO TUMBLE15th Air Base Wing operations plan 5001 notification.
COMMANDO TURN15th Air Base Wing operations plan 5001 notification.
COMMANDO VAULTThe employment of C-130/M-121 delivery system in Southeast Asia.
COMMANDO WADEThe 1972-1973 Northeast monsoon interdiction campaign plan.
COMMANDO WAGONCommunications test concerning reduced precedence on perishable operations messages, cancelled.
COMMANDO YIELDA validation of the 1050-II computer funds records.
COMMANDO ZESTA special air defense operation, cancelled.
COMPASSAir Force programs involving battlefield surveillance and control systems. Used as a prefix for programs so oriented.
COMPASS ADDA quick reaction capability (QRC) program initiated during the Vietnam War.
COMPASS ARROWHigh altitude photo surveillance flights or RPVs with secondary infrared and electronic intelligence objectives. Used mainly over China in the 1960s.
COMPASS ASSISTA Naval program involving test of the EA-6B electronic countermeasures system.
COMPASS BEARDevelopment of a tactical electronics support measures vehicle by the Air Force, cancelled.
COMPASS BEEA B-52 radar warning system, cancelled.
COMPASS BINA low altitude photo reconnaissance drone launched by Lockheed DC-130 control aircraft. The COMPASS BIN program utilizes the Teledyne Ryan AQM-34L/M unmanned aircraft. Used in Southeast Asia, it may have been the predecessor to the BUFFALO HUNTER program.
COMPASS BOOMA program related to a drone ground launcher.
COMPASS BRAKEInstallation of KA-51 cameras in Air Force RF-4C aircraft.
COMPASS BRIGHTAn Air Force cryptologic program which deals with recovery of signal intelligence payloads from COMPASS DWELL drones.
COMPASS BUFFALOAir Force program involving aerial surveillance drones over Southeast Asia.
COMPASS CALLAn Air Force communication jammer.
COMPASS CALLAn Air Force projected system to add capability to the EF-111A aircraft to counter enemy C3 activity.
COMPASS CAPEA Rome Air Development Center project for a reconnaissance system involving the TR-1 aircraft.
COMPASS CLEARAn Air Force program concerning ALT-16/ALR-46 ECM integration, involving Systems Research Laboratories (Dayton, OH).
COMPASS CLIPPrototype of the RF-102 reconnaissance aircraft, cancelled.
COMPASS COOKIEA reconnaissance drone modified to take off-the-shelf receivers. Mission was electronic countermeasures/signal intelligence for the Air Force. The program ended in FY74.
COMPASS COOLAn infrared countermeasures program involving warning receivers for transports, forward air control aircraft and helicopters. An Air Force project involving competing models from Cincinnati Electronics (infrared scanning sensor) and Aerojet Electrosystems (staring sensor).
COMPASS COPEAn Air Force high altitude, long endurance RPV capable of performing a variety of reconnaissance, surveillance, and relay tasks.
COMPASS COPE-BThis high-altitude, 36-hour endurance jet drone is being built by Boeing for the Air Force.
COMPASS COPE-RThis high-altitude photo-reconnaissance drone is being developed by Teledyne Ryan for the Air Force. It is an enlarged version of an earlier 24-hour drone.
COMPASS COUNTThe AN/AVD-2 laser line scanning camera system produced for the Air Force by Perkin-Elmer capable of high resolution photos of target areas during complete darkness without use of conventional illumination techniques. Use is with RF-4C aircraft. An advanced system is designed for Army UH-1D helicopters.
COMPASS COUNTERAn Air Force R&D program for locating radars.
COMPASS CROWAn electronic warfare update on F/FB-lll aircraft.
COMPASS DAGGERHeadquarters Air Force directed support of an OT project.
COMPASS DANCEA signal intelligence receiver development of the QRC-259 (Quick Reaction Capability Program 259).
COMPASS DARTAn Air Force electronic countermeasures system that would enable aircraft to intercept enemy field communications, locate the position and jam the signal. Development by Sanders Associates.
COMPASS DAWNAir Force program related to electronic direction finding equipment, an early code name for COMPASS DWELL.
COMPASS DWELLAir Force program to develop a new series of reconnaissance drones with a 24-hour loiter capability. Studies began as COMFY BEE and evolved into a requirement for a drone to replace the manned U-2 and SR-71 reconnaissance aircraft.
COMPASS EAGLEAir Force classified aircraft reconnaissance project support operations in Vietnam conducted by Rome Air Development Center. Probably part of the overall SHED LIGHT program.
COMPASS EARSA heavily classified tactical intelligence program of the Air Force. It apparently is intended to serve as an emergency airborne backup for US intelligence and communications in Europe, with aircraft-manned and unmanned-flying at 60,000 feet and up believed involved. General Dynamics/Convair and Sperry Univac/Defense Systems associated with it. Airborne communications terminals are involved.
COMPASS FALCONA specialized receiver, cancelled.
COMPASS FLAGPurpose of the program is classified but apparently involves a form of airborne reconnaissance in drone form. It involves a modification of the QU-22B aircraft.
COMPASS FOGAn AF Aeronautical Systems Division test fog involving Martin Marietta (Orlando, FL).
COMPASS FROSTA high altitude reconnaissance exploitation test.
COMPASS GHOSTA system developed for investigation of electro-optical countermeasures to be used aboard tactical aircraft.
COMPASS GLITTERAn Air Force low frequency chaff test.
COMPASS GOA joint Air Force/Navy electronic warfare suite for F-16 and F-18 combat fighters.
COMPASS GOLFInstallation of KS-87 cameras in Air Force RF-4C aircraft.
COMPASS HAMMERA pod-mounted electro-optical countermeasures system under joint Air Force/Navy development. Martin Marietta (Orlando, FL) and Westinghouse (Baltimore, MD) are competing for an Air Force contract for this jammer to be tested on an E-4 aircraft.
COMPASS HASTEA specialized reconnaissance capability for the 7th Air Force.
COMPASS HATA special air Force access program, cancelled.
COMPASS HAWKAir Force development of a recorder and dry film processor, cancelled.
COMPASS HOMEInvolves an Air Force effort (QRC-350), a radar pinpointing program to develop a search and destroy missile for the F-4, with Westinghouse as prime.
COMPASS HUNTERThe Quick Reaction Capability program QRC-72-13, cancelled.
COMPASS JACKAn Air Force program to develop target and activity display systems.
COMPASS JADEAn Air Force program to demonstrate the feasibility of using automatic aids to eliminate redundant and conflicting information from data collected and processed. Contract for $3.1 million awarded by Rome Air Development Center to General Dynamics, Fort Worth, TX.
COMPASS JAYAn Air Force signal collection pod, cancelled.
COMPASS JOYAn AF Aeronautical Systems Division project involving Industrial Electronics (Mohawk, NJ), and Magnavox (Mahwah, NJ).
COMPASS LANEAir Force classified Project 8756.
COMPASS LIFTAn ECM pod ground handling equipment, cancelled.
COMPASS LINKAir Force program for transmission of reconnaissance photographs from the field in Vietnam to Washington via the National Defense satellite. Equipment is also reported to have been deployed to the Middle East during the Arab-Israeli truce of 1970.
COMPASS LOOKUSAF Aeronautical Systems Division project involving airborne laser/infrared transmission system for navigational aids.
COMPASS MAILA chaff development, cancelled.
COMPASS MATRIXAn electronic countermeasures jamming drone employed on Air Force F-4 fighter aircraft, now called COMPASS TIE.
COMPASS NEWTONAn airborne gravity measuring subsystem, cancelled.
COMPASS NICKELA program for precisely locating up to 200 signal emitters (radars) along the East German border by using time-of-arrival signal location techniques.
COMPASS ORGANA Tactical Air Command exercise which demonstrated ECM and EW capabilities of RPVs.
COMPASS OWLStudy on modifying the Air Force T-38 aircraft for near real-time reconnaissance, cancelled.
COMPASS PAINTA side looking airborne radar development program.
COMPASS PASSA defense analysis signal intelligence system for the Strategic Air Command RAD NO 7-64-(1).
COMPASS POINTERA drone specially equipped for foliage penetration to aid reconnaissance missions in Southeast Asia.
COMPASS PREVIEWA program to provide a comprehensive single console scheme for the intelligence analyst to handle and exploit reconnaissance imagery with assistance of on-line electronic data processing techniques. Console reduces manpower and time for image exploitation. See also PACER.
COMPASS QUASARA mobile ground processing equipment system (supplanting the former Transportable Ground Intercept Facility) which, by using dedicated data link, will take the real-time output of the sensors of the TR-1 aircraft, process it, and disseminate it to both air and ground force battlefield commanders.
COMPASS QUEENAn improved infrared reconnaissance sensor. (SEAOR 92).
COMPASS QUICKInvolves fine grain analysis electronic intelligence measuring equipment for Air Force RC-135 aircraft.
COMPASS READYThe ALQ-119/ALQ-131 ECM pod programs.
COMPASS ROBINAn Air Force program to develop expendable radio frequency sensors that can be covertly ejected from RPVs or drones in areas defended by Soviet SA-2 FAN SONG radars. They could provide the capability to collect electronic intelligence information.
COMPASS ROSERemotely Piloted Vehicle (RPV) research effort at Wright-Patterson AFB.
COMPASS ROYALAn Air Force advanced collection capability.
COMPASS SAILA code name for the AN/QRC-73-18. A joint project with the Navy and Air Force. An R&D antenna system for integration with existing R&D antenna systems on other aircraft. A modification program of the C&D bands will provide direction finding for pinpointing surface-to-air missile guidance beams.
COMPASS SAIL/CLOCKWISEA Navy program which provides for modifications to the AN/ALR-46 radar warning receiver by extending coverage to C/D radar frequency bands. Naval Air Development Center awarded a contract to Loral, NY for this modification designated AN/APR-43.
COMPASS SEEAn Air Force project to upgrade ECM systems of the B-52 bomber by developing a flyable brassboard receiver for detection and direction finding of CW and pulsed threat radars, thus resulting in a full-up four channel receiver that will be interfaced with an ALR-46 Radar Warning Receiver.
COMPASS SENIORA German Air Force electronic warfare study.
COMPASS SEVENAn Air Force special collection program.
COMPASS SIGHTA data link used by the Air Force to transmit infrared reconnaissance imagery from airborne RF-4C aircraft to the ground (SEAOR 45).
COMPASS SIGMAAn AN/ALR-46 improvement program.
COMPASS SPARKAn Air Force signal intelligence equipment program.
COMPASS STARA Quick Reaction Capability (QRC) equipment evaluation program, cancelled.
COMPASS STRIKEAn Air Force investigation of inverse loran techniques to obtain a computer-controlled radar location; for application with F-4 aircraft; in response to. Quick Reaction Capability-334.
COMPASS SWINGElectronic countermeasures equipment for Air Force F-4C and RF-4C aircraft, cancelled.
COMPASS TIEThe ARL-69 COMPASS TIE warning system is a modification of the AN/ALR-46 ECM set to give the AN/ALQ-119 and AN/ALQ-131 pod a power or jamming management capability. The program also includes the COMPASS SAIL program and an anti-SA-6 missile capability for the F-4 and possibly F-5 aircraft. The USAF has standardized the ARL-69 for the F-16.
COMPASS TRAILAn Air Force tactical applications research program.
COMPASS TRIPA program to detect illicit poppy (opium) growth.
COMPASS WIDGETA project to outfit 20 C-130 aircraft with communications jamming equipment.
COMPASS WORLDA reconnaissance drone developed by Sperry Univac for the Air Force.
CONCRETE BEETAn Air Force base engineering emergency test, cancelled.
CONCRETE DAGGER IIA survey of an off-shore area to determine feasibility of construction.
CONCRETE SKYDevelopment of tactical aircraft shelters by the Air Force.
CONCRETE TRACTIONAn Air Force pavement skid-resistance program, cancelled.
CONCRETE YOUGHA program for development and promotion of young civil engineering graduated.
CONDECA AGUILAJoint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) directed and coordinated exercise.
CONSTANT ANGELAn Air Force tactical expendable drone for jamming enemy radar.
CONSTANT AWADSA joint operational test and evaluation of adverse weather aerial delivery system for C-130 aircraft.
CONSTANT BLUEA classified Air Force program.
CONSTANT BRACKETAn Air Force test of the BSU-11A/B conical fin, cancelled.
CONSTANT BUNKEROperational test of a second generation aircraft shelter, cancelled.
CONSTANT CARIBOUAn Air-to-Surface weapon system evaluation program for anti-aircraft systems.
CONSTANT CHARMAn operational test and evaluation project for FB-111 aircraft, cancelled.
CONSTANT CLUSTERThe initial operational test and evaluation of improved cluster munitions.
CONSTANT CODEA laser guided bomb test.
CONSTANT CONEOperational test and evaluation of the AIM-7F missile.
CONSTANT DATAThe initial operational test and evaluation of an in-flight data transmission system.
CONSTANT DOTOperational test and evaluation of the GBU-1/B laser guided Rockeye, cancelled.
CONSTANT FALLA comparison of glass and aluminum chaff.
CONSTANT FIXThe initial operational test and evaluation of the air combat maneuvering range (ACMR), cancelled.
CONSTANT GUARDAir Force aircraft deployment program.
CONSTANT HITAn improved air-to-air missile reliability study.
CONSTANT HORNETA tactical air-to-surface weapon system evaluation program.
CONSTANT IMAGEOperational test and evaluation of modified AN/AAS-18 IR system for RF-4C aircraft.
CONSTANT IMPROVEMENTOperational test and evaluation of planning, analytic, and evaluation capabilities.
CONSTANT KEYSTONEThe program is handled by the Sacramento Air Logistics Center, no details are known.
CONSTANT LAPESAdditional joint Army/Air Force operational test and evaluation of 1528 LAPES.
CONSTANT LINKAn Air Force special study group.
CONSTANT LOCUSTAn Air Force Europe air-to-surface weapon system evaluation program, cancelled.
CONSTANT MADGEA test and evaluation of a United Kingdom approach and landing system.
CONSTANT NOISEA Quick Look test of electro-optical guided bomb system, cancelled.
CONSTANT OWLA surface-to-air missile electronic warfare threat simulator installed at the RAF Electronic Warfare Training Range at Spadeadam in the UK. The simulator will be used jointly by RAF and USAFE aircrews under an agreement whereby the US provides the simulator and the British operate the range.
CONSTANT PRESSAir Force support aircraft.
CONSTANT QUALITYOperational test .and evaluation of a concept for evaluating and enhancing reconnaissance system performance.
CONSTANT RAPAdditional ABNCP Autovon ground entry points.
CONSTANT RINGOperational test and evaluation of the FMU-56C/B proximity fuze.
CONSTANT SCOREInitial operational test and evaluation of the Babcock bomb/rocket scoring system, cancelled.
CONSTANT SNAKEPacific Air Force air-to-surface weapon system evaluation program, cancelled.
CONSTANT SPIDERStrategic Air Command air-to-surface weapon system evaluation program, cancelled.
CONSTANT SPIKEAn Air Force bomb damage assessment program, cancelled.
CONSTANT SPURAn Air Force project for development of a series of vans to simulate a high density electro-magnetic environment for aircraft to fly against.
CONSTANT STATICAn air-to-ground communication test.
CONSTANT SWEEPAn Air Force investigation of Southeast Asia F-111A combat losses in 1972.
CONSTANT TAPEA playback of video tapes.
CONSTANT TESTActivation of the Air Force test and evaluation center.
CONSTANT THREATOperational test deployment of the Advanced Location Strike System (ALSS), cancelled.
CONSTANT TRACKOperational test and evaluation of a forward looking infrared set in the RF-4C aircraft.
CONSTANT TRAINAn evaluation of aircraft tactics, cancelled.
CONSTANT TRUMPOperational test and evaluation of the improved 2.75 inch rocket system.
CONSTANT VISUALVFR low altitude, high speed routes.
CONSTANT VOLUMEA deployment evaluation and demonstration of the AWACS APR-75.
CONSTANT WAKEA test to evaluate potential anti-ship munitions.
CONSTANT WATCHProgram supporting Pacific Air Force's (PACAF's) development of an automated C3 system to aid in force management; will consolidate communications, intelligence gathering and dissemination, and data-processing capabilities and facilities, as well as provide operations support, airlift control, and weather information. The system is designed to improve the management of both US and Republic of Korea forces in the Korean theatre.
CONTRACT PINEContingency planning for logistic support.
COOL BARGEDesignation of the annual resupply of Alaskan remote stations.
COOL DARTOperations of the Blying sound gunnery range, cancelled.
COOL HIDEOUTAn Air Force supply cache for emergencies.
COOL MIDGETUtilization and support of the 25th TASS.
COOL PHANTOMF-4E operation plan in Alaska.
COOL POWERLogistic support for AAC prime power diesel spares.
COOL RANGEAlaskan Air Command weapons range policies.
COOL SHOOTF-4 fire control and missile verification program.
COOL STARDissimilar air combat maneuvering training.
COOL STUFFAn Air defense project, cancelled.
COOL TENTThe logistics support of' the Alaskan Air Command field operations.
COOL WATERFlood prevention and possible evacuation of Galena Air Force Station.
COOPER CAPAn Air Force career action plan.
COPE JADEJoint US South Korean military exercises held periodically in the Republic of Korea and its contiguous waters. The latest was designated COPE JADE 81-1.
COPE STRIKE X-RAYA military exercise in Korea which tested ROK Army and Air Force fire power and joint combat operations. Fairchild A-10 participated.
COPE THUNDERAir Force air-to-air specialization tests in the Pacific area.
COPPER IMPACTAn Air Force program to improve modern pricing and costing techniques.
COPPER QUALITYAn Air Force quality assurance improvement program.
CORN TARGETA program within the Air Force Quick Reaction Capability Program (QRC).
CORONA ACEA review of USAF's air-to-air capabilities which revealed both the need and means for improving air-to-air combat skills and hardware.
CORONA HARVESTAn Air Force evaluation of effectiveness in Southeast Asia.
CORONA LOCKAn Air Force program for security of arms and munitions.
CORONA NEWSA NATO electronic warfare support program.
CORONA QUESTA B-1 program ad hoc group.
CORONET ACEAn evaluation of TACS capability for airspace control.
CORONET AIDAir Force forces headquarters.
CORONET ARLINGTONMemorial flyover plan.
CORONET BACONTactical Air Command redeployment.
CORONET BAREA demonstration of the Air Force's instant air base for tactical fighter units deployed to remote fields. (see BARE BASE).
CORONET BELLAn Air Force tactical deployment.
CORONET BEVERLYAir Force (COMTAC) weapons system test plan.
CORONET BOLORedeployment of Tactical Air Command air assets from Southeast Asia, cancelled.
CORONET BOLTTactical Air Command deployment.
CORONET BRAKEAn Air Force retardation project, cancelled.
CORONET BRASSAn Airlift demonstration.
CORONET BRIDGEElectronic warfare training kits for foreign military sales.
CORONET BRIEFElectronic warfare training briefing kits.
CORONET CAPESupport of a U.S. Navy test by the Air Force.
CORONET CARRIERA program for national transportation in time of crisis.
CORONET CLAYMORETactical Air Command commanders high frequency single sideband network.
CORONET CLEARA joint TAC/AFSC study group which recommended solutions to provide a jam-resistant secure voice communications system for TAC.
CORONET COMMANDA program to examine C3 relationships in broad front operations.
CORONET DOCTORA special Air Force air mission, cancelled.
CORONET DRAGONA Tactical Air Command operations security program.
CORONET EAGLEHeadquarters Tactical Air Command OBI recall program.
CORONET EASTAircraft deliveries to North Atlantic and European Areas, cancelled.
CORONET ECHOAn Air Force program involving RPV/aerial target drones.
CORONET EXPRESSAir Force TCA scheduled navigation training flights.
CORONET EXXONTactical Air Command redeployment.
CORONET FLICKAir Force ANG support of reconnaissance tasks, cancelled.
CORONET FLIRTAn Air Force evaluation of the capabilities of F-111 aircraft.
CORONET FORESTA MAFFS modular airborne fire fighting system.
CORONET GLANCEAn Air Force non-notice inspection.
CORONET GUARDRAILDeployment of EC-47 aircraft to USAF Europe.
CORONET HAMMERDeployment of F-111D aircraft to England.
CORONET HOLIDAYUse of Holloman AFB by Air National Guard.
CORONET HOOKAir Force unit deployment.
CORONET HURRYDeployment of aircraft within the Tactical Air Command.
CORONET JAYAir Force strike operations plan 100.
CORONET JUDYAn Air Force aircraft deployment program.
CORONET LIGHTNINGTactical Forces for worldwide employment program.
CORONET LOGAn Air Force rotation program, cancelled.
CORONET LONGLINKExchange visits between Air Force and Royal Air Force airlift units.
CORONET MOONAir Force support to the Apollo program, cancelled.
CORONET NATUREA natural disaster photo.
CORONET NORTHAircraft deliveries to Alaska.
CORONET OAKC-130 rotation program.
CORONET OPTICReconnaissance support of the Alaskan Air Command.
CORONET ORGANOperation conducted by the Tactical Air Command involving flight trails of a drone. The drone was equipped with various ECM equipment including chaff, decoys and jamming gear.
CORONET ORGAN IXAn evaluation of the tactical frequency management system.
CORONET PARAn Air Force unit deployment program.
CORONET PHOTOAir Force drop zone photograph operational plan, cancelled.
CORONET PINEC-130 aircraft rotation to Europe.
CORONET PUNCHAn aircraft deployment program.
CORONET RAINBOWAir Force survival recovery and reconstitution program.
CORONET REALAn Air Force program to develop ideas for increasing realism in day-to-day gunnery training.
CORONET RECOILA threatened or actual work stoppage.
CORONET REELAir Force inspection of Tactical Air Command RTUS, cancelled.
CORONET RESPONSEAccelerated processing of A-7D spares requirements.
CORONET RIDEContinuity of operations program.
CORONET RONDOTactical Air Command redeployment.
CORONET ROUNDUPAn Air Force program conducted to eradicate screw worm.
CORONET RUBYThe Air Force supplied this electronic warfare range system to Iran so it could train air crews in tactics against simulated Soviet-designed air defenses.
CORONET SABERA Tactical Air Command deployment program.
CORONET SATELLITEADC/SAC satellite support by Air National Guard and Reserve Airlift forces.
CORONET SCOREA formal security test, cancelled.
CORONET SEARCHA Tactical Air Command radar support program for air defense of the southern United States, cancelled.
CORONET SHAMROCKTactical airlift competition program.
CORONET SIERRAADC support for Tactical Air Command unconventional warfare training.
CORONET SLICEAn Air Force unit deployment program.
CORONET SOLOAirborne electronics components for limited warfare for use aboard Air Force EC-121S aircraft; Quick Reaction Capability-294.
CORONET SOUTHAircraft deliveries to Central and South America, cancelled.
CORONET STALLIONA USAF evaluation of the Corsair II aircraft when it entered operation in Vietnam in 1967. Four officers and 21 airmen amassed almost 1,200 hours on the A-7A.
CORONET STEAMAn evaluation and training program in communications and electronics.
CORONET STEEDAir Force concepts for employment of ground sensor technology.
CORONET TASKECM support for Tactical Air Command unconventional warfare training.
CORONET THORA joint US/West German exercise held in 1974 during which strike RPVs were demonstrated.
CORONET THUDA practice operational readiness inspection of the 193rd Tactical Electronic Warfare group.
CORONET THUNDERBIRDAirlift support for the Thunderbird aircraft squadron.
CORONET VOXA single side-band communication test for Tactical Air Command deployment aircraft.
CORONET WESTAircraft deliveries to Pacific Air Force, cancelled.
CORONET WHITEAn operational readiness inspection.
CORONET WIREA trailing wire antenna mission program.
COVERED WAGONAn Air Force up-channel report of actual or probable hostile action.
COVERT STRIKEAn Air Force program to develop technology for bistatic radar.
CRAZY CATA related system to CRAZY DOG employing an optical jamming system.
CRAZY DOGInitial effort on an electronic countermeasures system for light Army aircraft under contract to TRW Systems for jamming enemy battlefield communications from formation. Follow-on effort termed CEFIRM LEADER.
CREDIBLE CHASEAn Air Force testing program in which the service planned to procure 15 Fairchild-Hiller Peacemakers and 15 Helio Stallions for competitive testing prior to selecting one as a light, armed short takeoff and landing gunship for the South Vietnamese Air Force, cancelled.
CREDIBLE COMETAir Force project to formulate Tactical Electronic Warfare (TEW) operations and to provide for actions required to enhance TEW capabilities.
CREDIBLE CRUSADEVietnam Air Force improvement and modernization planning.
CREDIBLE LIGHTFY70 posture film.
CREEK ACREAn Air Force intelligence exchange program.
CREEK ACTIONHQ USAFE relocation to Ramstein Air Base.
CREEK ADMINUpgrade of administrative systems in USAFE/DA.
CREEK ALEAir Force unit rotations.
CREEK AMBERAn increased vigilance program of the Air Force.
CREEK ARROWAir Force operations ordnance 826-68.
CREEK ASPENAn Air Force Europe intelligence exchange program.
CREEK BANKAir Force unit deployment.
CREEK BATHAir Force communications line.
CREEK BEAVERExercise of immediate air request, cancelled.
CREEK BEEAircraft deployment, cancelled.
CREEK BLACKAn Air Force normal security program.
CREEK BLAZEIdentification of an Air Force communications line.
CREEK BOLTA Long Range Aid to Navigation (LORAN) program.
CREEK BOYA night/day photo program of the Air Force in Europe.
CREEK BRONCOAn Air Force program which is classified.
CREEK BUFFAn Air Force classified program.
CREEK BULLETA munitions enhancement program and special study.
CREEK CAPA 17th Air Force operations ordnance, cancelled.
CREEK CASTLEA classified Air Force intelligence program.
CREEK CHARTA classified Air Force program.
CREEK CHECKMATEPeriodic deployment of a mobile radar facility (TAGS), cancelled.
CREEK CLAWA classified intelligence project.
CREEK COINA classified intelligence program.
CREEK CORPSTactical Air Command reconnaissance in the Federal Republic of Germany.
CREEK CROWAn Air Force aircraft deployment program.
CREEK CRUISERAn Air Force medical UHF command and control network.
CREEK DAWNAn Air Force classified intelligence project.
CREEK DEALERCoordination procedures in support of USAFE operations plan 4607.
CREEK DELTAAir Force Europe all-weather bombing capability.
CREEK DIAMONDCoordination of Air Force regulation 60-16.
CREEK DIRECTOfficial Air Force mail processing system.
CREEK DIRKF-5E aggressor squadron activation.
CREEK DIXIEA communication circuit cover name.
CREEK DONKEYName of an Air Force aircraft.
CREEK DOORAn Air Force intelligence project.
CREEK DORAAn Air Force ECM training program, cancelled.
CREEK EAGLEAn F-15 tour.
CREEK EARSA European initial operational test and evaluation of the Air Force security system COMPASS EARS.
CREEK ENERGYAn energy conservation program.
CREEK ENSEMBLESpecial uniforms for USAFE logistics units.
CREEK FALCONIdentification of the KC-135 tail number 638020.
CREEK FIREIndividual technical electronic systems.
CREEK FLASHImmediate action mail for commanders, cancelled.
CREEK FLEAAn airlift support mission.
CREEK FLUSHAn Annex A USAFE operations plan 4607.
CREEK GLASSAn Air Force Tactical Electronic Receiver (TEREC) demonstration, cancelled.
CREEK GLITTERAn Air Force emergency destruction plan.
CREEK GRABAn Air Force classified intelligence project.
CREEK GRASSAn Annex A USAFE operations plan 4607, cancelled.
CREEK GRAVELA USAFE GOS Forward Air Controller field mission, cancelled.
CREEK HATAn interim ECM support forces program, cancelled.
CREEK HATRACKA test of the capabilities of reconnaissance and intelligence communication facilities.
CREEK HELPA classified Air Force intelligence project.
CREEK HERCULESUSAFE operational ordnance 824-68.
CREEK JETNATO southern region reconnaissance operations, cancelled.
CREEK JUMPSAir Force support of the Joint Uniform Military Pay System.
CREEK KNIFEUSAFE program plan 4707-71, cancelled.
CREEK LINKUSAFE secure airlift control and communication system.
CREEK MAGPIEAn Air Force intelligence project.
CREEK MAIDA technical electronic system of the Air Force.
CREEK MAMBOUSAFE operations plan 4320.
CREEK MANGOA sensitive Air Force intelligence project.
CREEK MISTYReport procedures support of USAFE operations plan 4607.
CREEK MISTYSupport program associated with COBRA MIST.
CREEK MOSSIndividual technical electronic systems.
CREEK NAILAn interim PAVE SPIKE program.
CREEK OFFSETAircraft employment.
CREEK PARTYDeployment and redeployment of Air National Guard KC-97L aircraft.
CREEK PEBBLEIdentification of a communications line.
CREEK PHANTOMTFW operations ordnance 890.
CREEK PICADORUSAFE operations plan of air defense training in Spain, cancelled.
CREEK PINCHA project involving direct support of a non-USAF agency.
CREEK PLOYA munitions loadout program, cancelled.
CREEK PLUMAircraft shelter modifications to accommodate the F-15.
CREEK POINTDeployment of ground directed bombing system to USAFE, cancelled.
CREEK PORTIdentification of an Air Force communications line.
CREEK POSTAn Air Force intelligence project.
CREEK RAILAn operations ordnance 4873 of the USAFE.
CREEK RAINUSAFE operations plan 4607.
CREEK REACHAir Force support of a Strategic Air Command order 60-72-05.
CREEK RECOILThe recall of 52TFW aircraft on a local training mission.
CREEK REDSelective Air Force posting.
CREEK RIBA program to provide the U.S. European Command (USEUCOM) with information of an operational nature. USAF furnishes equipment, logistics, and engineering support. Most countries provide real estate, operating personnel, and collection results. The project called for dismantling Loran sites in the Western U.S. and relocating them in West Germany; it involved three transmitters and a monitor site.
CREEK ROADA special Air Force special purpose aircraft.
CREEK ROCKAn individual technical electronic system of the Air Force.
CREEK ROOSTRecall of tactical aircraft on a local training mission.
CREEK RUBYReconnaissance operations plan of the Air Force.
CREEK SABERUSAFE programming plan 4706-70, cancelled.
CREEK SABER IIUSAFE programming plan 4751-74.
CREEK SANDAir Force individual technical electronic systems.
CREEK SAVIORAn Air Force emergency refueling of tactical aircraft plan.
CREEK SCOPEA USAFE radar bombing competition, cancelled.
CREEK SCORPIONA classified Air Force intelligence project.
CREEK SILVEROperational support to USAFE operations plan 4607.
CREEK SNAKESpecial Air Force airlift operations.
CREEK SUNSHINEReconnaissance operations from Aviano Air Base, Italy, cancelled.
CREEK SWAPUSAFE/USAREUR exchange of facilities.
CREEK TALLYWeapons training operations at USAFE weapons training sites.
CREEK TALONT-38 aggressor squadron activation, cancelled.
CREEK TONIOperation of rotational C-130 aircraft in Turkey.
CREEK TRAPAn Air Force close air support program, cancelled.
CREEK TROYTactical air support operations within the Air Force.
CREEK WAGONClassified Air Force special equipment.
CREEK WATERIdentification of Air Force communication line.
CREEK WAVEAir Force anti-ship warfare training.
CREEK YUCCAAn Air Force intelligence collection project.
CRESTED ALLIGATORIdentification of a U-1 aircraft.
CRESTED CAP IIIUSAF participation in the Reforger III exercise.
CRESTED CLASPAir Force support to the Apollo/Soyuz mission.
CRESTED DOVESpecial B-52D/F aircraft and AGM-28B missiles.
CRESTED DRAGONAir Force chemical and biological munitions capability and equipage.
CRESTED FALCONNon-nuclear munitions capabilities and equipage.
CRESTED ISLEA base development program.
CRESTED ROOSTERAir Force project involving a variety of telemetry equipment including a telemetry receiver, multicoupler, oscillograph, crystal oscillator and recorder-reproducer.
CRESTED SKYAir Force support to Skylab program, cancelled.
CREW BALLGround operations in support of CREW DRIVER program.
CREW BRAVOAn Air Force worldwide diagnostic collection operation.
CREW COPResearch measurements at selected sites, cancelled.
CREW DICEDomestic airborne operations in support of HQ USAF.
CREW DRIVEROverall AFTAC operations in the South Pacific.
CREW MARKAFTAC worldwide surface collection operation.
CREW STARAir Force special operations program.
CREW TIMESimulated unattended operations at selected sites, cancelled.
CROSS EARSA program that uses a Univac 1830 computer and supports electronics security while also having application in national intelligence missions.
CROSS JADEA program that uses a PDP-1160 computer and supports electronics security while also being applicable to national intelligence missions.
CROSS LEGSA ground-based surveillance and early warning radar which the Chinese Communists developed.
CROWN HELOClassified Navy program in research and development.
CRY PIEArmy development involving a 155 mm projectile armed with tear gas.
CUTLASS SPIRITA classified Marine Corps program.
CUTTY SARKA highly classified Navy program under the Naval Electronics Systems Command with GTE as prime contractor.
DANCING DOLLSDefense Advanced Research Projects Agency project, also known as NIGHT LIFE, which developed Low Light Level TV systems with a laser illuminator as part of the Army's overall night reconnaissance and surveillance program.
DARK EAGLEA DARPA project to provide support for operational units in finding targets at night.
DECK ROOFA project of the National Security Agency executed by Honeywell Aerospace, involving automated technical control using computerized monitoring of communication networks for fault
DEEP DISHNaval Ordnance Lab project including unmanned, deep-sea diving assemblies capable of taking tons of equipment to the bottom of the sea and returning after a pre-set time with recorded data.
DEEP DUNKA surface signal processing computer for use by the Naval Undersea Warfare Center.
DEEP FREEZEA Naval operation in Antarctica.
DEEP FURROWJoint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) directed and coordinated exercise.
DEEP HOLEAn Air Force project to measure earth strain readjustment. ADL is one contractor.
DEEP JEEPA two-man oceanographic research vehicle built by the Naval Ordnance Test Station which can operate at depths of 2,000 feet for four to six hours. Operated by the Scripps Institute of Oceanography.
DEEP JULIEA program conducted by the Naval Ordnance Laboratory (White Oak, MD). Operations Research Inc. performed analysis studies.
DEEP LOOKA submarine/surface ship self-protection system using laser technology to extend range and reliability of underwater laser ranging.
DEEP OCEANNASA/Goddard procured four DEEP OCEAN radio frequency recovery buoys from Benthos (North Falmouth, MA) in December 1970.
DEEP QUESTLockheed-built submarine for oceanographic research and search and rescue operations. Capable of operating at 8,000 ft. for 48 hours; four-man crew.
DEEP VIEWA Navy project tested at the Southwest Research Institute consisting of a six foot-long steel cylinder with glass hemispheres at each end. Due to the way the hemispheres bend light, almost a 360-degree view is possible from either end.
DIABLO HAWKA 1978 underground test by the Defense Nuclear Agency to include hardness evaluations of some major weapons systems and many technology experiments relating to System Generated Electromagnetic Pulse effects and EMP.
DIAL PACKProgram for a series of blast and shock experiments conducted by scientific teams from the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom and Australia.
DIAMOND DUSTA DARPA project which dealt with nuclear explosions underground.
DIAMOND OREA major research program to provide the Army with accurate data on cratering prediction methods when using high explosives.
DIAMOND SCULLSFY 1973 Department of Defense underground, nuclear weapons effects test.
DICE THROWA high explosive field test program to simulate the effects of nuclear weapons on a large array of experimental test items.
DIDO QUEENFY 1973 Department of Defense underground, nuclear weapons effects test.
DIE TOOLFY 1974 Department of Defense underground, nuclear weapons effects test.
DINING CARA classified experimental system being developed by Lockheed Missiles & Space Company for the Defense Nuclear Agency.
DISTANT PLAINHigh explosive test series, non-nuclear, conducted in 1966/67 under a joint U.S./Canada/U.K. program of blast and shock experiments. A related series of tests included DISK SAILS (surface/subsurface) and DISTANT WATER (underwater).
DISTANT RUNNERA White Sands Missile Range project to test the ability of third-generation aircraft shelters to withstand attack by missiles and other explosive weapons.
DIVE UNDERA joint Navy/DNA program to develop and construct a large shock platform for simulation of nuclear weaponry on ships. It is a follow-on to Sailor Hat.
DIXIE CUPA Ford Aerospace & Communications development of a ballistic missile penetration aid in the form of a metallic re-entry vehicle-shaped decoy that would radiate electronic jamming signals before the ICBM enters the earth's atmosphere. Development conducted under the Air Force's Advanced Ballistic Re-entry Systems program.
DOLD DROPMilitary Airlift Command multi aircraft tactical airdrop training, cancelled.
DOLLY VARDENA type of submarine dome.
DORIS BEARTRAPA modular acoustic processing system. A Naval Air Development Center project involving Interstate Electronics (Anaheim, CA).
DOUBLE ALPHAThe system (AN/ALQ-141) is a towed body to perform surveillance and/or sweep missions against known new concept enemy mine mechanisms that pose a significant threat to FBM-type submarines.
DOUBLE STEALCommand and control system for security service aircraft and part of the Air Force's 483L Digital Communications System.
DOVER DEVILA heavy general-purpose machine gun being developed by the US Army Research and Development Command to replace the 1917-vintage .50 caliber Browning as an anti-personnel, anti-light armor and anti-aircraft infantry weapon.
DRAGON TEAM 4-80An Army-Air Force exercise to demonstrate the strategic potential of the Rapid Deployment Force by airlifting 2,374 paratroopers from Pope AFB, NC, and dropping them in a single pass at Eglin AFB, FL.
DRUID GROVEA classified Army program involving evaluation of foreign components, in the FY75 RDT&E budget.
DUEL BLADEAn early name for the Vietnam "electronic fence" which evolved into the Automated Battlefield concept involving battlefield surveillance sensors and associated munitions. It was the Army portion of the remote sensor network. Other related programs are PRACTICE NINE, IGLOO WHITE and DOUBLE EAGLE.
DUST HARDNESSA modification improvement to Minuteman III approved for service use in 1972.
EAGLE EYEA configuration of the LTN-51 inertial navigational unit manufactured by Litton Systems Inc. (Woodland Hills, CA). Modification work on the unit was funded by ASD.
EAGLE EYE IIIAn electro-optical sensor developed by Air Force Avionics Laboratory engineers that gives pilots a radar display of approaching aircraft for identification and target acquisition.
EARLY BIRDCommunications satellite manufactured by Hughes, designated HS-303, a version of its SYNCOM 2, Synchronous Communications, satellite used by the Communications Satellite Corporation to initiate its interim system. Early Bird-1, formally designated INTELSAT-1 (International Telecommunications Satellite), was the world's first commercial communications satellite.
EARLY SPRINGAn early Navy anti-satellite concept which would have employed submarine launch of a missile fired to altitude where it would hover up to 90 seconds while waiting for the target to approach.
EARLY STARTAn Air Force project for a blunt-end internally-carried bomb.
EGYPTIAN GOOSEA DARPA study to determine the feasibility of suspending a surveillance radar from a tethered balloon over a combat area to get a close look at well-defended enemy positions as a substitute for exposing a manned observation aircraft to hazardous gunfire. It is also used to detect incoming unidentified aircraft.
EIGHT BELLS 79One in an annual series of regional command post exercises designed to examine the command and control procedures of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and selected unified and specified commands under simulated crisis/combat conditions. EIGHT BELLS 79 was to have been held in the Korean area with South Korean participation but was postponed.
EIGHTH CARDProgram for testing tactical military applications of lasers, especially short-range uses. The program is now called THERMAL WEAPONRY.
ELECTRIC BRICKAn electronic heat source version of HOT BRICK infrared countermeasures system being developed by the Navy with Sanders Associates.
ELECTRONIC FENCEDOD program to create an electronic barrier across the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) in Vietnam consisting of various anti-intrusion devices, detection and warning systems; it became the Automated Battlefield.
EMBER DAWNA Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) directed and coordinated exercise.
END GAMETwo efforts have been identified under this code name. The first is a DARPA/Army Missile Command program involving evaluation of aircraft equipped with advanced weapons; the second involves a Naval Weapons Center RFP for the design and fabrication of an END GAME simulator and optical system to be used for simulating a missile seeker's range closure on a target.
ENHANCE PLUSA project related to supplying aircraft and equipment transfers from other countries to Vietnam.
EXOTIC DANCERJoint exercise involving Navy, Army, Marine and Air Force units.
FACE LIFTAn Air Force recovery procedure.
FACE MASKA three-day amphibious reconnaissance exercise held off the coast of Okinawa for the Marines.
FAIR MEASUREMENTAn Army program related to the Anti-Missile Program.
FAIR OAKSNavy submarine signal processing set, the AN/WYQ-1.
FAT ALBERTA 2,500 lb. bomb that uses the Walleye optical guidance package.
FIRST LOOKA test conducted under Project CLOUD GAP a joint project of the U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency (ACDA) and DOD, with the Air Force functioning as the program manager to monitor missile production from a site located in England; a second test was scheduled.
FLAMING ARROWAn Army project under the Army Communications and Electronics Materiel Readiness Command.
FLAMING LANCEJoint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) directed and coordinated exercise.
FLARE SCANA ground transmitter and airborne receiver. They were used by the Air Force in conjunction with experiments on instrument landings.
FLINTLOCK THREEA Joint Chiefs of Staff coordinated exercise.
FLOATING FLAREAn Army research and development program involving 40 mm ordnance. Aberdeen Proving Ground has negotiated with Northrop Carolina Inc. (Ashville, NC) for work.
FOG CUTTERA DARPA air-to-air guidance system.
FORESIGHT SIERRAA communications system under development by the Army electronics Command for which Ford Aerospace & Communications received contracts.
FOREST GREENA classified Air Force intelligence and communications program.
FORWARD PASSA buried ground sensor which transfers information to aircraft for targeting. A Naval Air Development Center project.
FORWARD PASSProgram to provide over-the-horizon targeting through radar-equipped aerial platforms for a new 600-mile-range ramjet-powered missile against hostile targets.
FORWARD TALKJoint Airborne Command Post.
FOUR EYES FLINTSTONEA radar system installed at Rome Air Development Center.
FOUR WHEELSAir Force system using the AN/TSQ-47 traffic control system built by RCA.
FOX HALLClassified airborne tactical communications equipment; may be related to a National Security Agency requirement.
FREEDOM TORCH IIJoint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) directed and coordinated exercise.
FREEDOM VAULTField exercise held in March 1971 in The Republic of Korea to demonstrate the capability to deploy Strike Command (USSTRICOM) units to an overseas area rapidly.
GALLANT HANDA large scale joint-service training exercise held in 1972 at Fort Hood at which 23,000 soldiers and airmen participated.
GALLANT KNIGHTA command post exercise of the Rapid Deployment Force.
GALLANT SHIELDJoint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) directed and coordinated exercise.
GAME WARDENThe name for the use of helicopters in Vietnam.
GENTLE WINDA Joint Chiefs of Staff coordinated exercise.
GET WELLA program on Tartar/Terrier/Talos to improve deficiencies in missile ships already built or under construction.
GHOST CABINA BMEWS monitor tanker route.
GHOST RIDER IIAn Air Force drone contingency plan.
GHOST WALKOperational tests by the Air Force of the Quail missile (ADM-20).
GIANT AXAir Force implementation of a security plan.
GIANT BALLAn Air Force Airborne Command Post (ABNCP) ALCC exercise.
GIANT BALLOONA track from Seattle, WA to Battle Mountain, NV.
GIANT BEAMA Strategic Air Command evaluation of the APS-23 and ALT-6B system.
GIANT BEARAn SR-71 refueling support system worldwide.
GIANT BIDUtilization of electronic reconnaissance equipment.
GIANT BLAZEStrategic Air Command flare employment program.
GIANT BRACKETStrategic Air Command operational test and evaluation of B-52 cell tactic.
GIANT CANEStrategic Air Command exploitation of electronics system 32B.
GIANT CHERRYAn Air Force terrain avoidance calibration program.
GIANT COMBOStrategic Air Command operational test and evaluation of an ECM test and flight plan.
GIANT DEALA Strategic Air Command training operation.
GIANT DUELOperational test and evaluation of QRC ALT-22 and QRC ALT-6 systems.
GIANT EAGLEA program to divert ARC light recovery (NAFTAN bombing range).
GIANT ELKAn SR-71 reconnaissance worldwide program.
GIANT FISHAerial operations for atmospheric sampling.
GIANT FLASHAn over-the-target motion picture documentation.
GIANT FOOTAn Air Force missile launch without instrumentation.
GIANT FOXAn operational readiness inspection exercise from ICBM units.
GIANT HANDAir Force return of aircraft from depots.
GIANT LANCESelective employment of air ground alert forces.
GIANT LEAPAn SR-71 reconnaissance operation.
GIANT MATCHStrategic Air Command program involving the B-52 aircraft and the AN/ALR-18 system.
GIANT MOONTest program for emergency rocket communications system.
GIANT MOVEA test of B-52 Tactical Air Command maneuver and flight plan.
GIANT NAILOperational employment of U-2 aircraft in Southeast Asia.
GIANT NETAn Air Force exercise recall after execution.
GIANT OPPONENTA bomber defensive formation test.
GIANT PATRIOTThe code name describes an operational base launch program of test flights of Minuteman II missiles. The program was terminated by Congressional edict in July 1974.
GIANT PLATEAn SR-71 contingency plan.
GIANT PLOWAn Air Force Minuteman launcher closure test program.
GIANT PRIZEIdentification of Strategic Air Command operational test and evaluation of AN/ALQ-16 T-2 flight plan.
GIANT PROFITA Minuteman modified operational missile test plan.
GIANT QUESTAn SR-71 stateside base contingency operation.
GIANT RALLYThe capability for conducting strikes in the post attack era.
GIANT REACHAn SR-71 overseas based contingency operation.
GIANT ROARLimited range operational base launches.
GIANT ROOFA missile communications improvement program.
GIANT SCALEAn SR-71 contingency plan.
GIANT SHADOWA Strategic Air Command operational test and evaluation of a tactical chaff test and flight plan.
GIANT STAGEAn Air Force tanker task force operation at March AFB, CA.
GIANT STEPAn Air Force special radio traffic program.
GIANT STRIDEStrategic Air Command bomber participation in ECM terminal testing.
GIANT TASKAn Air Force special reconnaissance mission.
GIANT THRUSTA specific guidance conducting security vulnerability test.
GIANT VIEWAn Air Force program involving the NUDETS missile surveillance technology program.
GIANT VIPERA British trailer designed to blast a passage for vehicles through a minefield. It is towed by a tank, APC or special tractor. It is now on standardization loan to the US Army under the International Materiel Evaluation Program.
GIANT VOICEThe 1971 Strategic Air Command Bombing and Navigation Competition at McCoy AFB, Orlando, FL.
GIANT WAVEA SAC (Strategic Air Command) exercise involving two B-52D aircraft.
GIGANTIC CHARGEProgram to notify NORAD of all or part of strategic integrated operational plan (SIOP) targeting for Minuteman.
GIGANTIC JAMTesting by the Tactical Air Command of ALT-28 electronic countermeasures equipment.
GIN ANDYCode name reference to the AN/FPN-16 navigational radar set built by ITT for the Air Force and used at air bases in fixed sites.
GIN PLAYERSAC tests of Minuteman missile for identification and execution.
GINGER CUPA Strategic Air Command strike mission in Southeast Asia.
GIPSY FANPeacetime aerial reconnaissance program of Strategic Air Command.
GIRDLE STRAPAn Air Force degree of exercise play intentions program.
GLAD NEWSIdentification of a specific location within Strategic Air Command.
GLAD NOTICEAn Air Force Practice launch exercise.
GLAD RAGSA Strategic Air Command program restricting commanders to base.
GLAD SPREEB-52 aircraft deploying and redeploying from Andersen AFB, Guam
GLAMOR GIRLA program to move SR-71 aircraft to Europe.
GLASS BLADEA Strategic Air Command tactical aircraft dispersal exercise.
GLASS DISPLAYStrategic Air Command operational test and evaluation of B-52 equipment.
GLASS EYEA Strategic Air Command program.
GLASS KEYStrategic Air Command KC-135 aircraft operating to and from Taiwan.
GLASS NOZZLEAn Early Warning monitor for the Thule BMEWS site.
GLASS ORGANStrategic Air Command support of an annual training exercise using KC-135 aircraft.
GLASS POINTA Strategic Air Command route to and from the Spanish Atlantic.
GLASS RINGA project within the Air Force Quick Reaction Capability (QRC) program.
GLASS SHIELDA program to identify Strategic Air Command operational test and evaluation of B-52 electronic countermeasures equipment.
GLOBAL SHIELDAn annual exercise for units of the Strategic Air Command.
GLORY ROADAn exercise term for a specified Strategic Air Command message.
GLORY TRIPStrategic Air Command operational test launches of ICBM missiles.
GLOWING BEAMA Strategic Air Command program to identify the operational test and evaluation of a B-52 radar modification.
GLOWING FIREA joint test directive.
GLOWING HEATThe 15th Air Force support program to the Strategic Air Command.
GLOWING IRONThe exercise of a preplanned force positioning.
GLOWING LAMPA SAC (Strategic Air Command) test of the Titan 2 missile.
GLOWING SCOPEAn Air Force program involving jamming bomber navigation and terrain avoidance systems.
GOLDEN RAYA classified ECM (Electronic Countermeasures) project.
GOOSE BAYLowell Technological Institute Research Foundation worked on this study for the Air Force.
GRAND COMMANDERAn early variant of the Rockwell Shrike Command.
GRAND SLAMA version of the SLAM missile system which could go on ships of destroyer size and larger; an underwater-to-surface missile.
GRASS BLADEA classified Army research and development program in advanced development.
GRAY ROCKAn Army Missile Command seeker.
GREEN ELEPHANTA classified USMC (Marine Corps) project. Also called TSQ-89.
GREEN GRASSA highly-classified NSA (National Security Agency) program with Honeywell-Orlando and RCA involved.
GREEN HORNETAn Air Force effort to develop a booster with a "Shrouded Agena" to support payloads nearly 10 feet in diameter, twice the current size. McDonnell Douglas is working on this project for NASA.
GREENER PASTURESAn Army program for using Raytheon Hawk boosters with a 1,000 lb. bomb warhead with twice the range of the non-nuclear Lance, using the Lance launcher and distance measuring equipment.
GREENLAND SEAThe University of Washington conducted studies on this project for the Navy.
GUARDIAN EAGLEAn Air Force project under Aeronautical Systems Division. It is a classified design feasibility study of an infrared sensor on an aircraft.
GYPSY DANGERA classified CNO (Chief of Naval Operations project supported by Rewson).
HALCON VISTAA JCS (Joint Chiefs of Staff) exercise.
HAMMER ACEA rapid response communications team equipped with secure/protected voice, hand-held radios with base station repeater, ground to air, secure record communication.
HAMMER ANTRANAlignment of transmission lines and antenna system within the Air Force Communications Service.
HAMMER BOSSA three-dimensional mobile communications system, cancelled.
HAMMER CHARLIEAn Air Force Communication Service program, cancelled.
HAMMER DRAW IIImmediate action reassignment of personnel within the Air Force Communications Service.
HAMMER ECHOThe in-garrison training network between mobile communications groups.
HAMMER HANGERCommunications failure on the northern area troposcatter system, cancelled.
HAMMER PLUGA satellite communications support program.
HAMMER RALLYA Mediterranean Troposcatter Communications System, part of the Air Force Communications Service carrying the system No. 486L.
HAMMER STRIKEA program to activate mobile Air National Guard communication units, cancelled.
HAMMER TEAMA tactical engineering and evaluation program, cancelled.
HAMMER TRAFFICAn improvement program for air traffic control communications.
HAMMER WHEELA mobile communications resources reallocation program.
HARVEST BAREA bare base equipment program.
HARVEST EAGLEA precursor to BARE BASE involving basic equipment for putting together a portable air base for installation at locations with an air strip and water.
HARVEST PEOPLEA logistics career management action plan.
HARVEST REAPERThe Air Force name for the operation of the original six General Dynamics F-111A aircraft sent to Vietnam for combat evaluation in March 1968. It was also named COMBAT LANCER.
HARVEST STAMPSStandardized air munitions packages for Air Force aircraft.
HARVEST WHEELSA reserve vehicle pool under Air Force Logistics Command management.
HAST PLUMEAn injection infrared augmenter concept.
HASTY AIDAn officer training school recruiter assistance program.
HASTY BLUEAn Air Force plan for centralized selection of students for UPT.
HASTY CHARGERA program to accelerate leadership development of select officers.
HASTY FIREAn Air Force program to extend the life of T-37 aircraft.
HASTY HAWKIdentification and selection of squadron commanders.
HASTY JAMMERAn Air Force Air Training Command requiring operational capability, cancelled.
HASTY LADA quick logistics automated data program.
HASTY PIPERAir Force temporary duty in recruiting offices.
HASTY POINTERA priority support of USAF advertising program.
HASTY STAGAir Training Command operations center alert notification.
HASTY TOROAn Air Force contingency team.
HASTY UPDATEA long range update of Air Training Command electronic warfare training, cancelled.
HAVE ACCENTA foreign technology collection program of the Air Force Systems Command.
HAVE ACORNAir Force Aeronautical Systems Division support of the Lightweight fighter prototype aircraft.
HAVE ACREThe exercise of Electronic Systems Division warfare plans, cancelled.
HAVE ACTExploitation of a foreign aerospace system (AA52).
HAVE AEOLUSAn Air Force Cambridge Research Lab program, cancelled.
HAVE AGONYThe acquisition of foreign electronic research and development data by the Air Force Systems Command.
HAVE ALADDINA study of the atmospheric layer's density distribution of ion neutrals, cancelled.
HAVE ALIBIAn early program associated with the interdiction of enemy infiltration.
HAVE AUGERAn Air Force project dealing with development of lenses for Low Light Level Television (LLTV).
HAVE BAILFlight tests associated with the AN/TPS-44 radar set, used in the Air Force's 407L Tactical Air Control System (TACS).
HAVE BAITExploitation of foreign communications equipment.
HAVE BALANCEAn argon laser, cancelled.
HAVE BALLASTAn improvement program for the Air Force's Range Instrumentation Ships.
HAVE BALMAir Force Systems Command program for techniques and systems used to overcome the capability for enemy anti-aircraft artillery installations.
HAVE BANDStudies by the Air Force of possible laser applications.
HAVE BARAn Air Force Systems Command Ruby Laser, cancelled.
HAVE BASE IIExploitation of electronic equipment.
HAVE BATTLEExploitation of ordnance, cancelled.
HAVE BELLSupport of an advanced medium STOL prototype aircraft by Aeronautical Systems Division.
HAVE BIG IIA composite collection system.
HAVE BIRDAir Force exo-atmospheric radiation detection system studies under Project 647F.
HAVE BLOCKAn Air Force contingency collection system.
HAVE BLUEDefense Advanced Research Projects Agency project related to the stealth bomber.
HAVE BOARDFlight tests of equipment associated with the Advance Ballistic ReEntry Systems (ABRES), exploiting the foreign 80 mm rocket DAA-720.
HAVE BOOKAerospace technical intelligence orientation courses.
HAVE BOUNCEAir Force program to determine behavior of different aircraft when operating over various types of runway repairs and to determine the degree to which repairs must be made to permit aircraft operations.
HAVE BOWLA specific intelligence collection system.
HAVE BOYA fixed ground-mounted telemetry acquisition system.
HAVE BRACKETWeapon system acquisition and employment associated with the Air Force Quick Reaction Capability (QRC) program.
HAVE BRIDGEAir Force System Command assistance of technical specifications, special equipment and technology analysis.
HAVE CABA phased array radar system developed by Air Force Systems Command.
HAVE CABINExploitation of a foreign laser rod system.
HAVE CABLETechnique used to jam Soviet infrared guidance systems on Atoll air-to-air missiles.
HAVE CABLEAir Force Systems Command specific application of an optical technique, cancelled.
HAVE CAKEAir Force exploitation of an ordnance system.
HAVE CANAir Force Systems Command exploitation of electronic equipment.
HAVE CARAir Force Systems Command reposturing actions.
HAVE CARGOAir Force Systems Command exploitation of an ordnance system.
HAVE CHARITYProgram involved fabrication and installation of specialized airborne optical instrumentation systems, cancelled.
HAVE CHECKA computerized file of Soviet Bloc scientific and technical personnel and their facility relationships located at the Foreign Technology Division, Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio.
HAVE CLUTCHWeapon system acquisition and employment associated with the Air Force Quick Reaction Capability (QRC) program.
HAVE COFFEEAirborne measurement of ballistic missile radiation, cancelled.
HAVE CREEDAir Force Systems Command exploitation of an ordnance program, cancelled.
HAVE CREED IIExploitation of a foreign munitions system.
HAVE CUBEExploitation of a foreign radar system, cancelled.
HAVE CUPAir Force project involving the Armaments Division and Sperry.
HAVE CURVERadar interference reports in the Far Eastern area.
HAVE DARTA code name applied to a classified project to development unidentified hardware on a "quick reaction" basis for use in Southeast Asia by the Air Force. Was probably electronic countermeasure or recon device.
HAVE DEGREEExploitation of a Soviet stainless steel ingot.
HAVE DEPTHAir Force Systems Command television site B.
HAVE DETOURAir Force Systems Command TV recording processing facilities and projects.
HAVE DOGAir Force Systems Command TV site A.
HAVE DOORExploitation of a foreign R&D materiel program.
HAVE DYEExploitation of foreign laser crystals.
HAVE EAGLEA scientific and technical exploitation program.
HAVE EDGEAn Air Force Electronic Systems Division proposal for an operational effectiveness test facility program that would simulate the total effect of enemy weapons working in conjunction with one another in a given situation to see who would have the edge. At present existing facilities only provide for one-on-one situations, cancelled.
HAVE EDUCATIONExploitation of two foreign electronic and ordnance components.
HAVE EELAn improvement of the defensive capability for Air Force B-52 aircraft.
HAVE EFFORTAir Force Systems Command evaluation of certain components program.
HAVE ELDERExploitation of a foreign weapons system.
HAVE ELKEvaluation of equipment by the Air Development and Training Center.
HAVE EMBLEMThe QRC-74-02 electronic warfare support program. See QRC.
HAVE ENAMELA radar return measurements system of the Air Force Systems Command, cancelled.
HAVE EXITAn Air Force program involving modifications to the ALQ-131 electronic countermeasures system. It has high priority to counter a newly detected, classified threat.
HAVE EXPRESSA communications check and exercise of command emergency alerting procedures.
HAVE EYESAir Force Systems Command trade fairs and technical conferences.
HAVE FAITHAn atmospheric research program conducted by the Air Force's Eastern Test Range (ETR).
HAVE FAULTA personnel detector, probably developed for use in Southeast Asia by Air Force Systems Command.
HAVE FEASTExploitation of foreign air defense weapons systems associated with the Air Force Quick Reaction Capability (QRC) program.
HAVE FERRYExploitation of a foreign aerospace system.
HAVE FIDDLEAn electronic components acquisition program.
HAVE FIELDA forward-scatter high-frequency collection program under the development of the Air Force.
HAVE FILEAn Air Force instrumentation ship.
HAVE FIREExploitation of foreign fuzes.
HAVE FLAREExploitation of a foreign radar system.
HAVE FLASKExploitation of pieces of a foreign aircraft engine, cancelled.
HAVE FLAVORExploitation of hardware by the Air Force Systems Command, cancelled.
HAVE FLOODAcquisition of foreign military equipment.
HAVE FLYSAMSO support of the Navy C-4 program.
HAVE FOAMExploitation of a foreign aircraft wing structure.
HAVE FOCUSA program to test the feasibility of a low cost, miniature harassment drone equipped with a passive radio frequency sensor and a fragmentation warhead capable of homing in on and destroying an enemy mobile radar. Request for industry proposals for development of a low cost drone, known as the Locust, were issued in mid 1979.
HAVE FORCEModification of the F-111A aircraft to the EF-111A configuration.
HAVE FOXA technical intelligence program concerning the Republic of Korea.
HAVE GAMBITExploitation of an ordnance program, cancelled.
HAVE GAMEA Soviet and Free World laser weapons program.
HAVE GARDENExploitation of a foreign aircraft.
HAVE GENIEAn Air Force Systems Command geophysical experiment.
HAVE GIRTAir Force Quick Reaction Capability program (QRC-493).
HAVE GLINTExploitation of a military hardware program.
HAVE HALOAn aerospace equipment evaluation program by the Air Force Systems Command.
HAVE HAULA special purpose signal analyzer.
HAVE HEARA radar program for electronic warfare laboratory and flight test.
HAVE HEARTAn ABRES hydrometeor erosion program.
HAVE HEATExploitation of a foreign radar system.
HAVE HEMPImmediate procedures to cease operation of certain ECM equipment.
HAVE HOODExploitation of military hardware.
HAVE HOPName given to an exercise studying clear air turbulence and conducted by FAA, NASA, USAF and other agencies at Wallops Island, Virginia.
HAVE HORNModified J-79-15 engines to a J-79-71A configuration for the F-4E jet, to reduce costs.
HAVE HORSEA technological development program relevant to aerospace vehicle reentry system employed by the Soviet and Peoples Republic of China.
HAVE HOSTTwo Dynamic Airblast Simulator (DABS) test facilities and four High Explosive Simulation Technique (HEST) test facilities at Luke AFB, AZ. Involves a series of ten tests to determine the vulnerability/survivability of MX concepts, both buried trench and shelter.
HAVE HUBA program to develop a test release of selected weapons from a cargo aircraft.
HAVE HULL IIExploitation of military hardware.
HAVE ICEExploitation of an electronics support system.
HAVE IDEAAn Air Force telemetry collection system for the Forward Area Alerting Radar, FAAR.
HAVE IDOLA Communist block aerospace equipment model program.
HAVE IMPARTExploitation of military hardware.
HAVE INCLINEA study of advanced high temperatures materials and structures of the Soviets and Peoples Republic of China.
HAVE INKExploitation of a weapons support system.
HAVE INSURANCEA simulator validation review task.
HAVE ISLANDProcurement of foreign equipment.
HAVE ITEMA Soviet pulsed power technology program.
HAVE IVORYExploitation of a foreign aerospace weapon system.
HAVE JAPESurvey of organic material, cancelled.
HAVE JARA video tape exchange with the U.K.
HAVE JEEPExploitation of a foreign radar system.
HAVE JEWELA Tactical Air Command near-real-time reconnaissance test program.
HAVE JILTExploitation of a foreign hardware system.
HAVE JOISTExploitation of a foreign hardware system.
HAVE JUMBLEAn electromagnetic intelligence collection program.
HAVE KEELA survey of organic material, cancelled.
HAVE KERFExploitation of foreign hardware, cancelled.
HAVE KINGAir Force aerial intercept photography.
HAVE KITA ballistic streak camera development.
HAVE LACEAn identification of consumer intelligence requirements for foreign military sales program.
HAVE LAKEExploitation of foreign extrusions.
HAVE LAMPAn expendable countermeasures development, Project 5970.
HAVE LASHA target collection study.
HAVE LEAPA Space and Missile Test Center support of Minuteman III program.
HAVE LEAPFROGAn experimental airborne communications terminal (see LEAPFROG).
HAVE LEMONMulti-faceted study of the threat posed by enemy defensive forces against attacks by US aircraft. The program used a defense suppression drone.
HAVE LENT 3Three sounding rocket launches of air recoverable payloads from a facility at South Point Hawaii.
HAVE LIDExploitation of organic materials.
HAVE LIMBExploitation of organic material.
HAVE LIMEAn Air Force program to study the entire defense suppression problem. A follow-on effort from HAVE LEMON.
HAVE LINKExploitation of foreign military hardware.
HAVE LOADUnauthorized movement of aircraft.
HAVE LOOPExploitation of Strategic Air Command handheld photography.
HAVE LOREDirection-finder set, cancelled.
HAVE LURESupport of the F-15 weapon program.
HAVE LUTEExploitation of organic materials.
HAVE MACEExploitation of organic materials.
HAVE MAKEA SADS II servo system improvement program, cancelled.
HAVE MALLAn Air Force Systems Command exercise of war and emergency plans.
HAVE MALTAir Force Program 317J. No details known.
HAVE MASKAn intelligence target identification and exploitation program.
HAVE MEDICOProject conducted by Aerospace Medical Division and Electronic Systems Division to determine requirements for data automation of Air Force medical information with ultimate objective to computerize all Air Force medical activities.
HAVE MEMOA portable electronic equipment program.
HAVE MERLINA multiple experiment for research of lower ionospheric neutrals, cancelled.
HAVE MILLSAMSO Athena launches from Wake Island.
HAVE MOLDSAMTEC Space and Missile Test Center logistic support program.
HAVE MUGExploitation of military hardware, cancelled.
HAVE MUSEExploitation of a foreign aerospace weapon system, cancelled.
HAVE NAILAn analysis of military hardware program.
HAVE NAMEAn Army and Air Force support subsystem. Funding was approximately $4 million in FY76, 77 and 78.
HAVE NEARA technology development program related to vulnerability of an advanced Soviet/Peoples Republic of China missile.
HAVE NOTEAn Air Force classified program associated with the Electromagnetic Radiation Test Facility, to test susceptibility/vulnerability of selected weapons systems in terms of performance degradation given specific threat environments.
HAVE NOVELExploitation of a foreign rocket system.
HAVE ORATORExploitation of military hardware.
HAVE OUTExploitation of a foreign radar.
HAVE PLOTAir Force chemical warfare defense improvement program.
HAVE POINTStudy of technical opportunities to improve tactical forces.
HAVE POWERMock-up and testing of F-15 aerospace ground equipment.
HAVE QUICKAn Air Force Electronic Systems Div. project to give the Tactical Air Forces with an improved air-ground-air jam-resistant UHF communications capability based on the AN/GRC-l71; to be installed in F-15, F-16, F-111 and communication jeeps that control close air support missions.
HAVE QUICKAn Air Force project to provide the Tactical Air Forces with an improved air-ground-air jam-resistant UHF communications capability.
HAVE RADIOExploitation of a foreign radar system.
HAVE REPROAn optical measurements program.
HAVE RICEA radar identification and calibration exercise.
HAVE ROBEAn infrared measurements program.
HAVE ROCKExploitation of military hardware.
HAVE RODExploitation of military hardware.
HAVE ROSEAn optical equipment program.
HAVE RUSTClassified Air Force program.
HAVE SETSpecial airborne optical record and display equipment.
HAVE SHIELDA security reinforcement flight program to protect an Air Force Systems Command installation, cancelled.
HAVE SKIExploitation of foreign aircraft parts.
HAVE SKYA service test of epichlorohydrin collapsible fuel tanks.
HAVE SNOWA study of the technical opportunities to improve tactical forces, cancelled.
HAVE SPEEDYSolid propulsion techniques program.
HAVE SPOONSino-Soviet Bloc aircraft landings on Air Force Systems Command bases.
HAVE STARAn information exchange meeting.
HAVE STOPExploitation of a foreign aerospace system.
HAVE STORKAir Force Systems Command activities at a contract location.
HAVE SWORDAn on-base disorders plan.
HAVE TAMERAn Air Force Systems Command exercise of war and emergency plans, cancelled.
HAVE THEORYA liaison and technical intelligence support program to U.S. agencies by the Air Force Systems Command.
HAVE TOWNAir Force Systems Command collection activities program.
HAVE TRACKThe observation and tracking of orbiting satellites.
HAVE TURKEYSoutheast Asia defense suppression strike RPV program.
HAVE TWISTA shipment identifier, cancelled.
HAVE VASEA laser signature characteristics program.
HAVE WATCHAn aircraft package test, cancelled.
HAVE WAYAcquisition of specialized foreign equipment.
HAVE WINDAn Air Force collection platform.
HAVEN HILLA joint DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) - Office of Scientific Research study and experiment on seismic noises.
HAVEN HOPAir Force Systems Command detection and prediction of clear air turbulence.
HAVEN MAXAn advanced development program on a research test vehicle.
HEAD CADDYAirlift support of a defense communications planning group, cancelled.
HEAD CHECKA program to assure correction of deficiencies.
HEAD COPA Headquarters Command USAF program for continuity of operations plan.
HEAD NETA Soviet surface search radar used on guided-missile destroyers, destroyer escorts and helicopter carriers.
HEAD PACERAn operational resource reduction and reorganization program.
HEAVY AIMAn air intercept missile requirements computer program.
HEAVY BAREName given to a field exercise conducted by the Air Force to demonstrate how combat squadrons could operate out of "bare base" forward locations, cancelled.
HEAVY BLADEA USAF special planning support program.
HEAVY BLUEA message designator for planning projects, cancelled.
HEAVY BOWThe assignment of aircraft to the Pacific Air Force, cancelled.
HEAVY BRIDGEA USAF technical project located in the Pacific Air Force, cancelled.
HEAVY CHAINAn operational test and evaluation support project, cancelled.
HEAVY CHESTThe bailment of C-7A aircraft to Air America, cancelled.
HEAVY COINA special airlift support project.
HEAVY CRESCENTA support project of USAF Europe C-7A aircraft.
HEAVY CROWNA civic action program to enhance the Air Force image, cancelled.
HEAVY CUPA special airlift support project, cancelled.
HEAVY DRIVEA mission directive, cancelled.
HEAVY EAGLEA special airlift procedures program.
HEAVY EXPRESSA special airlift missions program.
HEAVY FOGAir Force specialized planning operations program.
HEAVY GATEA special world-wide Air Force support system.
HEAVY GOLDAn Air Force airlift project.
HEAVY HANDAn Air Force plan for dual basing in Europe, cancelled.
HEAVY HAVOCA specialized operational planning program, cancelled.
HEAVY HELOAn analysis group to support the evaluation of the ABM fire support system, cancelled.
HEAVY HOOKThe employment of specially configured C-123 aircraft by the Air Force in support of Military Assistance Command Vietnam.
HEAVY HURDLEA concept for an air campaign in Southeast Asia, cancelled.
HEAVY LANCEAir Force specialized planning mission, cancelled.
HEAVY LEAFA program name used in connection with the HEAVY SAND project.
HEAVY LIFTA rehabilitation program for the Air Force's C-47 aircraft.
HEAVY LIONA modification and use of Collins 3252 transmitters, cancelled.
HEAVY MISTAir Force specialized planning operations.
HEAVY MOWSpecially configured aircraft assigned to the Air Force Logistics Command.
HEAVY PHOSPHORAn Air Force special research program, cancelled.
HEAVY PLAYA program used for a special airlift mission, cancelled.
HEAVY RAILAn Air Force special air mission, cancelled.
HEAVY REDA message designator for planning projects, cancelled.
HEAVY SANDA special world-wide Air Force support system.
HEAVY SEESAWA special air warfare study group, cancelled.
HEAVY SILVERAn Air Force program "Annex Z."
HEAVY SKATEA program for selected air Force officers, cancelled.
HEAVY SMOKE ISpecial operations support program.
HEAVY SPARTANA USAF specialized planning operation, cancelled.
HEAVY STANDUSAF Air police personnel assigned to Pacific Air Force.
HEAVY STARAn Air Force mission development, cancelled.
HEAVY STONEA special planning and operations assignment program.
HEAVY TIGERA USAF technical project located in the PACOM area, cancelled.
HEAVY TOWNAssignment of aircraft, cancelled.
HEAVY TRADEA research study on the political, economic, sociological development of East Asian countries.
HEAVY TRAFFICHeadquarters USAF operations plan for airlift and resupply operations.
HEAVY TRYSTA consolidation of support activities, cancelled.
HEAVY WAGONLow level training routes in the U.S., cancelled.
HEAVY WARRIORA special technical evaluation and support project.
HEAVY WHITEAcquisition of maps, cancelled.
HIGH BOYCode name of U-2 aircraft used in the Navy's Aerospace Ocean Surveillance Program, an R&D effort aimed at advanced development of aircraft and spaceborne sensor systems to keep track of enemy movements on the sea surface, cancelled.
HIGH CARDAnother name for the air-to-air Genie missile.
HIGH GEARAn acoustic sensor developed for the IGLOO WHITE program.
HIGH HEELSDOD periodic exercises to check responsiveness of worldwide communications system and reporting procedures under conditions that would exist should there be a major enemy attack.
HIGH HIGHSTARManaged by SAMSO (Space & Missile Systems Organization), the program is aimed at the development of infrared detectors with high detectivity. Application is believed to be to the Midcourse Surveillance System satellite.
HIP POCKETA Navy program to employ off-the-shelf equipment to improve ship defense against missile threats. The Navy is provided the equipment to see how it works, and to test its reliability at a very early stage. The system also aids industry in testing preliminary equipment.
HOLY STONEA highly classified underwater surveillance program. Submarines are equipped to gather a wide variety of electronic, communications and radar intelligence, including monitoring Soviet nuclear submarine activities.
HOT CHOCOLATEA highly classified communications system. Consists of one shore station plus eight remote units (probably submarines), handled by the Office of Special Communications, out of Naval Electronic Systems Command.
HOT SHOTAn Air Force anti-nighttime infiltration weapon system.
HULA HOOPSystem employs infrared vidicon cameras aboard KC-135 aircraft to measure radiation from targets.
HUSKY ACEFY 1974 Department of Defense underground, nuclear weapons effects test.
HYBLA GOLDAir Force sensor project involving EG&G Inc., Albuquerque, NM.
IGLOO BOMB LIFTAn Air Force program within its armament and ordnance development system.
IGLOO WHITEUse of air-dropped sonobuoys over land infiltration routes to detect enemy troop movements. Signals produced are processed by Air Force EC-121 aircraft. Other names used for this activity included PRACTICE NINE, DOUBLE EAGLE, DUEL BLADE. Administered by DCPG (Defense Communications Planning Group) and part of the overall Automated Battlefield.
IRON BIRDA flight control simulator for the F-4 aircraft.
IRON HANDAir Force code name applied to all electronic countermeasures (ECM) equipment introduced aboard U.S. aircraft during the Southeast Asia conflict to meet the threat posed by Soviet-built Surface-to-Air Missiles (SAM) used in North Vietnam. Also involved firing Shrike anti-radiation missiles at launching complexes.
IVORY COASTA joint service task group sent to North Vietnam in November 1970 in an attempt to free U.S. POWs held in a prison compound.
IVORY CORALThe Army Missile Command negotiated with Battelle Memorial Institute for analysis of this classified system.
IVORY TREEA DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) program of exploratory development research (once called AGILE) in tactical and limited warfare equipments.
IVY GREENNavy telemetry receiver manufactured by F&M Systems.
IVY OWLA study conducted by Rome Air Development Center on the oxidation and release of metal vapors.
JACK FROST IJoint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) directed and coordinated exercise in Alaska, to test and evaluate command procedures.
JAZZ ROCKJOINT SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM/REGION OPERATIONS CONTROL CENTER; A USAF plan to make joint use of Air Force and FAA radars for civil air traffic control and air defense needs. It would implement five regional control centers, including one in Alaska, to replace SAGE centers.
JUNGLE JAMMERAn electronic countermeasures system involving the Air Force Aeronautical Systems Division.
KEE BIRDAn Army ski-mounted vehicle, propeller driven for arctic use.
KILLER KATAn Air Force program involving Raytheon.
LA FAIRE VITEAn electronic warfare console built by Harris for the Army Security Agency and deployed in the Harz Mountains, West Germany. The system uses digitally modulated microwave radios to beam intelligence information to the central LFV control center in Wurmburg. (See LE FAIRE VITE.)
LAFFING EAGLEV-SCAN direction finding system installed by Army aboard RU-21 aircraft.
LAFINE WINE IIArmy Electronics Materiel Readiness Activity project involving IBM; computer communications software for Augsburg.
LARGE EDDYNASA project under Ames Research Center.
LARGE RICHARDA 14-inch air-to-ground rocket that never got into production.
LASER TRAINArmy M-16 training system involving laser beams and television. A four-ounce gallium arsenide transmitter on an MILAI rifle replica fires a harmless beam of light at a target console which resembles a television set; a TV camera inside the target relays the position of the "hit." Firing can be accomplished from standing, kneeling or prone positions.
LAZY DOGAn air-to-ground anti-personnel rocket used by the Air Force in early stages of the Vietnam war.
LE FAIRE VITEClassified ground-based eavesdropping system, built by Harris Electronic Systems (Melbourne, FL) for the Army Security Agency to deploy along the Iron Curtain in West Germany and to monitor communications and radar in real time. (See also LA FAIRE VITE.)
LE FOX GREENClassified communications system of the Army Security Agency which uses the AN/FSQ-88 (V1) computer system, involving GTE Sylvania (Mountain View, CA). RFTPs for documentation of the government-owned software used in this system were requested by the Army Electronics Materiel Readiness Activity, Vint Hill Farms Station, VA. (See also LE FOX PURPLE.)
LE FOX GREYVHF/UHF communication intercept system. The Army will use the system on the RU-( ) reconnaissance aircraft.
LE FOX PURPLEClassified communications system of the Army Security Agency which uses the AN/FSQ-88 (V2) computer system. RFTPs for documentation of the government-owned software used in this system were requested by the Army Electronics Materiel Readiness Activity, Vint Hill Farms Station, VA. (See also LE FOX GREEN.)
LEAP FROGAn Air Force test of helicopter communications via satellite to extend the range of transmission.
LEFAIR FOXThe Army Tank-Automotive Command issued a contract to Millers Trailers in FY74 for rework, repair and modification of the XM703 tank for the LEFAIR FOX system. Included in the contract were three M313 semi-trailers. No other details concerning the system are known.
LEFIRM ARMORA highly classified Army program relating to an intelligence project.
LEFT FOOTAn improved airborne communications intelligence collection and direction finding system configured in an RU-21 Army aircraft.
LEFUR LOSTArmy Electronics Command program to procure downed airmen radios.
LIGHTNING BUGOriginal code name for the first operational Air Force RPVs.
LINEAR CHAIRA classified project within the Fleet Ballistic Missile (FBM) program. A Naval Ship R&D Center project involving Dynatrend, Inc.
LINEAR CHANCEPart of the Navy's program to use porpoises to hunt for and mark or neutralize bottom mines.
LINEAR CHEKA countermeasures program within the Navy's Advanced Marine Biological Systems, initiated in FY75 and thought to involve marine mammals.
LINEAR HOSEA classified Surface Electronic Warfare project.
LINEAR LOGA Naval program directed toward a swimmer support system using dolphins.
LINEAR SHARKClassified Navy program.
LINEAR SWEEPA mine hunting and neutralization program in which porpoises are used to locate bottom mines.
LINEAR TANKClassified Navy program.
LINEAR UNICORNClassified Navy program.
LINEAR UNICORNClassified Navy program.
LISA ANNNow known as COBRA MIST, the Air Force 441L (AN/FPS-95) Over-the-Horizon back-scatter radar portion of the 400L Over-the-Horizon Radar (OTHR) system. Development is being conducted by RCA for the advanced high frequency system to detect missile launches at long range.
LITTLE "R"An Army program involving flight tests of a mini-RPV built by Lockheed for battlefield reconnaissance and target acquisition/designation; also known as AQUILA. Lockheed is currently under contract for 30 RPVs, 4 ground stations and 25 sensor packages.
LITTLE SAMA version of the SLAM missile system which would operate from destroyer escorts or smaller vessels.
LITTLE SCOUTA follow-on to the AQUILA program, LITTLE SCOUT is designed to fulfill an Army requirement for an unmanned aerial surveillance, target acquisition, and laser designation system.
LOCKER BOXA threat assessment analysis study conducted by GTE Sylvania for the Marines.
LOG LIFT IOperation conducted in 1970 which evaluated off-shore discharge of container ships.
LOG LIFT II30-day airhead clearance operation to evaluate the Army's medium lift helicopter capability for sustained operation. The exercise also further evaluated Army air terminal equipment and personnel for compatibility with USAF systems.
LOG LIFT IIIAn Army operation to evaluate depot-to-user support of a division force.
LONESOME TIGERA program involving equipping old B-16 and newer OV-10 aircraft with night vision sensors as part of the Air Force's overall night vision programs. Renamed PAVE NAIL for the OV-10.
LONG DRINKThis operation involves tests to keep helicopters in the air for long periods through fueling constantly via an aluminum tube to the ground.
LONG KNIFEA target acquisition system as a follow-on to the Pave Knife Air Force pods. Ford Aerospace & Communications is the contractor.
LONG NEEDLEA project to improve the communications of 492L for which Collins Radio has done some work. The system employs fully automatic transmitter and receiver sites with voice and data transmission capabilities.
LOOK IMPROVEMENTAlso known as Big Look Improvement Program (BLIP), this is a Navy program involving improvement of equipment aboard EC-121 electronic warfare aircraft.
LOOKING GLASSThe Air Force's EC-135C airborne command post under the 465L Strategic Air Command Control System (SACCS) for transmission, collection, processing and displaying of data to assist SAC in command and control of forces. Employs the AN/ARC-89(V) airborne secure UHF multiplex communications system built by ECI and interrelated with the Post Attack Command and Control System (PACCS).
LOOP BOMBNavy project under the Naval Air Systems Command.
LOYAL WAYA test and evaluation of command and control techniques by the USAF Air University, cancelled.
MAD BOMBERAn Army weapons system used on helicopters that dumps mortar shells and fragmentation bombs on enemy positions by tilting a trough.
MAD DASHA signal collection effort and data link study by Naval Air Systems Command, involving Engineering Research Associates (Arlington, VA).
MAGNUS ROTORA basic research project sponsored by the Army Research Office (Durham, NC).
MAIN EVENTA joint Army, Navy, Air Force test to determine by simulation the effects of nuclear blast on weapons, materials, ground shock and buildings.
MARCH HARETraining and logistics portions of Iran's Ibex ground-based electronic intelligence system.
MARKET TIMEA sea surveillance program to prevent infiltration in Southeast Asia from the South China Sea.
MAROON SHIELDAn RCA/NSA intelligence data network, once called "Drawstring". Some data would be relayed via satellite, but regular ground terminals and the Defense Satellite Communication System network would also be used.
MAROON SPURA highly classified Army electronics program. Harris (Melbourne, FL) received a $3 million FY76 contract.
MIDDLE GUSTAn Air Force test conducted at Crowley, CO involving a simulated nuclear overblast of a Minuteman silo.
MILL RACEHigh-explosive test simulating the airblast effects from a one-kiloton nuclear surface blast.
MILL RACEA Defense Nuclear Agency test. It will subject the Multiple Launch Rocket System, the M-1 tank and the Patriot and Pershing missiles to an airblast simulating a one-kiloton nuclear explosion.
MILL RUNA Defense Supply Agency program set up to stockpile TTL (transistor-transistor logic) circuits for future military and other government programs.
MINE THROWA series of tests conducted by the Defense Nuclear Agency using small conventional charges to simulate the blast effects of nuclear weapons.
MINERS IRONA Defense Nuclear Agency underground test which was scheduled for March 1980, with experiments on hardened structures and command, control and communications components to be fielded in this test.
MING BLADEFY 1974 Department of Defense underground, nuclear weapons effects test.
MINUTE STEAKA series of classified nuclear tests conducted by the Army.
MISERS BLUFFDefense Nuclear Agency tests to determine the near simultaneous blast effects on the MX buried trench and multiple aim point basing concepts.
MISS NANCYFY 1973 Department of Defense underground nuclear weapons effects test.
MISSILE MASTERThe AN/FSG-1 semi-automatic command and control system used on the Army's Hercules air defense missile.
MISSILE MENTORThe Army's AN/TSQ-51 air defense fire control system that replaced the AN/GSG-2 MISSILE MASTER to computer-direct and coordinate Nike Hercules and Hawk surface-to-air missile batteries.
MISSILE MINDERThe AN/TSQ-73 missile fire control system. It will be used for the Hawk, Nike Hercules, Patriot and Safeguard missile systems.
MISSILE MONITORThe AN/MSG-4 mobile fire directional system for the Army's Nike Hercules air defense system. Used at CONUS stations, and as part of the Army's 412L and MTDS (Marine Tactical Data System) programs.
MISTY NORTHA research and development program for which Perkin-Elmer (South Wilton, CT), and Lockheed received awards from Space and Missile Systems Organization and Defense Nuclear Agency.
MOON BOUNCEA Navy ship-to-shore communication system utilizing a moon relay.
MUSCLE SHOALSOne of the original "automated battlefield" concepts used in Southeast Asia. The tri-service effort relied on combined ground and air activity, sensors and emplaced anti-personnel weapons to detect and combat enemy infiltration. (See Igloo White).
MUSCLE TRUNKAn Army Electronics Command in support of the DSCS II upgrade.
MUSKETEER GWENA Naval Air Development Center program, involving Westinghouse and Scope Electronics.
MYSTIC LINKA secure, jam resistant Digital Information Distribution System for use in a tactical combat environment (Air Force).
MYSTIC MISSIONAn exercise by 30 US companies to demonstrate to NATO representatives the troop detection and Loran position fixing equipment that was being used in Southeast Asia.
MYSTIC STARAn Air Force high frequency air/ground communications system at various U.S. and overseas locations.
NIGHT LIFEAn Army Missile Command/DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) project for the use of lasers, also known as DANCING DOLLS.
NIGHT OWLUSAF Avionics Laboratory program to develop an infrared imaging seeker for use on air-to-surface missiles at night. Hughes Aircraft performed R&D in the program.
NIGHT SUNAn Army searchlight.
NIGHT TRAINJoint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) directed and coordinated exercise.
NIGHT VISIONThe system provides Naval and Air Force aircraft with night-time interdiction and detection capability.
NIGHT WATCHLTV modifications to five EC-135s to equip them with electronic surveillance systems and computers for on-board processing and real-time relay to command headquarters. Part of the Air Force SHEDLIGHT program.
NILE BLUEA DARPA project which relates to nuclear monitoring for climate modification research. Research done under the program involves the effects of large scale climate modifications as a military weapon. It also involves research to counter potentially harmful climate changes.
NIMBUS MOONAn ordnance disposal training program conducted in the Suez Canal to train Egyptian personnel as part of an agreement between the U.S. and the Egyptians.
NIMBUS MOON LANDA group of Army personnel training Egyptian troops in land mine removal around the Suez Canal.
NIMBUS MOON SEAWATERA group of Army personnel training Egyptian divers in the removal of mines from the Suez Canal.
NIMBUS STARA minesweeping training operation conducted in the Suez Canal. Sikorsky RH-53D Stallion helicopters towed acoustic devices and magnetic sleds to train Egyptian personnel in minesweeping techniques.
NIMBUS STREAMA minefield detection sweep off the Egyptian cities of Port Said and Damietta.
NITE GAZELLEExperimental program by the Navy to modify QH-50D helicopter drones (see DASH) for night surveillance missions. The program followed the earlier NITE PANTHER effort which was cancelled by DOD in 1969. Under NITE GAZELLE, the drones received a longer rotor blade and M5 40 mm grenade launcher turrets.
NORDIC PASSA JCS (Joint Chiefs of Staff) exercise.
NORTHERN MERGERA NATO exercise involving nine countries that took place in 1974.
NORTHERN WEDDINGNATO maritime exercise involving more than 180 ships and aircraft of eight countries.
NYMPH VOICEAlso referred to as NYVO, this is an advanced development program sponsored by the Naval Air Systems Command with work performed by Magnavox, and believed to be an acoustic countermeasure device.
OLD BOURBONA test aircraft and the flight plan in support of a Strategic Air Command operational test and evaluation program.
OLD DIPPERA photographic target selection program.
OLD FOXMinuteman G flight tests.
OLD GRINDPhotography of Strategic Air Command bases.
OLD HEADA graphic weather reconnaissance program in the Southeast United States.
OLD METHODA Strategic Air Command operational test and evaluation of the ADR-8A chaff rocket.
OLD ROVER IIAn early AGM-28B Hound Dog missile test.
OLD TOWNA photographic exploitation and processing program.
OLIVE FARMA U-2 contingency operation.
OLYMPIC ARENA IIIStrategic Air Command missile competition of all nine operational missile units.
OLYMPIC EVENTA Minuteman III nuclear operational systems test.
OLYMPIC PLAYA Strategic Air Command missiles and operational ground equipment program for EWO missions.
OLYMPIC SHOTThe launch of PACCS aircraft in no notice emergency situations.
OLYMPIC TRIALSA program to represent a series of launches having common objectives.
OPPORTUNE JOURNEYJoint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) directed and coordinated exercise.
ORBIS CALA Navy satellite.
OUTLAW HAWKA Naval Air Development Center program related to ocean surveillance.
OUTLAW SHARKAn over-the-horizon radar surveillance program conducted by the Naval Electronic Systems Command. The system lets a shore-based command seek data by satellite to a submarine running just below the surface so it can target enemy vessels with cruise missiles. Lockheed Missiles & Space (Sunnyvale, CA) is supplying the tactical display system.
OUTPOST SEASCANA Navy program in which waves, currents, eddy systems and similar phenomena in the northern hemisphere are studied.
OWL TEAMAn Army Combat Developments Experimentation Command project involving a Clear-Night Defense system for attack helicopters.
PACER ACEA landing gear analytical condition inspection program.
PACER ACORNThe transfer of UH-1 and CH-47 helicopters to support the Royal Vietnamese Navy.
PACER AIRA program to expedite delivery and installation of the XM-93 system.
PACER ALASKAAnnual logistics support to Dew Line sites.
PACER AMBERAir Force Logistics Command support of the HH-53 helicopter program, cancelled.
PACER ANGLERA Strategic Air Command KC-135A conversion program.
PACER APPLEIdentification of shipments of ground electronic equipment and repairable items.
PACER ASHA resupply program for destroyed assets.
PACER AXESupport of a prototype aircraft.
PACER BARGAINMovement of the 3097 AVN squadron to Barksdale AFB, cancelled.
PACER BARONThe conversion of C-7A aircraft, cancelled.
PACER BASINAnnual logistics support of the Dew Line sites.
PACER BASSMovement of non-DOD cargo.
PACER BATONAir Force Logistics Command support of TACAMO program.
PACER BEAVERMulti-service support of the AUTOSEVOCOM program.
PACER BELLAn excess inventory reduction program.
PACER BENCHA technical control link for performance assessment.
PACER BENDA camera modification for the RF-5, cancelled.
PACER BITSA depot maintenance material project, cancelled.
PACER BLAZEReplacement of A-37B aerospace ground equipment, cancelled.
PACER BLINKConversion of HH-3E aircraft.
PACER BLOOMA Boeing-built prototype modification kit for improving high-density B-52 bomb preloading facilities. The kit would replace the MJ-1 bomb lift now in use within B-52 preload facilities.
PACER BOATUSAF T58-T64 engine overhaul performed by the US Navy.
PACER BOXAn Air Force requirement program for crash and battle damaged aircraft.
PACER BRACELanding gear side brace rework for C/EC/KC/RC/WC-135 aircraft, cancelled.
PACER BRANCHA SMAMA prime radar equipment support requirement for an Iranian program.
PACER BRASSIdentification of the movement of C-141 landing gear.
PACER BRIGHTIdentification of F-4 assets.
PACER BROWNF-100 aircraft aerospace support equipment returned from Europe for the Air National Guard, cancelled.
PACER BURNA project (No. 982) with the Royal Vietnamese Navy, cancelled.
PACER BURSTResupply of the Vietnam Air Force, cancelled.
PACER BYTEImplementation of an ALS task force.
PACER CACTUSDelivery of remaining T-53 tooling, cancelled.
PACER CAPA special holding account for AFSATCOM aerospace ground equipment.
PACER CARRYControl vehicle for a Vietnamese project, cancelled.
PACER CASTLEStrategic Air Command KC-135 redeployment.
PACER CEDARFord Aerospace & Communications (Palo Alto, CA), performed engineering and other technical services for the Air Force under this nickname. The effort may involve survivable communications. (See PROGRAM 487L and PROGRAM 487M).
PACER CENTURYThe F100-PW-100 engine led the force program for the F-15 aircraft.
PACER CHALLENGEA middle management orientation program.
PACER CHANGEAn electronic assessment control center transfer program, cancelled.
PACER CHASELogistics support of F-ill aircraft.
PACER CHECKSupply support for FAA KC-135 aircraft.
PACER CLAMManagement of F-15 operational aerospace ground equipment.
PACER CLASPAn Air Force Security Service NORS requisition program.
PACER CLAYA TF41A1 engine update program, cancelled.
PACER COINSupport of the C-123 aircraft.
PACER COLORSupport of the 439L and 484N integrated joint communications systems in the Pacific.
PACER COMETA computerized and automated jet engine testing system. Contract for operational phase of software service support awarded by Air Force to Control Data, San Antonio, TX.
PACER CONESupport of F-111 aircraft units.
PACER COOLA-7D aircraft test station support programs.
PACER CORDAGM-86A aerospace ground equipment acquisition.
PACER COUNTERConversion of EB-57 aircraft for ADC to the Air National Guard.
PACER COVEThe AN/APX-72 mode 4 (MARK XII IFF) board modification program.
PACER COVERThe J57 engine compressor replacement program, cancelled.
PACER CRAFTIranian support of special air mission aircraft.
PACER CROWNAn Air Force Logistics program involving kits and indicators, cancelled.
PACER DARTF-106 reassignments, cancelled.
PACER DASHF-111 test station support.
PACER DECANTAccountability items transferred and provided to the Vietnam AF, cancelled.
PACER DECKSupport of T-29 aircraft on loan to the Navy.
PACER DELTAF-106 reassignments, cancelled.
PACER DEWAnnual logistics support of Dew Line sites.
PACER DIAMONDShipment of T-28 aircraft and support for Southeast Asia, cancelled.
PACER DIMA defense integrated materials management of consumable items program.
PACER DIME IReceiving shipment and issue of documents on materiel in support of DMISA.
PACER DOLLRotor blade facility contract program.
PACER DOORA support program for C-5 aircraft.
PACER DRONERouting of high priority material for Tactical Air Command and Strategic Air Command drone programs.
PACER DROPShipment of selected ammunition (project 981), cancelled.
PACER DUSKContinual support of selected USAF bases in Thailand.
PACER EASYSupport of aircraft at Castle AFB.
PACER EDGESupport of a C-5A program.
PACER EIGHTIESRelocation and upgrade of equipment in the engine shops at Tinker AFB, OK.
PACER ELFSupport of rapid area maintenance teams in Southeast Asia, cancelled.
PACER ENERGYTraffic program concerning the energy crisis throughout the Air Force Logistics Command.
PACER EXPANDSupport to the A-7D aircraft and TF41-A-1 engine validation program.
PACER FACESupport activation of the 59 TFS at Eglin AFB, FL.
PACER FANCYSupport of the F-4C training aircraft.
PACER FARMRedeployment of A-7 aircraft.
PACER FAWNSupply support program for F-5Bs at Williams AFB.
PACER FENCEA retrograde of helicopters and material, cancelled.
PACER FIELDControl of munitions test samples.
PACER FINALEVietnam Air Force precision measuring equipment lab actions.
PACER FINDERA jet engine analytical evaluation program.
PACER FLANGEMovement of F/FB-111 landing gear components.
PACER FLAPTransfer of aircraft to the Royal Vietnamese Navy, cancelled.
PACER FLASH-A study of long range computer software support to weapon system computers.
PACER FLEXSelected war consumable items prestocked by Air Force Logistics Command.
PACER FOAMUse of foamed-in-place polyurethane foam in packaging.
PACER FORESTAn Air National Guard requirement to activation program, cancelled.
PACER FORTMovement of J79-17 engine workload.
PACER FOXAir Force Logistics Command program concerning a corrosion facility, cancelled.
PACER FRONTA support agreement with the US Navy.
PACER FRONTMaterial in support of VIP fleet.
PACER FUELAir National Guard unit conversion of C-97 to KC-97L aircraft, cancelled.
PACER GABLESupport of Air National Guard units from C-119 to C-130 aircraft.
PACER GALAXYSupport of Minuteman force modification program.
PACER GALLEYReturn of B-52G aircraft from Anderson AFB to the US, cancelled.
PACER GARDENInitial support of a tri-service National Security Agency program.
PACER GARNETNC-130P aircraft spares support at Korat.
PACER GEMF-111 production surplus material program, cancelled.
PACER GENTLEAir Force Air Logistics Command jet engine overhaul capability.
PACER GERMANEC-9A aircraft deployment to USAF Europe.
PACER GLIDESupply support of the UH-1D to Bergstrom AFB, cancelled.
PACER GLORYAn EF-111A support program.
PACER GOOSEThe annual job of resupplying Thule AB.
PACER GRADEAir Force program for rehabilitation of J57 and TF33 engines.
PACER GRAINAn electronic compatibility and measurement program.
PACER GRANDReplacement of C-130 aerospace ground equipment.
PACER GRANITEUpdate engineering change proposals to the ALQ-119 ECM pods.
PACER GREATEquipment program for C-130 aircraft.
PACER GROUNDConversion kits and materials for the F-4E advanced Wild Weasel program.
PACER GUMRequisition and shipment of aerospace ground equipment to Homestead AFB, FL, cancelled.
PACER HARMONYAn FAA joint surveillance system, Program 968H.
PACER HAULMilitary Airlift Command forward supply support.
PACER HEATSupport of F-106 aircraft, cancelled.
PACER HILLF-4C support.
PACER HORNSupport for the AN/UCC-4(V) multiplex equipment.
PACER ICEAGM-69A (SRAM) equipment and material support.
PACER INKImplementation of a data system in support of B-1 aircraft RDT&E.
PACER ISLANDAircraft conversion of the HC-130.
PACER IVORYSupport of the Royal Thai Air Force AU-23A aircraft system.
PACER IVYReturn supplies from Southeast Asia, cancelled.
PACER JADEShipment of T-38 aircraft and related support for Southeast Asia.
PACER JASPERShipment of T-38 aircraft and related support for Southeast Asia, cancelled.
PACER JAZZAn update of the J33-A-35 engine for the T-33A aircraft, cancelled.
PACER JIGDelivery of certain UH-1H items, Project 982, cancelled.
PACER JINGLEA class IV modification to install ground proximity warning systems.
PACER JOINProcurement of selected vehicles and support, cancelled.
PACER JOLLYOverseas overhaul of R3350-26WD engines, cancelled.
PACER JOURNEYA modification study on C-135 aircraft.
PACER JOYC-119G and RC-47 aircraft modification and support, cancelled.
PACER KANGAROOSupport for the Royal Australian Air Force F-111C program, cancelled.
PACER KEYA-7D initial spares requirements program, cancelled.
PACER KNACKA follow-on support program, cancelled.
PACER KNACK IA follow-on support program.
PACER KNIGHTRelocation of T-38 aircraft and support equipment, cancelled.
PACER LACEConversion of F-105 aircraft from Tactical Air Command and Air National Guard to AFRES, cancelled.
PACER LADLESupport of conversions to the C-130 aircraft.
PACER LAKEControl of equipment at a Vietnam Air Force Air Logistics Command Depot.
PACER LAMPIdentify documents and material shipments for build-up of the Aerospace Defense Command.
PACER LANELogistic support using the organization on an aircraft within the BIG SAFARI program.
PACER LATCHProtection of government funds.
PACER LAUNCHSupport of the CH-47A for the Vietnam Air Force, cancelled.
PACER LEADERA lead the force program to identify potential MAT failures, cancelled.
PACER LEVERAerospace ground equipment support of the AC-130.
PACER LIFEA program to expedite production delivery and installation of a combat system.
PACER LILACSupport of A-7 aircraft, cancelled.
PACER LILYSupply support of Strategic Air Command forces in the Pacific area, cancelled.
PACER LIMEA corrosion severity classification project.
PACER LIMITMateriel shipped to Vietnam, cancelled.
PACER LINESupport of F-5E aircraft.
PACER LINESupport of repair and overhaul facility, cancelled.
PACER LINNAir Force Logistics Command support of trans-Asia generator maintenance contracts, cancelled.
PACER LINTELSupport of a Maverick missile depot.
PACER LITTLESupport conversion of AFRES helicopter units.
PACER LONGSupport class V modification of the HH-53C helicopter.
PACER LOOKSupport of the F/TF-102 modification for the Iranian program, cancelled.
PACER LOOPA special contingency stockpile program.
PACER LOWA program involving KC-135A aircraft.
PACER LYRICConversion of USAF A-37B aircraft to MAP A-37B aircraft, cancelled.
PACER MACKAnnual logistics support of Dew Line sites.
PACER MAGICSupport to the AN/GSQ-170(V) satellite tracking set in the 496L program.
PACER MAPLEA depot plant modernization program.
PACER MARBLESupport of AC-130H aircraft.
PACER MARTINRequisition of common hardware for F/TF-104 aircraft at Luke AFB, cancelled.
PACER MASTA follow-on logistic support program, cancelled.
PACER MEADOWSupport to the AN/ALQ-119 ECM pod.
PACER MEDALSupport of C-7 aircraft.
PACER MELBASupport of C-130E Pathfinder aircraft on loan to Pacific Air Force.
PACER MELONShipment of F-5As and related support for Southeast Asia, cancelled.
PACER MEMORYAssistance to the Vietnam Air Force supply accounts, cancelled.
PACER MERRYSupport of the AN/ASN-63 inertial navigation system.
PACER METALSupport of A-7D aircraft, cancelled.
PACER MILESpecial subsistence reserves authorized by Headquarters USAF.
PACER MILLContractor requisition to replace government furnished items rejected by the contractor.
PACER MINTControl of Aerospace Ground Equipment for activation of AFRES C-130 squadrons.
PACER MOONA program to procure and store selected CEM strategic equipment.
PACER MOSSWholesale interservice supply support agreements.
PACER MOUNTAINControl of items for the Vietnam Air Force joint venture contracts.
PACER MURALAircraft storage contract, cancelled.
PACER MUSICFlight test of aircraft, cancelled.
PACER NEONControl of Vietnam Air Force critical equipment.
PACER NETOverhaul capability to repair TP3D-0100 engines, cancelled.
PACER NOONAcquisition of 780 equipment for Air National Guard CL-130 aircraft.
PACER OBOEOverseas overhaul of R-4360 engines.
PACER OPALRedeployment of Southeast Asia personnel and materiel, cancelled.
PACER OPENA study of nuclear weapons storage and maintenance.
PACER ORANGEAn aircraft engine overhaul program.
PACER OWLA program for productivity improvement in the Air Force Logistics Command.
PACER PACKF/FB-111 aerospace ground equipment support.
PACER PACKAGEC-9A deployment to Pacific Air Force.
PACER PAILTransfer of aircraft and shipments related support for Southeast Asia, cancelled.
PACER PAINIdentification of commercial vehicle parts requisitioned by the Vietnam Air Force.
PACER PAIRConversion of F-106 aircraft from USAF for the Air National Guard.
PACER PALACESupport for airborne Quick Reaction Capability (QRC) programs.
PACER PALMDelivery of STOL aircraft and support, cancelled.
PACER PANF-106 conversion for the Air National Guard.
PACER PANDARequisition, shipment and identification of initial Aerospace Ground Equipment support for the F-4, cancelled.
PACER PANTHERRequisition, shipment and identification of initial Aerospace Ground Equipment support for A-7D aircraft.
PACER PAPERConservation of paper and printing funds.
PACER PARKAn Air Force Logistics Command direct shipment support of GEEIA/CESAC.
PACER PARTYElectronic data processing maintenance program, cancelled.
PACER PATHThe J57-59 engine overhaul update program, cancelled.
PACER PAYF-106 conversion for the Air National Guard, cancelled.
PACER PEACHSupport of A-10 aircraft, cancelled.
PACER PEELSupport to the A-7D/AGM-65A programs, cancelled.
PACER PERFECTConversion of F-106 aircraft from USAF to the Air National Guard.
PACER PERIDOTECM and infrared countermeasures support for Southeast Asia.
PACER PIKETF3C-P100 engine update, cancelled.
PACER PILLARSupport of T-37B aircraft at Peterson Field, CO.
PACER PINEAnnual resupply Gap Filler Pine Tree ACW sites in the Northeast area.
PACER PIPEMovement of material from Kwajalein Island.
PACER PIPERA follow-on logistic support program, cancelled.
PACER PIPER IA follow-on logistic support program.
PACER PIXRepair of WS-430B system shelters, cancelled.
PACER PLANKSupport of B-52D structural modification.
PACER PLATESupport of Vietnam Air Force electroplating facility, cancelled.
PACER PLAYShipment of AU-23s and related support for Southeast Asia, cancelled.
PACER POINTA maintenance accuracy test and repair on condition program.
PACER POLEA review of items in Federal Supply Systems.
PACER PONDCalibrate and repair and return transactions.
PACER POSTCalibrate and repair and return transactions.
PACER POWERSupport of an engine repair facility, cancelled.
PACER PRETTYTransfer of Pacific Air Force aircraft and associated support to the Vietnamese Air Force.
PACER PRIMEAvionics support for the F/FB-111 aircraft.
PACER PRINTIdentification and markings of engines, spares and aerospace ground equipment returned to Nigeria, cancelled.
PACER PRIZESupport of Aerospace Ground Equipment for F-100 engines in F-15 aircraft.
PACER PROOfficer career monitoring.
PACER PUPSupport of C-5 program depot maintenance update program.
PACER PUSHSupport of C-5 and C-141 airlift program, cancelled.
PACER QUAILShipments of spares and aerospace ground equipment of the C-7A aircraft for an Air National Guard unit.
PACER QUESTRelocate T-38 aircraft support equipment for Thunderbird PGM.
PACER QUICKPreparation and movement of selected aircraft and associated materiel to the Vietnam Air Force.
PACER RAKE IIAn analysis of the J-57 afterburner engine.
PACER RAYA follow-on support of a tri-service National Security Agency program.
PACER READYLogistics support of F-111 aircraft.
PACER REAMInspection and rework program for the B-52D/F fleet, cancelled.
PACER REELAir Force reserve C-123K aircraft conversion.
PACER REPAIRIdentify movement of landing gear subassemblies.
PACER RILLC-130E aerospace Ground Equipment spares and engines.
PACER RINGSupport of the F-4 aircraft.
PACER ROADRequisitioning shipment and identification of materiel for 43 TFS, cancelled.
PACER ROBINRepair of all MS-430B facilities.
PACER ROCKSupport of F-4C aircraft, cancelled.
PACER ROLLARU-11A indicator swap-out program, cancelled.
PACER ROOTShipment of A-is and related support for Southeast Asia, cancelled.
PACER ROWSupport for Ground Quick Reaction Capability (QRC) programs, cancelled.
PACER ROYALSupport of aircraft conversion.
PACER RUSHIdentification and movement of a peculiar (LH coded) C-5 repairable item.
PACER SABREInvestigation of engine stalls in the F-100 aircraft, cancelled.
PACER SAFARIModification of various aircraft by the Air Force Logistics Command.
PACER SAFEAn Air Force Logistics Command surveillance program (WS-133).
PACER SAGEQRC-514/AN/ALR-20 maintenance deficiencies modification.
PACER SCARFSupport expansion of Vietnam maintenance facility.
PACER SCHEMESupport of an Air Force Logistics Command oversea activities program.
PACER SCRAMBLEA premium support program, cancelled.
PACER SHARPProject to reduce reports and automatic data processing products.
PACER SHELLCalibration, repair and return transactions.
PACER SHINEOverhaul of GCA/MBL radar approach controls.
PACER SIGHTF-4E AN/ASG-26 lead computing optical sight system modification.
PACER SILVERDepot repair of German Air Force F-4F materiel.
PACER SINGAggregation of LAAS contract support material.
PACER SKYControl of non-destructive inspection equipment, cancelled.
PACER SLATSClass V F-4 modification program.
PACER SLIMSupport for the Vietnam Air Force instrument shop and material lab.
PACER SOARRequisition, shipment and storage for Vietnam Air Force ATLC.
PACER SOFTSupport of F-15 aircraft.
PACER SONNETA support action associated with airlift support for Cambodia.
PACER SPARET-53/T-55 engines and T-55 overhaul program, cancelled.
PACER SPEAKA program to provide forward air controllers assigned to Army units with mobile communications systems that are rugged, securable and interoperable with Army and Air Force communications systems.
PACER SPEEDB-52 field modification program.
PACER SPICEShipment of selected munition items.
PACER SPRINGIdentification of an Air Force requisition to other services.
PACER SPRUCEUpdate to all QRC-335V/ALQ-101 ECM pods and aerospace ground equipment.
PACER STEAMSupport of WB-66D aircraft bailed to Westinghouse Corp.
PACER STOCKA spares project, cancelled.
PACER STONEA support agreement (Z-AG-FO-7001-0) with the Army.
PACER STOP IIIdentify base requisition for PMEL.
PACER STOREA Vietnam Air Force logistics management support program.
PACER STRAWControl of items for Vietnam Air Force F-5A aircraft deployment.
PACER STREETIdentification and accounting for C-141 all weather landing system property, cancelled.
PACER STRETCHA C-141 landing gear swap out program.
PACER STRIKEIdentification of 407L equipment requisitions.
PACER STRONGLogistics support of the E-4A AABNCP system.
PACER SUMPMonitoring of 116 TRGP equipment and spares, cancelled.
PACER SWAP IIThe B-52 main landing gear program.
PACER SWIFTTransfer C-E-M sites (Project 982), cancelled.
PACER SWITCHCTL circuit breakers in the C-130 aircraft.
PACER SWORDMovement of the 135 series aircraft nose landing gear outer cylinder.
PACER TAPEReturn of repairables, cancelled.
PACER TEAA control material program.
PACER TENTAir National Guard B-57G aircraft conversion program.
PACER TESTEvaluate an updated overhauled J57 afterburner engine, cancelled.
PACER THINA support aircraft maintenance training program.
PACER THORNEA depot level maintenance airborne communication contract, cancelled.
PACER THREEReplace the compressors of J57 engines.
PACER THRUSTOverhaul and maintenance of sound suppressors.
PACER TONEReplace compressors of J57 engines.
PACER TOOLSupport of a repair and overhaul facility, cancelled.
PACER TOPAZSupport of CH-53 helicopters at NKP Thailand.
PACER TORCHEstablishment of technical repair centers.
PACER TOWNA battle damage warehouse, 7th Air Force, cancelled.
PACER TOYRF-4C aircraft conversion program for Air National Guard.
PACER TRACESupply support for the F-111 Aircraft.
PACER TRANSPLANTA J57-21 engine afterburner service test.
PACER TREESupport of C-7A aircraft, cancelled.
PACER TROPICThe ES-75 (XA-1) reconditioning program.
PACER TUGA wideband navigation aids communication system maintenance program.
PACER TUNEC-5/TF-39 support program, cancelled.
PACER TWEEDAir Traffic control and landing system evaluation program.
PACER TWIGAn interservice peculiar item support for Southeast Asia, cancelled.
PACER TWILLShipment of A-37Bs and related support for Southeast Asia, cancelled.
PACER VALLEYSupport for the TF41-A-1 engine in the A-7D aircraft program.
PACER VAULTAir National Guard T-29 Aerospace Ground Equipment support.
PACER VESTShipment of AC-119Ks and related support for Southeast Asia, cancelled.
PACER VIEWB-52G/H EVS modification program.
PACER VINEShipment of C-130As and related support for Southeast Asia.
PACER VIOLETControl of Aerospace Ground Equipment for activation of Air National Guard C-130 squadrons.
PACER VISTAAn Air Force Logistics Command program.
PACER VITALVehicles spares support in Southeast Asia and Pacific Air Force bases, cancelled.
PACER WADEThe AN/ALQ-117 ECM set system changes program.
PACER WALTZThe replacement of the AAU-19/A altimeter (Aeronomic), cancelled.
PACER WATCHSupport to BOMARC and SAGE sites in the CADIN and PINETREE programs.
PACER WAVEVarious aircraft reports, cancelled.
PACER WAXSupport of the AWACS RDT&E program.
PACER WEBF-15 aircraft repairable generators program.
PACER WHALEA C-5A test program, cancelled.
PACER WHEELSA vehicle repair equipment project, cancelled.
PACER WINGSSupport of AC-130 aircraft, cancelled.
PACER WINKF-105 fleet landing gear replacement program, cancelled.
PACER WISHSupport of an aircraft conversion at 165, 164, 137 MAGS and 146 TAG.
PACER WRENIdentification and control requisitions and shipments from GSA for Strategic Air Command aircraft, cancelled.
PACER YARNContract support program.
PACER ZINCShipment of spare engines for Southeast Asia, cancelled.
PACIFIC CONSORTAn air superiority and air defense exercise designed to provide US and Australian Air Force crews with experience in combined air defense techniques.
PACIFIC SEASPIDERThis deep-ocean, acoustic propagation RDT&E platform was implanted 20,000 feet below the Pacific as part of the Navy's effort to develop undersea surveillance systems. Reportedly, the program supported that service's "Caesar" undersea ASW (Anti-Submarine Warfare) classification and surveillance system.
PAGE GAMMAAdvanced development program involving air IFF (Identification Friend or Foe); details classified.
PAID REDOUBTA series of exercises for Air Force reserve forces that test notification and recall of units, mobilization procedures, and deployment/redeployment of units.
PALACE ABACUSOfficer career management team in the computer technology field.
PALACE ACTIONQuick Reaction team.
PALACE ADOfficer career management team in the administration field.
PALACE AIMRetraining of missile maintenance personnel.
PALACE ARMORRetraining program.
PALACE BADGEOfficer career management team in Security Police and OSI fields.
PALACE BLUEPRINTInitially, this program brought together the career-development monitors and the assignment officers in the Army in the civil-engineering career field. The concept has spread to other functional areas such as personnel, administration, and logistics.
PALACE BROADENAn officer career management team in non-career specialties.
PALACE CHASEA program for transferring volunteers to the Air National Guard and Air Force reserves.
PALACE CHOPPERAn officer career management team for helicopter pilots.
PALACE CLAWSClassification of airmen by weapons system.
PALACE COBRAA plan to enable major commands to judge for the coming pilot ratios.
PALACE COMMAn officer career management team in the communications and electronics fields.
PALACE CONTROLRetraining program to fill 274 X0 vacancies.
PALACE CRUSADEThe quality of U.S. advisors in the Royal Vietnamese Navy, cancelled.
PALACE CURTAINProcedures on base closure actions.
PALACE DIAMONDA plan for restructuring Air Force Reserves.
PALACE DOGA contingency TDY program.
PALACE DOLLARAn officer career management team in the comptroller fields.
PALACE DRAGONOne of the types of volunteer programs by which airmen who desired to get off their present base could volunteer for duty on an aircrew in Southeast Asia.
PALACE DUALA program to identify personnel quality in 2nd AFSC, cancelled.
PALACE EAGLEAn integrated avionics volunteer retraining program.
PALACE EGRESSA counseling and assignment program in support of Egress Recap program, cancelled.
PALACE FILLA reliability test of USAFR data base, cancelled.
PALACE FIRSTA plan for improving Air Force Systems Command project 100x0, cancelled.
PALACE FLICKSA super 8 film project for CBPOOS.
PALACE FLYAn Air Force Systems Command retraining program.
PALACE FOCUSA report program for top level management, cancelled.
PALACE FRONTA counsel separating active personnel in the Air National Guard and Reserves.
PALACE FURLOUGHA temporary rated release program.
PALACE FUSEThis provided immediate assignments to airmen stationed overseas whose tours were curtailed, or whose new assignments were not received within sixty days of scheduled return.
PALACE GUNOne of the types of volunteer programs by which airmen who desired to get off their base could volunteer for duty on an aircrew in Southeast Asia.
PALACE HOMECOMINGCareer counseling and reassignment of returned POWs.
PALACE INFOOfficer career management team in the information and band fields.
PALACE JUNCTIONA retirement modernization act.
PALACE KNIGHTRetraining of NCO supervisors and superintendents.
PALACE LAUNCHAPDS implementation and conversion program.
PALACE LIMEAirmen out of cycle and high priority manning projects.
PALACE LOGOfficer career management team in the logistics field.
PALACE MANOfficer career management team in the logistics field.
PALACE MANPOWEROfficer career management team in the missile commander, operations and maintenance fields.
PALACE MOVEA measurement of volunteer effectiveness, cancelled.
PALACE NAFAssignment of highly qualified Officers and Airmen to NAF activities.
PALACE OPTIONA program to bring selected Air Force ROTC officers on active duty for 90 days vs 4 years.
PALACE PANELProgram to solicit volunteers for retraining into the Air Force Systems Command.
PALACE PARManagement of the Social Actions program, cancelled.
PALACE PIXPhotographic coverage of all Air Force career areas by AAVS, cancelled.
PALACE PRECISIONPersonnel strength adjustments program, cancelled.
PALACE PRELUDEA personnel exercise in support of the High Heels exercises.
PALACE QUALITYA quality evaluation of personnel in the Air Force, cancelled.
PALACE READYPeriodic test of personnel mobilization procedures.
PALACE RELEASENotify and assist when a prisoner release occurs, cancelled.
PALACE RETIREMENTRetirement in lieu of PCS assignment action.
PALACE RINGA plan for restructuring Air Force Reserve Airmen.
PALACE SATCOMCareer retraining into Air Force Systems Command.
PALACE SCHOLAROfficer career management team in the instructor, educational, and training fields.
PALACE SCOPEA weapons director for space system management teams.
PALACE SECURITYA program to reduce security incidents within DCS, cancelled.
PALACE SENTINELOfficer career management team in the intelligence field.
PALACE SPARKSVolunteers for aircrew duty overseas, cancelled.
PALACE SPOTOfficer out of cycle manning for Southeast Asia, cancelled.
PALACE SPOTLIGHTMajor Command staff assignment program.
PALACE STEPA special training and enrichment program.
PALACE THRESHOLDAFEES visitation program.
PALACE VECTOROfficer career management team in the systems program management field.
PALACE VISTACareer development intercommand assignment program.
PALACE WEATHEROfficer career management team in the weather field.
PALACE WINGSOfficer career management teams as rated officers.
PALM SECUREA SIGINT (Signal Intelligence) project of the CIA to provide the Egyptian Government's SIGINT needs. Involves Ford Aerospace & Communications (Palo Alto, CA) and General Electric (Valley Forge, PA).
PANEL TOPA proposed manpower reduction program, cancelled.
PAPER ZIPMail movement during a postal service interruption.
PARKING LIGHTReportedly another designation for the RED MILL program, under which the Air Force carried out development of the forward scatter radar detection and surveillance systems that now make up that service's 440L over-the-Horizon Radar system (OTHR).
PASSIVE GLOVEAcurex received a contract for the system from NASA. No details available.
PATCH BIGA medical supply program-assemblages.
PATCH BUGGIEA medical supply program on biological warfare and chemical warfare defense agents.
PATCH COLLECTA medical supply program not otherwise identified.
PATCH FIXEDA medical supply fixed facility expansion program.
PATCH FLIGHTA medical supply aeromedical evacuation unit program.
PATCH NOISEA medical supply nuclear casualties program.
PATCH SAFESpecial handling of sensitive medical material cargo.
PATCH SMALLA medical supply air transportable clinic program.
PATCH STAGEA medical supply aeromedical staging units program.
PATCH TYPEA medical supply blood collection and processing program.
PATCH UPEmergency medical capabilities program.
PAVEA series of Air Force efforts concerned with the development of night avionics systems, laser target designators and related armament.
PAVE AEGISAn Air Force program to develop and deploy a 105 mm howitzer gun in a Lockheed AC-130 gunship, cancelled.
PAVE AIMSRefers to DOD directed AIMS program.
PAVE ALPHAA terminal guidance study sponsored by USAF, cancelled.
PAVE ARROWAn Air Force night vision program in which pod-housed sensors were attached to wings of F-100 aircraft. These sensors acquired laser illuminated targets and allowed the pilot to direct either conventional or Paveway bombs against them.
PAVE BANGA joint service test on preferred and alternate explosive fills.
PAVE BLIND BATA Korad laser illuminator and Xerox night vision device to permit AC-130 crews to designate targets up to 18,000 feet in darkness.
PAVE BOWNight avionics for Air Force 0-2 aircraft.
PAVE BOXA dispenser for the B-57 aircraft.
PAVE BRAZOFlight demonstration of anti-radiation missile air-to-air seeker; involves Hughes Aircraft.
PAVE BUCKETDefoliant tests conducted by USAF, cancelled.
PAVE BUFFBelieved to be a follow-on to the PAVE PHANTOM program which was designed to obtain ARN-92 equipments in a hurry for use in Southeast Asia. Both projects involved use of Loran C/D equipment for positioning aircraft for precision bombing. It was initiated in 1974 and configured in the B-52D aircraft, but was cancelled.
PAVE CLEARAn addition to the AN/FPS-27 radar, cancelled.
PAVE COINUSAF Aeronautical Systems Division program for test and evaluation of an off-the-shelf commercial aircraft capable of performing counter-insurgency (COIN) missions and possessing a STOL capability. Tests were made at Eglin AFB, FL, evaluating Fairchild Industries' Peacemaker (Turbo-Porter) and the Helio H-550A Stallion, cancelled.
PAVE CRICKETA classified Air Force mini-drone program.
PAVE CROWDevelopment, and application to specific aircraft, of detection and interdiction techniques to be used against ground vehicles, cancelled.
PAVE CUPSComputer updating program for SAC automated command & control systems.
PAVE DANCERAn advanced dispenser weapon program.
PAVE DELTAAn Air Force air-to-air missile warhead lethality program.
PAVE DEMONAdvanced cluster weapon concept.
PAVE DEUCEAn Air Force program to modify General Dynamics Convair F-102 interceptors and F-104 fighters into PQM-102 drones to provide realistic training targets for the McDonnell Douglas F-15. As many as 325 F-102s and F-104s may be involved.
PAVE DOTNight avionics for Air Force 0-2 aircraft.
PAVE EAGLEAn Air Force program under which Beech U-22 Bonanza aircraft were reconfigured into QU-22B electronic intelligence gathering drones. The system was never deployed. The program was cancelled.
PAVE FIREThis system is mounted on the F-4D aircraft.
PAVE GAMMAAn Air Force program concerned with development of a processor that searches for and analyzes modulation signals imposed on radar returns by aircraft engines. The dual mode recognition techniques are being tested in the F-15 APG-63 radar.
PAVE GATA sensor-slaved gun system used on various night attack aircraft by the Air Force, cancelled.
PAVE GULFA system of three radars being developed to scan the Gulf of Alaska area; an offshoot of the SEEK IGLOO program to aid the Alaska Air Command air defense and air traffic control, in protection the Gulf of Alaska area.
PAVE HAWKAn Air Force program aimed at applying night vision devices and systems such as low-light-level television (LLLTV) to drones.
PAVE IMPAn Air Force night vision program under which HH-53Cs were equipped with low-light-level television (LLLTV) cameras, providing the aircraft with the all-weather capability to rescue downed airmen. The program replaced the service's PAVE STAR program, cancelled.
PAVE JOYDesignation applied by the Air Force to the AGM-80A air-to-ground attack missile, cancelled.
PAVE KNIFEA night vision system used on Air Force F-4Ds. The system consists of a forward-looking infrared sensor that acquires targets at night, and a laser designator that illuminates targets for guided weapons or visual attack. It is being replaced by PAVE SPIKE. Also involved Navy contracts with Ford Aerospace & Communications (Newport Beach, CA).
PAVE LANCEAn advanced version of the Air Force PAVE KNIFE system, which enabled McDonnell Douglas F-4 aircraft to accurately pinpoint ground targets and deliver weapons in total darkness. The program was cancelled in favor of SCANA.
PAVE LAPA proximity fuze for hard bombs.
PAVE LIGHTDevelopment of a target designator by USAF.
PAVE LOWA joining Army/Air Force flight test program designed to investigate expansion of existing capabilities for night recovery of downed airmen. The Sikorsky HH-53 with a Norden radar system will be used.
PAVE MACEAn Air Force program aimed at developing techniques for destroying mobile ground targets from the air.
PAVE MINTAn Air Force program to incorporate the AN/ALQ-172 electronic countermeasures system into F-15 and B-52G aircraft.
PAVE MOONNickname applied to the training program for the Air Force PAVE GAT system.
PAVE MOVERAn Air Force program providing an all-weather capability for locating and destroying ground targets.
PAVE NAILAn Air Force program under which OV-10 observation aircraft were modified for service as night forward air control and strike designation aircraft.
PAVE NICKELA time-of-arrival/distance measuring system ultimately using drones or RPVs (Remotely Piloted Vehicles) as airborne platforms, relays and strike vehicles. The system will be used for radiating target location and strike, cancelled.
PAVE ONYXA time-of-arrival technique developed by the Air Force's Rome Air Development Center for use by unmanned aircraft to locate enemy radars so other aircraft can attack them, cancelled.
PAVE PATFuel air explosive weapons (FAEW) developed by the Air Force. PAVE PAT I was a bomb for use aboard low performance aircraft. PAVE PAT II is a 2500 lb. weapon for use with high performance aircraft.
PAVE PAWSAn Air Force phased array radar system; Objective is to provide two sites, each consisting of a dual face phased array radar capable of detecting an SLBM attack on the Continental U.S. and to provide warning and assessment data to the NORAD Cheyenne Mountain complex and Strategic Air Command. SEE SLBM.
PAVE PENNYLaser target identification system which detects and tracks targets illuminated by a ground based or airborne laser designator. This system was developed and manufactured by Martin-Marietta. It has been installed on A-7D and A-10 aircraft and is intended also to be used on F-16 aircraft.
PAVE PEPPERAn Air Force SAMSO (Space & Missile Systems Organization) project to decrease the size of the Minuteman III warheads and allow for more to be launched by one Minuteman.
PAVE PHANTOMAn Air Force project aimed at providing F-4 aircraft with a near-blind bombing capability by reprogramming the AN/ARN-92 computer and retrofitting the processing portion of the receiver to enhance system precision, cancelled.
PAVE PILLARAir Force project that would use digital avionics to integrate aircraft avionics systems into a standard package.
PAVE PINEAn experiment involving over-the-horizon radar propagation.
PAVE POINTERA program to develop and test an automatic target surveying system which used a laser designator/ranger coupled with a night observation device.
PAVE PRISMA joint Air Force/Navy evaluation of active radar guidance warheads and new passive infrared wide-attack-angle guidance heads for the AIM-9L Sidewinder air-to-air missile.
PAVE PRONTOUSAF AC-130 aircraft (see GUNSHIP) outfitted with night vision devices for vehicle and personnel interdiction missions in SEA. LTV Electrosystems modified five Lockheed Hercules under an (Aeronautical Systems Division contract, cancelled.
PAVE PROOFAn AIM-7E/7E-2 improvement program, cancelled.
PAVE PROXA proximity fuze for hard bombs.
PAVE RADIOThe acquisition of AN/ARC-XXX airborne UHF radios.
PAVE RENDEZVOUSAn evaluation of transponders with gunship capability.
PAVE ROADBomblet development for SUU-30 dispenser undertaken by USAF, cancelled.
PAVE ROCKA warhead for 2.75 inch rockets designed to penetrate aircraft shelters.
PAVE SAFEA security of nuclear weapons program. Involves Mottes Building Systems, Gwinn, MI.
PAVE SCOPEAir Force program aimed at integrating target acquisition aids on tactical fighter aircraft with electro-optical guided weapons to determine effects of lock-on and launch ranges and operational flexibility, cancelled.
PAVE SESAMEAn Electronic Countermeasures (ECM) development for F-4 aircraft.
PAVE SHIELDInfrared suppression program.
PAVE SOURCEA secure voice transmission system used by JCS in 493L.
PAVE SPECTREThe AC-130 gunship follow-on development program.
PAVE SPIKELaser pod for the F-4D&E aircraft, used for acquiring and designating ground targets for laser-guided weapons. It is replacing the PAVE KNIFE pods, may also be used aboard other aircraft.
PAVE SPOTAn Air Force night observation system used on Air Force Cessna 0-2A and Rockwell International OV-10 forward air controller aircraft. The system consists of a special night-time stabilized periscopic sight and a combination laser illuminator and rangefinder that enables observers to pick out ground targets at low ambient light level and pinpoint them for attack aircraft, cancelled.
PAVE STARAn Air Force project aimed at equipping HH-53 helicopters with night observation devices, covert viewing systems, doppler navigation equipment and terrain-following radar, all of which will provide the aircraft with an all-weather, night rescue capability.
PAVE STICKDevelopment of the BLU-34/B general purpose bomb by Air Force Armament Development & Test Center, cancelled.
PAVE STORMA non-nuclear tactical air-to-surface munition system similar to PAVE MACK for missiles. It is a modular glide weapon capable of TV-data link and distance measuring equipment guidance options.
PAVE STRIKEAn Air Force program which surfaced in the aftermath of the Middle East conflict, to improve capability to suppress enemy air defenses and enhance the overall tactical air capability of the Air Force. Part of the system will include the GBU-15 data link pod which will receive a picture of the target from the TV camera in the nose of the bomb and transmit course-correction signals, providing improved stand-off capability and increasing bombing accuracy.
PAVE SWORDAn Air Force night vision program which equipped McDonnell-Douglas F-4Ds with pod-housed sensors used on F-100s under PAVE ARROW program. The aircraft attack radar is boresighted to a laser seeker so the aircraft is cued to a laser-illuminated target, cancelled.
PAVE TACKAn Air Force improved tactical bombing program. The system will contain FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared Radar) and laser target designator pods for F-4 and F-111 aircraft. It will acquire, track and laser-designate ground targets, or deliver imaging infrared and unguided ordinance.
PAVE TALKInvolves use of the AN/AVQ-25 laser ranger designator.
PAVE TIGERA classified Air Force program to develop a mini-drone with quick reaction capability.
PAVE TOPObsolete program to develop an internal defoliant dispenser.
PAVE TRAILDevelopment of a classified family of guided bombs.
PAVE TWINAn executive kit for C-12 MAAG and attache aircraft.
PAVE WAYAn Air Force project aimed at developing laser-guided bombs.
PAVE WAY IISimilar to PAVE WAY munitions except that they have been fitted with "pop out" tail fins which allow better aerodynamic performance. These munitions include Mk 82 LGB, Mk 83 LGB and Mk 84 LGB.
PAVEWAY IIIThe latest development in the Paveway line. The program is also called Low Level Laser Guided Bomb (LLLGB).
PEACE ALPHAAn aircraft program for Spain, cancelled.
PEACE ALTERExisting two-dimensional AN/FPS-113 radars modified with look-down capability, linked to Iran's integrated national telecommunications system.
PEACE AMAZONF-5 aircraft for Brazil.
PEACE ANDESA-37B aircraft for Chile.
PEACE ANDES IIT-37B aircraft for Chile.
PEACE ANDES IIIT-37B aircraft for Chile.
PEACE ANDES IVA-37B aircraft for Chile.
PEACE APPROACHA radar approach control system for Iran, cancelled.
PEACE ARBORModernization of the Turkish Air Force, cancelled.
PEACE ARBOR IIModernization of the Turkish Air Force F-100 aircraft, cancelled.
PEACE ATHENAAGM-12B aerospace ground equipment for Greece, cancelled.
PEACE BASKETCorrosion treatment and maintenance of F-5 aircraft in Vietnam, cancelled.
PEACE BASKET IICorrosion treatment and maintenance of F-5 aircraft for Vietnam, cancelled.
PEACE BETAForeign Military Sales of the C-130H aircraft.
PEACE BOOKA Vietnamese Air Force program, cancelled.
PEACE CABLEAn earlier Iranian program to lay national phone lines to connect many of the electronic phone exchanges installed by GTE.
PEACE CROWNAutomation and modernization of the Iranian air defense system. The U.S. government functions as system integration contractor; the Air Force Electronic Systems Division is program manager. The name was changed to SEEK SENTRY, cancelled.
PEACE CRUSADENATO co-production of the F-16 aircraft.
PEACE DHOWModernization of the Kuwait Air Force.
PEACE DIAMONDThe F-4E program for Turkey.
PEACE DJEMF-5E and F-5Fs for Tunisia.
PEACE DRAGONThe A-37B program for Ecuador.
PEACE EAGLEF-15s for Japan.
PEACE ECHOA foreign military sales program for F/RF-4 aircraft.
PEACE EDGECAF radar system upgrade program.
PEACE EXTENSIONA communication system for Greece, cancelled.
PEACE FALCONSix complete fixed Tacan facilities for Iran.
PEACE FARROWThe F-4 program for Egypt.
PEACE FIXIran/Indonesia C-130 aircraft.
PEACE FORTUNE-2A project which Ford Aerospace & Communications undertook to expand the South Korea military microwave net.
PEACE FOXForeign Military Sales of F-15 aircraft to Israel.
PEACE FOX IIForeign Military Sales of F-15C/D aircraft to Israel.
PEACE GLIDEAn instrument landing system for Turkey under the Military Assistance Plan.
PEACE GREENRoyal Hellenic Air Force communications system provided under the Military Assistance Program.
PEACE GUARDAn Air Force project aimed at equipping aircraft such as the F-4E with AN/ALQ-71 and AN/ALQ-72 electronic countermeasure systems.
PEACE HAWKA fifth and final phase in the modernization of Saudi Arabia's Air Force, involving approximately 100 Northrop F-5s.
PEACE HAWK VIIProgram under which Northrop provides training, maintenance and supply services for Saudi Arabian F-5 aircraft.
PEACE HERCULESForeign Military Sales of C-130H aircraft to the Congo, cancelled.
PEACE ICARUSForeign Military Sales of F-4E aircraft to Greece.
PEACE INCAA-37B aircraft for Peru.
PEACE INDIGOAn Air Force communications and surveillance system established in 1967 in India.
PEACE INDOCOMMilitary Assistance Plan upgrade of Indonesian Air Force Air Training Command ground navigation and communication equipment.
PEACE INDUST-37C aircraft for Pakistan.
PEACE IRACLIESC-130H aircraft program for Greece.
PEACE JACKModification of the F-4 for Israel.
PEACE JARJordan F-5 program.
PEACE JESTALA-37B and T-37B for El Salvador.
PEACE JETHONA-37B aircraft program for Honduras.
PEACE JEWELForeign Military Sales of 30 T-38 aircraft to Turkey.
PEACE KEEPERA JCS (Joint Chief of Staff) exercise.
PEACE KOALAA C-130H FMS aircraft program which contemplates 12 aircraft and involves Lockheed-Georgia Company.
PEACE LAKEC-123K program for Laos, cancelled.
PEACE LANCEF-4D aircraft for Korea.
PEACE LANDA Foreign Military Sales modification and update of F-111C aircraft.
PEACE LIMAThe C-130H aircraft program to Peru.
PEACE LINKA Military Assistance Program Troposcatter communications system for Turkey.
PEACE LLAMAT-37B aircraft program for Bolivia.
PEACE LLAMA IF-5 aircraft program for Chile.
PEACE LOGA supply and logistics tracking system for the Imperial Iranian Air Force.
PEACE LOOKOUTGerman RF-4E Foreign Military Sales Program, cancelled.
PEACE MARBLEForeign Military Sales of 75 F-16 fighters to Israel.
PEACE MAREMilitary Assistance Program of aircraft for Indonesia, cancelled.
PEACE MAYAC-47 aircraft for Guatemala.
PEACE MODERNT-33A aircraft for Indonesia, cancelled.
PEACE NEEDLEKorean F-5B aircraft program.
PEACE NEIGHBORC-130H aircraft program (country unknown).
PEACE OASISF-5B aircraft for Jordan.
PEACE OWLAn Iranian simulation range for testing aircraft radar homing and warning systems, cancelled.
PEACE OXF-5B aircraft for the Republic of China.
PEACE PACKAn aircraft overhaul depot in Spain.
PEACE PALACEAT-33 aircraft program for Ecuador.
PEACE PANTHERAn Air Force project under the Aeronautical Systems Division.
PEACE PARA program under which Raytheon provides the Australian government with elements of the AN/TPN-19 landing control system developed and produced for the Air Force.
PEACE PARROTAn Iranian Foreign Military Sales program, cancelled.
PEACE PEEKElectronic equipment and support provided by E-Systems for West Germany's Atlantic patrol aircraft.
PEACE PEGASUSAGM-12C Aerospace Ground Equipment for Greece, cancelled.
PEACE PEREGRINEF-4 aircraft program for Saudi Arabia.
PEACE PHANTOMGerman Foreign Military Sales Program for the F-4F.
PEACE PHARAOHForeign Military Sales of 35 F-4E aircraft to Egypt.
PEACE PICTUREA Chinese RF-104G camera modification project, cancelled.
PEACE PILLARForeign Military Sales of C-130 aircraft to undisclosed country.
PEACE PILOTT-37 aircraft program for Jordan.
PEACE PINEPhilippine C-123K program, cancelled.
PEACE PLATAA-37Bs for Uruguay.
PEACE PODSECM equipment for Saudi Arabia.
PEACE PONYSpecial Military Assistance Program support for Indonesia, cancelled.
PEACE PORTALLocation of the Peace Arch program in Washington, D.C.
PEACE POSTT-28 modification & reconditioning program.
PEACE PROPAn Air Force program for rework of T-28 aircraft by Fairchild Industries. Modification included installation of wing pylon attack points for weapons carriage, a gun sight system, new cockpit panel, switches, wiring and an updated avionics package.
PEACE PYLONTransfer of eight F-5E aircraft to unnamed destination.
PEACE QUEENF-5E program for Ecuador.
PEACE RANGERMilitary Assistance Program Gap Filler radar project.
PEACE REEDForeign Military Sales of C-130 aircraft to undisclosed country.
PEACE REEFLease of F-4E aircraft. See also PROJECT PEACE REEF.
PEACE RENOKorean C-123K program, cancelled.
PEACE RHINEA program funded by the West German government that utilizes the LRU-1 computer with extra interface circuitry on West German F-4Fs, providing a radar ground mapping capability to improve air-to-ground weapons delivery. Involves Air Force Aeronautical Systems Division and Veda (Arlington, VA).
PEACE RIDEA deferred RTAF radar improvement Military Assistance Plan.
PEACE ROLLF-4E aircraft to Iran.
PEACE ROLL IIF-4E program for Iran.
PEACE ROTORH-34 Helicopters for Indonesia.
PEACE RUBYAn Air Force aircraft warning and control system that is part of the nation-wide telephone, telegraph, television and wideband telecommunications network being built by an American consortium for the Iranian Ministry of Post, Telephone and Telegraph.
PEACE RUSHF-5E program for Iran.
PEACE RUSH IIIranian F-5s.
PEACE RUSH IIIF-5Es for Iran, cancelled.
PEACE SAFARIF-5s for Kenya.
PEACE SANDF-5B aircraft for Jordan, cancelled.
PEACE SCEPTREA Ford Aerospace & Communications built microwave communications network in Iran, installed there as part of U.S. foreign military assistance.
PEACE SLATSA Foreign Military Sales program for kits and support for the F-4E for Israel.
PEACE STARForeign Military Sales of ECM equipment.
PEACE STATIONForeign Military Sales Program B-707 tankers for Iran.
PEACE STRIKEForeign Military Sales of F-5B/E aircraft to Malaysia.
PEACE STRIKEForeign Military Sales Program B-707 tankers for Iran.
PEACE SUNForeign Military Sales of F-15C/D aircraft to Saudi Arabia, including construction and modification of technical and other facilities.
PEACE SUPPLYLogistic support to Israel.
PEACE SWITCHA communications study for Iran.
PEACE TAMERA Boeing infrared evaluation program.
PEACE TEACHERT-37 aircraft for Korea.
PEACE TEAKC-123K program for Thailand.
PEACE THAIUH-1Ns for Thailand.
PEACE THRIFTA Military Assistance Program transport and training aircraft requirement.
PEACE TIGERF-5E program to the Republic of China.
PEACE TIKALA-37B aircraft for Guatemala.
PEACE TIKAL IIA-37Bs for Guatemala.
PEACE TRAINForeign Military Sales of a radar simulator to Japan.
PEACE TURNForeign Military Sales kits and support of the F-4E for Iran.
PEACE UPLOADNATO air munition stocks and delivery techniques update, cancelled.
PEACE VECTORForeign Military Sales of 40 F-16 aircraft to Egypt.
PEACE VIOLET IIAdditional F-102s for Greece.
PEACE WINGSA classified exchange-acquisition program between the United States and Canada to modernize the Canadian interceptor fleet's fire control capability. LTV Electrosystems is prime.
PEACE ZEBRAPurchase of 160 F-16 aircraft by Iran from the U.S. Under the Ford Administration, DOD proposed that delivery begins in March 1979, a year ahead of schedule. The Carter Administration was to decide on delivery schedules.
PEDRO RECRUITA Marine Corps missile evaluated for the F-4J aircraft. It is mounted at an angle to the fuselage center line to prevent interference with the nose landing gear.
PEER MATCHTechnical assistance effort being developed and implemented by International City Management Association under contract from the Community Services Division of the Department of Housing and Urban Development.
PENCIL PUSHERA deep underground silo basing mode for the MX being studied by Lawrence Livermore Laboratory.
PENNY MONITORA career management program, cancelled.
PIERCE ARROWName for reprisal bombing of North Vietnam after the Tonkin Gulf incident.
PILE DRIVERA classified DARPA project.
PILOT FISHA classified Navy program which apparently involves placing a transmitter on the ocean bottom to pick up sonar data from approaching enemy submarines and transmit it to ASW craft.
PIPE CLEANERAn Air Force project for which a few B-47E aircraft were modified.
PLANE JANEAir Force AC-130 gunships (see GUNSHIP) used in Southeast Asia, later modified into a SURPRISE PACKAGE configuration.
PLUME SHIELDA Navy experiment under the Naval Research Laboratory.
POCKET VETOA tethered balloon-borne radar for air surveillance of the Florida Straits.
POINT BLANKJoint Chiefs of Staff directed and coordinated exercise.
POLAR CAPA program in support of the CONUS 0TH concerned with the effects of ionospheric variations which occur quite frequently in Arctic regions. Tests have been made to determine the feasibility of deploying an operational radar within the polar cap region.
POLAR CAP IIIA joint U.S./Canada cooperative research and development program to test 0TH (over-the-horizon) radar at a Canadian site near the North Pole.
POLE VAULTAn on-going classified program of the Defense Communications Agency.
PONY EXPRESSPart of the Air Force Advanced Detection System Development to monitor nuclear explosions.
POST CARDA classified program of the Defense Communications Agency.
POT LATCHAn amphibious exercise for the Marines held in conjunction with Canadian forces. It was designed to test helicopter-supported land operations against enemy forces.
POWER BOXAnother designation applied to the airborne emergency communications system known as Black Fox.
POWER EYEA change of engines program for the Crusader aircraft to improve wiring, electrical performance and performance of the RF-8G, an aircraft used for photographic surveillance and reconnaissance.
PRACTICE NINEInitial project name for the "McNamara Line." Underwent considerable change and was later known as DOUBLE EAGLE, DUAL BLADE and IGLOO WHITE. Sensors were installed as an electronic barrier of anti-intrusion devices, detection systems and warning devices across the DMZ in Vietnam.
PRAIRIE MASKERA Naval Sea Systems Command program concerning development of centrifugal air compressors, forced draft blowers, main boiler and superchargers.
PRAIRIE SCHOONERAdvanced submarine surveillance program includes optical system technology, acoustic processing applications, photographic developments, direction finding and displays, digital recording applications, and laser signal detection capabilities. The Naval Ocean Systems Center is sponsoring the work.
PRAIRIE STARAn Army program aimed at developing a single tactical trunking and switching system that will perform some of the tasks planned for the MALLARD project. First phase of the program will explore existing mobile tactical switching units, the second would convert a hybrid switching system to a pure digital communications package.
PRAIRIE WAGONA classified intelligence sensor collection system. It is a computer controlled system involving the AN/WSQ-( ). GTE/Sylvania received the contract from the Navy.
PRIME ARGUSA Defense Research Projects Agency program which is a form of VELA follow-on. The designation applied to the reoriented nuclear test detection effort that followed the Air Force's Project VELA and preceded launching of the Integrated Satellite. The programs handled under PRIME ARGUS included nuclear proliferation analysis, nuclear test location prediction, and detection of countermeasures developed to offset capabilities and techniques developed under Project Vela.
PRIME RATE 75A global communications exercise designed to test global communications systems and reporting procedures.
PRISCILLA ELLENA network of eight long-range ground-air-ground high frequency communications stations that augment existing Air Force Communications Service facilities, provide conventional ground-air-ground traffic with military aircraft, and provide for secure teletype communications. Two stations are located in the United States, and the other six at Air Force installations in the Pacific.
PROGRAM OASISAn Air Force program for automated battlefield data processing and analysis.
PROGRAM SAFEA computerized CIA program involving Burroughs and TRW.
PROGRAM SOUSSAA classified program being developed by Aerospace Systems (Burlington, Ontario, Canada) for NASA/Langley Research Center.
PROGRAM WS-428AThe designation, formerly applied to the Air Force Tactical Information Processing and Interpretation effort (see TIPI/MAGIS), which is now melded with the navy's Marine Air/Ground Intelligence System. (MAGIS)
PROGRAM 1368An Air Force effort aimed at analyzing lightweight materials, developing airframe structural configurations to which these materials can be applied, and determining which airframe components of anticipated future Air Force aircraft will derive the most benefit from the application of lightweight materials. The materials involved include beryllium and diffusion-bonded titanium.
PROGRAM 1559Designation applied to the Air Force PAVE SPOT program, a lightweight target acquisition and designation system that incorporates the FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared) developed by Texas Instruments.
PROGRAM 244Designation applied to the Defense Satellite Communications System, also known as the Tactical Satellite Communications Program (see DSCS/TACSAT).
PROGRAM 266An early designation for the current Program 647.
PROGRAM 279Designation applied to the Air Force 494L Emergency Rocket Communications System (ERCS).
PROGRAM 287Designation applied to the Air Force Manned Orbiting Laboratory.
PROGRAM 313Designation applied to the Air Force Defense Data Relay Satellite, a "tracking station in space" that will replace a large number of ground stations around the world. The satellite will interrogate other military satellites, relay collected data to Air Force Satellite Control network ground stations, and relay commands from these ground stations to other defense satellites.
PROGRAM 4043An Air Force program aimed at developing countermeasures techniques of severing communications, guidance and identification links employed by enemy forces to direct manned and unmanned interceptors, missiles and aerospace weapon systems.
PROGRAM 405BAn Air Force high capacity spaceborne laser communication system.
PROGRAM 407LThe Air Force Tactical Air Control System of air surveillance and control equipment. It provides mobile tactical communications systems to link detection, tracking and display systems, and disseminate air surveillance information.
PROGRAM 411LThe Air Force Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS), which provides airborne early warning of a bomber threat, and command and control of Tactical Air Command and Air Defense Command interceptors.
PROGRAM 412LAn Air Weapons Control System in West Germany. Ford Aerospace & Communications, Willow Grove, PA, handled the maintenance contract for the Air Force.
PROGRAM 414LAn Air Force project aimed at developing over-the-horizon backscatter-type radar that will provide long-range surveillance, detection and tracking of aircraft at extended ranges from Continental United States borders.
PROGRAM 416MThe Air Force Back-Up Interceptor Control system (BUIC), which provides back-up control of Air Force interceptor forces.
PROGRAM 418LThe Air Force Ryukyu Air Defense System (RADS), a semi-automatic air defense system that provides detection, tracking and control of interceptors of airspace intruders in the Pacific area.
PROGRAM 427MA system to acquire, with growth potential, new and improved data processing equipment, software displays and communications for the NORAD Cheyenne Mountain Complex for the purpose of providing a responsive and reliable capability.
PROGRAM 433LThe Air Force Weather Observing and Forecasting System, an electronic meteorological system that provides weather observations, information studies and weather forecasts in support of military operations.
PROGRAM 435ADesignation applied to the Navy Navigational Satellite System (NNSS).
PROGRAM 437A highly classified Air Force project.
PROGRAM 440LThe Air Force Over-the-Horizon Radar system (OTHR), a high frequency forward and back-scatter radar that provides for the detection of missile launches at long range, and for the detection and location of an airborne threat.
PROGRAM 441ADesignation applied to the AN/FPS-95 radar system development program. Also known as Cobra Mist.
PROGRAM 441DThe designation applied to the Air Force efforts to develop an over-the-horizon backscatter radar.
PROGRAM 451DUSAF Electronic Systems Division program (also known as COMBAT GRANDE) to upgrade the Spanish air defense system.
PROGRAM 461Designation applied to the Air Force Midas satellite, which was developed to provide early warning of ballistic missile launches and which is now Program 647.
PROGRAM 466LAn intelligence gathering system with the Associated Dedicated Communications Networks. A program out of Kelly AFB, TX.
PROGRAM 467Designation previously applied to the Air Force Integrated Satellite, which is now designated PROGRAM 647.
PROGRAM 469LThe Air Force Conversion of Range Telemetry Systems (CORTS), which provides three Air Force test ranges with UHF telemetry ground systems.
PROGRAM 474LThe Air Force Ballistic Missile Early Warning System (BMEWS), which provides detection and location of missiles launched against Canada, England and the United States.
PROGRAM 474NThe Air Force Sea Launched Ballistic Missile Warning System (SLBM), a line of sight radar system that provides warning and detection of sea-launched ballistic missiles in the Atlantic, Gulf and Pacific coastal regions.
PROGRAM 481ADesignation applied to the Strategic Air Command Airborne Data Automation system (SAC-ADA), which was formerly called the Post Attack Command and Control System Airborne Data Automation system.
PROGRAM 487LThe Air Force Survivable Low Frequency Communications System (SLFC), a low frequency emergency radio teletype communications system that provides the DOD with a general command channel and back-up communications system, and links the Joint Chiefs of Staff with Strategic Air Command aircraft and missile forces.
PROGRAM 487MThe Air Force Special Purposes Communications Program, an airborne, low frequency emergency communications system that provides the DOD with a command and control link to nuclear forces.
PROGRAM 492LThe Air Force Strike Force Command and Control System (STRICOM), composed of airborne command and control equipment that provides U.S. Strike Command Forces with command and control systems.
PROGRAM 496LThe Air Force Spacetrack system of ground radar and optical sensor systems, which detects, tracks, identifies and catalogues all objects in earth orbit.
PROGRAM 497LThe Air Force Quickpass program, which provides automatic digital switches for switching centers, and assures secure global communications.
PROGRAM 609The designation applied to the Air Force Scout four stage, solid fuel booster used to launch small satellites and space probes.
PROGRAM 612The designation previously applied to the Air Force Integrated Satellite, now designated PROGRAM 647.
PROGRAM 616AThe Air Force awarded a contract to Westinghouse to design and develop a low and very low frequency communications equipment.
PROGRAM 621BDesignation applied to the Air Force Defense Navigation Satellite System (DNSS), formerly the Satellite System for Precise Navigation.
PROGRAM 623ADesignation applied to the Air Force Manned Orbiting Laboratory.
PROGRAM 627Designation applied to the Air Force Advanced Ballistic ReEntry Systems (ABRES).
PROGRAM 633FDesignation applied to the Air Force Stellar Inertial Doppler System.
PROGRAM 634BThe Unified Communications, Navigation and Identification System to unify the functions of communications, navigation, and identification for positive control of aircraft. It will permit worldwide secure identification for USAF operations in the 1980 period.
PROGRAM 647Designation applied to the Air Force Integrated Satellite. The satellite would provide the U.S. with a 30-minute warning of a long-range ballistic missile attack, double the warning time provided by the Ballistic Missile Early Warning System (BMEWS) and Over-the-Horizon radar.
PROGRAM 655ADesignation of an Air Force effort to develop a tactical reconnaissance and strike capability that would provide radar, infrared and low-light-level sensing, in-flight data processing and display, and near real-time data transmission under adverse weather conditions.
PROGRAM 655ADesignation applied to the Air Force Low Altitude Supersonic Vehicle.
PROGRAM 666ADesignation applied to an Air Force effort to develop a low-altitude guidance system that would include Doppler Inertial Loran system (DIL), an advanced single package navigation system and an electrostatic gyro.
PROGRAM 668ADesignation applied to an Air Force Flight Dynamics Laboratory program aimed at investigation the effects of integrated airframe after-body and nozzle design on aircraft drag and installed thrust.
PROGRAM 679ADesignation applied to an Air Force effort to develop guidance techniques for air-to-surface missiles. The program encompasses projects that will allow for investigation of electro-optical guidance, radiometric correlation, radar correlation, infrared guidance, command anti-radiation guidance, LORAN guidance, strapdown inertial guidance, laser optical guidance, homing optical guidance, low-cost midcourse guidance, a low-cost missile guidance computer and guidance effectiveness studies.
PROGRAM 68-HDesignation applied to Air Force SR-71 strategic reconnaissance aircraft.
PROGRAM 680/VDesignation applied to the Air Force Spacecraft Technology and Advanced Re-entry Test (START).
PROGRAM 683ADesignation applied to the Air Force Vela satellite program, now designated the Nuclear Detection Satellite (NDS).
PROGRAM 683JA program to demonstrate the technical feasibility and military utility of the application of automation techniques to the Tactical Air Control System.
PROGRAM 691ZThis system provides for the evolutionary development of computer software in WWMCCS (World Wide Military Command & Control System) Operational Support.
PROGRAM 711Designation previously applied to the Air Force Integrated Satellite, now designated PROGRAM 647.
PROGRAM 726Designation applied to the Initial/Advanced Defense Communications Satellite Program, which preceded the Defense Satellite Communications System (DSCS/TACSATCOM).
PROGRAM 749Designation applied to a joint Air Force/Navy effort to develop an ocean surveillance satellite system. The side-looking radar satellite will monitor ocean traffic from earth orbit and detect low-trajectory sea-launched missiles.
PROGRAM 81DDesignation applied to an Air Force Space and Missile Systems Organization effort aimed at developing advanced guidance techniques to reduce targeting errors.
PROGRAM 827Designation applied to an Air Force Space and Missile Systems Organization program which involves launching long wavelength infrared sensors into orbit aboard Atlas boosters. The effort is reportedly aimed at testing these sensors for use on the Integrated Satellite.
PROGRAM 845AA piston engine powered vehicle built by Martin-Marietta.
PROGRAM 922Designation previously applied to the Air Force Defense Subsystem Development and Demonstration program (DSDD).
PROGRAM 922Designation applied to the Air Force Burner 2 program, aimed at developing a solid-fueled, single-engine vehicle that can be used to place small- to medium-sized unmanned satellites in orbit.
PROGRAM 949Also known as COMET GUARD; the designation of the Air Force's Integrated Satellite.
PROJECT ABACUSAn Army computerized training program.
PROJECT ALPHAA technology development demonstration being evaluated by W.J. Schafer Associates, Wakefield, MA, for Army's Missile Materiel Readiness Command.
PROJECT ANSWERResearch being conducted by Analytic Services, Arlington, VA, for Air Force Office of Scientific Research.
PROJECT APEXA controversial CIA project for reorganization of the intelligence community. Originally described as a system to stop leakage of intelligence material, it is now being opposed as a mechanism for CIA control.
PROJECT AQUACADEA program that is the improved follow-on to the current Rhyolite spacecraft that monitor telemetry from Soviet ballistic missiles. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence has ruled that this program must be redesigned for launch on an expendable Titan-inertial upper stage booster instead of a space shuttle because of shuttle program delays.
PROJECT ARIENNEA system for low-probability-of-intercept acoustic communications from submarines at very long range, sponsored by naval Underwater Systems Center.
PROJECT AZORESA Naval Surface Weapons Center Cold cumulus cloud weather modification project, to relieve severe drought by rainfall augmentation in the Azores.
PROJECT BACK BREAKERA program under the Air Force Armament Division to develop laser-guided cruise missiles for use against both fixed and mobile targets.
PROJECT BETAA joint Army/Air Force & DARPA project to evaluate sensor information fusion centers, for use at Army Corps/Division and Air Force Tactical Air Control Centers. The centers will exchange sensor-derived data in near real-time.
PROJECT BLACKERA computer project for specialized encryption of intelligence data networks, integrating computers and special security equipment in an overall end-to-end data system encryption approach. The study was conducted for the National Security Agency.
PROJECT BLUEFISHProject of Army's Mobility Equipment Research and Development Command. Data reduction and analysis are being performed by Photon Research, LaJolla, CA.
PROJECT CAMEOA NASA program to release barium clouds at an altitude of 590 miles from the second stage of an orbiting Delta rocket. Purpose is to provide more information on movement of electrified natural particles in and above the earth ionosphere by tracking the visible barium clouds in order to determine how the upper reaches of the stratosphere affect the earth's weather.
PROJECT CHASERAn attitude control system developed by Aerojet General.
PROJECT CHECKMATEA study in which Air Force combat-experienced officers, assessing capabilities and strategies through the eyes of Soviet commanders, identified areas for improvement in the NATO posture.
PROJECT CLASSIC BULLDOGA wideband DF system; a study program for the Naval Electronics Command.
PROJECT COLUMBUSA recommended single project to complete the reconnaissance and initial exploration of the solar system in the 20th Century. The name Columbus denotes the 500th anniversary of that explorer's discovery of the Earth's "New World." NASA is the lead agency.
PROJECT COPPER CAPAn Air Force project that holds its most important assets are people and money.
PROJECT COURAGEOUSA Naval Underwater Systems Center project dealing with ocean measurements and involving RCA/Aerostat Systems (Cocoa Beach, FL). Supporting scientific services are being provided by Interstate Electronics (Anaheim, CA).
PROJECT CREEK PROTECTA comprehensive Air Force effort to increase ground survivability which stresses training in base defense and related fields.
PROJECT CW447The Lightweight Air Defense System. (LADS)
PROJECT DA VINCI IIData analysis and interpretation relative to air quality and meteorological and emissions data; an effort for the Environmental Protection Agency.
PROJECT DARK EYESA development program of thermal imaging sensors. Honeywell Radiation Center (Lexington, MA), is involved in the work for Naval Sea Systems Command.
PROJECT DEB DRAMAA program enhancing the Digital European Backbone System. Systems Consultants (Washington, DC), is responsible for carrying out the logistic work.
PROJECT DECK ROOFA program of the National Security Agency, it is a control facility for circuit monitoring and troubleshooting on the Wideband Data Network.
PROJECT DORISNaval Air Development Center project being negotiated with Interstate Electronics (Anaheim, CA).
PROJECT DUMANDDeep Underwater Muon and Neutrino Detection; A classified navy study in deep-water communications with submarines.
PROJECT D690Surface-to-Air Hawk/Hawk Improvement Program.
PROJECT FIREThis system collected data on the reentry effects at hyperbolic speeds as part of the Apollo program.
PROJECT GATEWAYA program for a communications satellite ground terminal system. GTE Sylvania is involved in the work.
PROJECT GROMETA naval Surface Weapons Center cold cumulus cloud weather modification project. Purpose was rainfall augmentation to relieve severe drought situation in the Philippine Islands (1969) and Okinawa (1971-72).
PROJECT HANDOFFDelivery of Cobra/TOW aircraft to the US Army European units. The Aviation Systems Command is the lead agency.
PROJECT HOTSHOTA Naval Surface Weapons Center cold cumulus cloud weather modification project. Purpose was to' quantify rain parameter and seeding effects from cloud base seeding techniques.
PROJECT J3042The navy navigation Satellite System (NNSS) Improvement program.
PROJECT J3402Improved Transit Satellite program now part of the NNSS, Navy Navigational Satellite System.
PROJECT KAn Army project involving a proposal by Chrysler for a new tank.
PROJECT MAGNETAn airborne survey program that provides current, worldwide geomagnetic data for navigation safety; an old program, but continues to be active through the Navy Oceanographic Office.
PROJECT MANDRAKE ROOTAn Army program having to do with toxic chemical munitions.
PROJECT MAXAn Air Force computerized depot maintenance management system delayed by the service in 1978 because of Congressional criticism.
PROJECT METCALFA Navy study in the early 1950s regarding the use of infrared in warfare which focused on air-to-air weapons.
PROJECT MIDWATCHThe Naval Surface Weapons Center (Dahlgren, VA) is sponsoring a program to perform analysis and review of special intelligence areas. GTE Sylvania/Electronic Systems Group is doing the work.
PROJECT MULLOKAA lightweight hull-mounted scanning sonar for installation in Royal Australian Navy ASW escorts. The sonar is a solid-state forced air-cooled equipment of high reliability.
PROJECT NA STOL aircraft undergoing prototype testing for the Royal Australian Air Force and Army. It was designed to fill two roles - that of a military mission support system and a commercial STOL transport. Prototypes were built by the Government Aircraft Factory.
PROJECT NACHNON-ACOUSTICAL COUPLING TO THE HEAD; An NADC (Naval Air Development Center) project which makes hearing possible without the transmission of sound waves. It has use for the deaf.
PROJECT OASISAn Air Force program to link European Command Center Intelligence and Communications in a computerized system. It combines scattered intelligence and command and control in what is called fusion projects. Martin Marietta (Denver, CO) is doing the work.
PROJECT ORBITERA navy satellite project which later became EXPLORER.
PROJECT OUTCASTA Navy minefield project involving The Merdan Group (San Diego, CA).
PROJECT OUTGROWTHAn Air Force study of advanced propulsion concepts.
PROJECT OUTLAW SHARKInvolves experiments on fusion and dissemination of data using available sensors to pick up ocean surveillance information and provide the navy task force commander with the information required to effectively maneuver and apply his forces.
PROJECT OVERSIGHTA Naval Research Lab project in the mid-1950s for a helmet-mounted display for pilots.
PROJECT PACKARDA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency task involving software which relates to methods of combating revolutionary development efforts.
PROJECT PAPERMASTERThe retained portion of the old program AFBITS (Air Force Base Information Transfer System). When AFBITS was cancelled, the Air Force retained the technology for future applications.
PROJECT PARKHILLMilitary Secure-Voice Radio; A secure Communications System for the national Security Agency, involving TRW Colorado Electronics.
PROJECT PEACE PEEKAn advanced development system for improved navigation systems. AF Aeronautical Systems Division, worked with E Systems (Greenville, TX).
PROJECT PEACE REEFName given to the leasing of F-4E aircraft to the Australians.
PROJECT PINPOINTDesignation applied to an Air Force program aimed at developing a gliding, automatic-homing 500-pound aerial delivery system. The system consists of a 300-square foot parafoil steerable parachute, a guidance and control subsystem and a ground transmitter beacon.
PROJECT POLTERGEISTA Communications Intelligence Program operated by the Army Electronics Materiel Readiness Activity. E-Systems developed the system.
PROJECT POTLIDAn Army development program believed to involve environmental testing of weapons and equipment and techniques. Contracts for the program were let by Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, and work was performed at the U.S. Army Tropic Test Center.
PROJECT PRELUDEA satellite experiment to study new ways of conducting business, managing data processing systems and meeting intracompany communications requirements. This project used the Communications Technology Satellite (CTS) and its frequencies of 12 and 14 Gigahertz bands. The satellite is operated by NASA in conjunction with the Canadian Government. Twelve companies participated, including Rockwell International, Montgomery Ward and Texaco.
PROJECT QUINTRELLEA narrow-band secure radio; TRW is working with the Army Electronics Command.
PROJECT RAINMAKERNSA project involving Martin Marietta, reportedly terminated.
PROJECT RISEName of a feasibility investigation to come up with potential recommendations for types of engines for a possible advanced VTOL (Vertical Take Off & Landing) aircraft system.
PROJECT RIVET HAWKA modernization program for the Titan II ICBM, replacing its guidance technology with solid state circuitry.
PROJECT S-32-78XDesignation applied to the Navy Advanced Shipboard Communications program (ADSCOM), aimed at developing advanced shipboard and satellite communications hardware.
PROJECT S-32-82XDesignation applied to the Navy's Ship Electromagnetic Radiation Project, an effort to devise means of overcoming current environment degradation as part of that service's Advanced Shipboard Communications program (see ADSCOM, PROJECT S-32-78X).
PROJECT S-32-83XDesignation applied to a Navy effort to develop radio terminal equipment as part of that service's Advanced Shipboard Communications program (ADSCOM).
PROJECT S-32-85XA component of the Navy's Advanced Shipboard Communications Program (ADSCOM), this effort is aimed at developing ship communications hardware.
PROJECT SANTA BARBARAA Naval Surface Weapons Center cold cumulus cloud weather modification project, to increase precipitation and snowpack, and study downwind effects of seeding in Santa Barbara, California.
PROJECT SAPA Defense Research Projects Agency project.
PROJECT SAVEAn energy conservation program.
PROJECT SCIENCE FLASHAn Air Force project under contract to Goodyear Aerospace.
PROJECT SEACLIFFDeep sea vehicle with pressure hull to be fabricated with titanium alloy. David W. Taylor Naval Ship Research and Development Center is conducting negotiations on project with Rohr Industries (Chula Vista, CA).
PROJECT SEAGUARDAn anti-submarine warfare project using advanced signal processing techniques with a towed array.
PROJECT SEAMOUNTAn electronic research program relating to communications for underwater acoustics and sonar for the Naval Underwater Systems Center. Signatron (Lexington, MA), is involved.
PROJECT SEE-SAWA classified beam weapons program involving the Naval Post Graduate School at Monterey, CA, and the Air Force Foreign Technology Division, Wright-Patterson AFB.
PROJECT SIGMAAn Army program to develop a battlefield tactical computer-to replace the canceled Tactical Operating System.
PROJECT SILKWORTHNSA program involving Ford Aerospace, reportedly having software problems.
PROJECT SILVER RIVERA US Army Missile Command Development program executed through Raytheon (Andover, MA).
PROJECT STRAWMANA weapons program involving a new high-level computer language conceived in 1975 and now known as Ironman Revised. Involved Honeywell.
PROJECT SUCCESSORA German-US study concluded in 1978 which evaluated Patriot's suitability for Europe.
PROJECT S1747NATO Sea Sparrow.
PROJECT S1748Point Defense Improvements program.
PROJECT S1773Sea Sparrow Improvements program.
PROJECT TRIMA Navy project involving a high resolution display study to be provided by Raytheon (Portsmouth, RI).
PROJECT U12X2The Close In Weapons System project.
PROJECT U1748The Point Defense Improvements project.
PROJECT VANGUARDAn Air Force Systems Command project involving offensive counterair operations. Current emphasis is on an analysis of airfield attack munitions.
PROJECT VIABLEAn Army computer program that would perform base supply functions.
PROJECT VIGILANTA Navy project under the Underwater Systems Center.
PROJECT VINSONAn NSA program for an encrypted secure-voice radio system. Magnavox (Fort Wayne, IN) and Honeywell (Tampa, FL) are the prime contractors.
PROJECT VULPINEAn upgrade of the AN/FSQ-91 La Faire Vite system.
PROJECT WHITE KNIGHTA Naval Electronics System Command software project.
PROJECT W1156The Air-Launched Low Volume RAMJET (ALVRJ) Project.
PROJECT W118The Air-to-Surface Target Acquisition project.
PROJECT W1189Part-of the HARM, High-Speed Anti-Radar Missile program.
PROJECT W4727A project to develop control equipment to allow the flight of subsonic and supersonic target drones in close proximity (50-2,000 ft) so that control effects of multiple targets on the various missile systems can be determined.
PROJECT XA government-conducted study to accomplish technical analysis of Ingalls Shipbuilding consolidated impact claims against the government. The project is conducted by the Naval Sea Systems Command.
PROJECT X-RAYA World War II scheme to use bats to carry incendiaries to ground in Japan.
PROJECT 1005A miniature vehicle effort by the Air Force Space Division. MV is 1005 in Roman numerals.
PROJECT 1010A reconnaissance satellite which TRW developed. The satellite was to provide real-time reconnaissance photos via a data relay satellite.
PROJECT 1118The Air Force's Nuclear Walleye project.
PROJECT 1366Part of the START, Spacecraft Technology and Advanced Reentry Test program.
PROJECT 1472An Air Force Flight Dynamics Laboratory project aimed at developing a small, automatic gain changing amplifier operable in an airborne environment where the temperature cannot easily be controlled.
PROJECT 1815The Electro-Optical Bomb project.
PROJECT 20Designation applied to Army efforts to develop an improved Spartan anti-ballistic missile. The improved, high altitude Spartan would have a terminal maneuvering capability, be able to remain in the vicinity of an anticipated threat after launch under radar command, and use a long-wavelength infrared sensor to detect and home-in on incoming ICBM warheads.
PROJECT 2000An active Electronic Countermeasures program conducted for the Air Force Avionics Lab. It covered a variety of efforts, including methods to jam enemy infrared, electro-optical systems, radar and command link systems, high energy laser/countermeasures and ways to deal with European missile systems.
PROJECT 21A classified unconventional aerospace surveillance program.
PROJECT 2345Jam-Resistant Imagery Transmission; To develop and demonstrate jam-resistant secure voice technology for application in UHF and VHF Command Radios.
PROJECT 3MA Navy program, believed to involve management information, worked on by Stanwick Corporation for the Naval Sea Systems Command.
PROJECT 30A SIGINT site in the Sinai built by GTE Sylvania in 1973 as part of the US-orchestrated disengagement between Israel and Egypt.
PROJECT 3059Designation applied to NASA's Large Solid Motor Program, aimed at advancing solid booster technology that could be used to launch multi-stage vehicles carrying heavy payloads.
PROJECT 3125A classified Army development project, also known as PROGRAM BANCROFT.
PROJECT 3178Designation applied to an Air Force project aimed at developing guidance techniques and performing studies to improve the performance of current and future ballistic missile guidance systems. The project was particularly concerned with ways of improving system accuracy under severe environmental conditions and mission profiles.
PROJECT 3322The Infrared Guided Bomb project.
PROJECT 3640-1Development of the 4H8A printer-developer (heat developing film device) for the Naval Training Equipment Center (Orlando, FL).
PROJECT 3833An Air Force project aimed at developing advanced types of RF (Radio Frequency) generation and amplification devices with power levels and modulation capable of countering advanced enemy radar systems. The project involved tube development, employment concept studies, solid state technology applications and systems requirements.
PROJECT 4036An Air Force effort to develop a broad base in electronic warfare technology, and develop devices that will offset penetration problems posed by advanced threats in the 1970-1980 time period.
PROJECT 4040An Air Force effort to provide aerospace vehicles with an electronic defense that would enable them to penetrate the electromagnetically-controlled enemy defenses. Primary objective was to develop an automatic defense that would analyze the threat environment and select a jamming response signal.
PROJECT 4053Designation applied to the Air Force Black Spot program, aimed at converting C-123 aircraft into self-contained night attack aircraft.
PROJECT 4056An Air Force effort aimed at providing the technological advances needed to effectively apply infrared reconnaissance and surveillance systems. The areas of infrared reconnaissance technology worked on include downward and forward looking reconnaissance, detectors, and optical materials for both reconnaissance and surveillance applications.
PROJECT 4062An Air Force project involving air-to-air and air-to-ground propagation studies, development of instrument and measurement techniques for propagation and investigation of extremely high altitude propagation techniques.
PROJECT 4075An Air Force project aimed at developing aerospace reconnaissance and surveillance sensors capable of detecting, locating and continuously tracking enemy spaceborne weapons.
PROJECT 4076An Air Force project aimed at developing techniques of using infrared radiation to detect, identify and track military targets during all phases of their flight.
PROJECT 4083An Air Force program aimed at improving and developing deception countermeasures techniques that will be effective against general classes of radars and specific threats. Objective was to develop technology that would prevent a potential enemy from utilizing electromagnetically-controlled defenses against Air Force aerospace vehicles.
PROJECT 4108An Air Force project aimed at developing radar reconnaissance techniques and technology that would provide the service with the capability to obtain reconnaissance information under all weather conditions, day or night.
PROJECT 4144An Air Force project aimed at developing precise air-to-ground weapons delivery systems to increase the effectiveness of Air Force tactical missions.
PROJECT 415An Air Force space project worked on by Westinghouse and Fairchild Hiller.
PROJECT 4156An Air Force project that bridges basic research and exploratory development projects in the field of microelectronics. One objective was to couple advanced technology work in the materials field with the results of basic research in solid state and plasma phenomena.
PROJECT 4159An Air Force project aimed at developing solid state devices and integrated circuits to fill the requirements of future spaceborne and airborne electronic systems, and to develop material and process technologies that will support advanced device and integrated circuits developments.
PROJECT 4161An Air Force exploratory development program aimed at determining the suitability of new materials for use in improved electromagnetic windows, such as radomes.
PROJECT 4163An Air Force project aimed at developing electromagnetic sensors that will detect and track aerospace and ground target vehicles.
PROJECT 4164An Air Force project aimed at augmenting and sustaining the technology base required for tri-service military communications satellites. Efforts carried out under the program involved development of an airborne SHF (Super High Frequency) distributed phased array antenna, a satellite unfurlable antenna array, a satellite self-managing channelized repeater and a UHF/SHF antenna suitable for use on large high-performance aircraft.
PROJECT 4167An Air Force project that involves exploratory development efforts in the field of avionic systems, in an attempt to develop new concepts and integrated functions.
PROJECT 4200An Air Force project aimed at advancing celestial navigation and guidance technology for aerospace weapon systems essential to the offensive, reconnaissance and support force capabilities of the Air Force.
PROJECT 4335An Air Force project aimed at advancing the state of the art for communication links used on space vehicles, aircraft and on satellites other than communications satellites.
PROJECT 4357An Air Force program aimed at reducing the susceptibility of avionics subsystems to environmental electromagnetic interference. The program involved development of instrumentation to measure and evaluate interfering phenomena and their effects on avionics subsystems.
PROJECT 4367An Air Force project aimed at developing identification friend-or-foe techniques to provide an all-weather, day and night capability to identify airborne radar targets at a range great enough to permit the release of air-to-air missiles.
PROJECT 4421An Air Force project aimed at developing computers and computer technology to satisfy the computational, environmental and reliability requirements of future navigation and guidance systems.
PROJECT 4431An Air Force project aimed at developing new, inertial sensing techniques for use in advanced inertial navigation and guidance systems.
PROJECT 4460An Air Force project aimed at developing new and improved solid state microwave devices and circuits to generate, transmit, receive and control microwave energy.
PROJECT 4600An Air Force Electronic Systems Division project aimed at developing advanced electromagnetic radiation techniques. The project involved theoretical studies on backfire antenna types, circular arrays, ferrite and loop antenna for VHF (Very High Frequency), and self-adaptive feed techniques for paraboloidal mirrors.
PROJECT 4603Designation applied to an Air Force study on long wave propagation and ionospheric interactions. The program involved rocket probes launched to study the ionospheric, absorption and exospheric noise in the VLF/LF (Very Low Frequency) and MF (Medium Frequency) bands.
PROJECT 4608Designation applied to a study undertaken by the Air Force Cambridge Research Labs, which is aimed at determining the radiation damage to solid state electronics. Objectives were to develop techniques of predicting the effects of a radiation environment on performance of solid state electronic devices, develop ways of maximizing the resistance of existing devices to this damage, and design new classes of hardened devices and integrated circuits.
PROJECT 4610Designation applied to an Air Force Electronic Systems Division study on information processing, which involves applied speech research, the study of coding techniques, processing of visual information, and investigation of visual shape perception techniques.
PROJECT 4641An Air Force Electronic Systems Division project involving advanced data processing technology.
PROJECT 4642Designation of an Air Force project aimed at gathering data on re-entry communications problems.
PROJECT 4643Designation applied to an Air Force Electronic Systems division project aimed at developing new interferometer measurement techniques for missile tracing radar systems.
PROJECT 4645Designation applied to an Air Force study of light-matter interaction. Information gathered by the study will be used to support development of more predictable, reliable, damage-free and tunable lasers in the visible and near infrared spectrums. Two major objectives are to decrease the cost of lasers and increase their useful wavelength range.
PROJECT 4648An Air Force Electronic Systems Division project aimed at developing new methods of processing complex information. The work involved a comparison of new, multi-channel data consolidation interpretation procedures with classical techniques such as multi-variate analysis, and demonstrating the utility of new techniques to sensor data processing.
PROJECT 4691Designation of an Air Force Electronic Systems Division study of upper air structure and composition.
PROJECT 4925Designation of an Air Force project aimed at developing advanced penetration aids for aerospace vehicles. The effort involved demonstrating new concepts of degrading the performance of existing and postulated electromagnetic threats to offensive weapons systems.
PROJECT 4928Designation applied to an Air Force project aimed at developing passive spaceborne electromagnetic warfare systems.
PROJECT 4939Designation applied to an Air Force project aimed at developing passive infrared countermeasures systems that will defend air-breathing and spaceborne vehicles against attack from surface, air or space-launched missiles.
PROJECT 5042Designation applied to an Air Force program aimed at developing high-resolution radar sensors for navigation, guidance, weapons delivery and reconnaissance systems used to manned space vehicles.
PROJECT 5102Designation applied to an Air Force program aimed at developing advanced inertial components that can be applied to advanced inertial guidance systems. The program encompassed efforts to develop sensors and precise instruments that could be applied to limited and tactical warfare, and ring lasers for precise inertial sensors.
PROJECT 5177Designation applied to an Air Force effort to develop test methods and test equipment for future guidance systems and guidance system components.
PROJECT 5199Designation applied to an Air Force effort aimed at developing low altitude radar penetration techniques that will permit aircraft and missiles to infiltrate enemy defenses and complete missions under all weather conditions with the highest probability of survival and success.
PROJECT 5201Designation applied to an Air Force effort to advance the state of the art of navigation and guidance subsystems. Advances are sought in such areas as size, weight, power consumption, performance, reliability, reaction time and cost.
PROJECT 5222Designation applied to an Air Force effort to develop an advance airborne meteorological system.
PROJECT 5227Designation of an Air Force effort to develop a self-defense system for aerospace vehicles and advanced fire control systems for tactical aircraft. The planned aerospace vehicle self-defense system would be able to disable the sensor guidance systems of attacking threats.
PROJECT 5237Designation applied to an Air Force project aimed at developing laser technology that can be applied to electromagnetic warfare systems, avionics and communications systems, navigation and guidance systems, weapon delivery and fire control systems and reconnaissance and surveillance systems.
PROJECT 5244Designation applied to an Air Force effort to develop laser techniques for such aerospace applications as satellite to ground and satellite relay communications links, laser imaging and target designation.
PROJECT 5546Designation applied to an Air Force effort to develop materials and techniques that will reduce the radar echo and infrared radiation emitted from aircraft, missiles and spacecraft.
PROJECT 5579Designation applied to an Air Force study on electromagnetic propagation techniques.
PROJECT 5620Designation applied to an Air Force project that involves the study of the effects of radiation on semiconductors, insulators and other electromagnetic material.
PROJECT 5621Designation applied to an Air Force study on the physics of solid state phenomena.
PROJECT 5628Designation applied to an Air Force Electronic Systems division study on advanced communications processes. Objectives were to determine ways of transmitting speech and visual patterns over electrical channels at the least cost and with the smallest loss of information content and quality.
PROJECT 5629Designation applied to an Air Force study on radio astronomy and astrophysics. The program encompassed a series of solar observations aimed at increasing the accuracy of measurement techniques and automating the processing and transmission of data on solar flares and flux.
PROJECT 5631Designation applied to an Air Force Electronic Systems Division effort to determine the ionization effects in the lower ionosphere.
PROJECT 5789An Air Force project believed to be aimed at developing a highly maneuverable air-to-air missile.
PROJECT 5971The Target Acquisition Aid For Electro-Optical Weapons project.
PROJECT 6114An Air Force research project aimed at developing a complete mathematical model which can be computer implemented to synthesize the display presentation of high-resolution ground-mapping radar systems.
PROJECT 6220Designation applied to an Air Force project aimed at developing advanced reconnaissance and surveillance systems and technology for day and night application. Among the areas covered are optical sensors and sensor systems, camera systems, camera controls, image amplifiers, and analysis and evaluation techniques.
PROJECT 6239Designation applied to an Air Force project aimed at developing the ability to quickly predict, simulate, test, analyze and report the characteristics of new reconnaissance equipment concepts and applications.
PROJECT 624Designation applied to the Air Force program under which the first Titan 3A space booster was developed.
PROJECT 6263Designation applied to an Air Force program aimed at developing advanced electro-optical sensing technology, data processing technology and image display technology that can be applied to reconnaissance, surveillance and weapons delivery missions.
PROJECT 6272Designation applied to an Air Force effort to develop advanced reconnaissance data recording materials, and techniques of processing and reproducing reconnaissance data.
PROJECT 6278Designation of an Air Force project aimed at developing new antenna design techniques that are applicable to advanced aero-spaceborne avionics equipment.
PROJECT 638Another designation for PROJECT 823, the Air Force Nuclear Detection Satellite (NDS) developed to detect nuclear explosions in space.
PROJECT 638Designation applied to the Navy's Versatile Avionics Shop Test (VAST).
PROJECT 686FDesignation applied to an Air Force project aimed at developing an advanced aircraft flight simulation complex.
PROJECT 687JDesignation applied to an Air Force Avionics Laboratory project aimed at developing a UHF moderate gain airborne antenna to replace the omni-directional radiator on high speed aircraft.
PROJECT 691CAn Air Force decoy on which Hallicrafters worked.
PROJECT 7062Designation applied to an Air Force project aimed at developing aerospace computer subsystems such as memory devices, logic devices and output devices, for application on future Air Force navigation and guidance systems.
PROJECT 7511A new lightweight air-launched torpedo developed by Marconi Space & Defense Systems.
PROJECT 7820An Air Force Electronic Systems Division program aimed at increasing communications security by reducing the threat of compromising emanations, interception, cryptographic failure of electronic countermeasures.
PROJECT 7844Designation applied to an Air Force project aimed at developing techniques of real time internal damage assessment.
PROJECT 7848Designation applied to an Air Force project aimed at developing advanced scoring techniques for missiles fired at aerospace targets. The program involved study of electromagnetic wave phenomena and measurement techniques, with emphasis on development of instruments that will yield data on distance, direction and the motion characteristics of missiles as they approach target.
PROJECT 7849Designation applied to an Air Force project aimed at developing ways of simulating the parameters of a threat aircraft with aerial targets and drones. The simulation techniques developed would enable the service to give an in-flight evaluation to air-to-air missile guidance and fuzing systems.
PROJECT 823The Air Force designation applied to the Vela satellite developed to detect nuclear explosions.
PROJECT 823Designation applied to the Air Force Nuclear Detection Satellite (NDS) developed to detect nuclear explosions in space. Former designation was PROJECT 638.
PROJECT 949Designation previously applied to the Air Force Integrated Satellite effort. (see Program 647).
PROJECT 980A new Air Force satellite capable of monitoring foreign electromagnetic signals, sponsored by the Air Force Special Projects Office.
PROUD PHANTOMA joint US-Egyptian Air Force exercise, involving F-4 Phantom aircraft of both countries.
PRUNING SAWJoint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) directed and coordinated exercise.
QUICK FINDA Naval object recovery system using California sea lions.
QUICK FIXA computer programmed method of enforcing utilization of applicable theater excess assets before requisitioning from CONUS supply sources.
QUICK FIXA heliborne electronics countermeasures jamming system slated to go on the EH-60A helicopter, and designed to disrupt HF/UHF command and control communications of Soviet infantry and mechanized forces.
QUICK LOOKA data assessment system for the AN/TPQ-37 Counter-Arm Test Program.
QUICK LOOK 1A border surveillance system of radar-directed anti-aircraft artillery by ELINT for use on the OV-1C.
QUICK LOOK IIAn improved accuracy Quick Look 1 for use on the EV-1. The Army system will be an airborne radar emitter location and identification system. United Technology Labs is the contractor.
QUICK PASSThe Air Force 497L Automatic Digital Switch System providing store-and-forward automatic digital switches for integration into automatic digital switching centers of the Defense Communications Systems for secure global communications.
QUICK PATCHCommunications system involving Vandenberg AFB, CA.
QUICK STARTA classified program that was part of the B-52 modification program.
QUICK STRIKEReconnaissance system utilizing RF-4C aircraft. The Air Force's Aeronautical Systems Division is requesting proposals for a tactical Reconnaissance Data Link (TRDL) that would be used initially with Quick Strike but would be slated to become the standard data link for future Air Force applications.
QUICK TURNA Navy program to produce dogfight missiles.
QUIET FORCEA Navy program to reduce radiation of signals from ships to make them more difficult to position.
RANCH HANDAir Force defoliation program in Vietnam.
RAPID ROGERAn Air Force field test exercise to increase the number of F-4C aircraft sorties in Vietnam.
READY EAGLEAn Air Force operation in which a combat flying unit overseas converted to a new aircraft without standing down operationally. Three squadrons of F-15s plus aircrews and maintenance personnel were delivered to Bitburg Air Base, Germany.
RED BARONAir Force study of air-to-air combat, using an XQM-103 RPV.
RED CLOUDA classified Army Electronics Command electronic warfare receiving system.
RED EA classified program of the Naval Sea Systems Command. AACI Inc. is performing technical and management service assistance.
RED FLAGA training program at Nellis AFB, NV, which exposes tactical crews to the most realistic combat simulation that peacetime conditions will allow.
RED MAX ALPHAA three-day Air Force exercise designed to evaluate F-16 aircrews, aircraft, support personnel, and flying and maintenance operations in a wartime environment.
RED MILLName given project under which Raytheon developed the forward-scatter and surveillance system for the USAF 440L Over-The-Horizon Radar (OTHR).
RED SPARROWThe Naval Air Engineering Center (Philadelphia, PA) awarded a contract to Vitro Corp. of America (Silver Spring, MD), in 1971 for technical and analytical support for the RED SPARROW depot maintenance and test program. Under it the Navy selects a group of Sparrow missiles (see SPARROW 3) and follows the group from manufacturer through the various stages of production, inventory and usage, checking on test procedures used to uncover deficiencies in the weapon.
RED TRAINAn Army project under the Army Communications-Electronics Command.
RETRACT SILVERClassified Navy program.
RHYTHM DANCERA coordination action plan, cancelled.
RING TAILAn Air Force fragmentation bomblet designated BLU-49/B.
RITZY PIXA USAF film clip program.
RIVET ACEThe AN/ALQ-117 airborne ECM set used by the Air Force on B-52 aircraft. Developed by ITT Avionics under QRC-510.
RIVET ALIKEStandardized wiring of F/RF aircraft.
RIVET BATA classified modification of F-105F aircraft by the Air Force for use in Southeast Asia. The Dalmo Victor AN/ALR-46(V) radar homing and warning system (RHAW) was used in the project.
RIVET BLASTEmergency Southeast Asia communications and electronics meteorological requirements for the 7th Air Force, cancelled.
RIVET BRASSSpecial purpose C-135 aircraft for the Strategic Air Command.
RIVET BRIGHTAn Air Force corrosion prevention and control program, cancelled.
RIVET BUSH IIModification of a DC-130E aircraft.
RIVET CARDSpecial purpose C-135B Strategic Air Command aircraft.
RIVET CHARGEA program to improve the operational availability of the Univac 1050-11 base supply computer.
RIVET CLAMPSpecial purpose C-130E aircraft.
RIVET CLOUDA logistics program supporting emergency Southeast Asia communication electronics meteorological data, cancelled.
RIVET COLDA jet engine management study task group, cancelled.
RIVET CROWNRecovery of Military Assistance Program/U.K. GCA equipment, cancelled.
RIVET DANDYSpecial purpose C-135A Strategic Air Command aircraft.
RIVET DIGGERA nuclear weapon diagnostic program.
RIVET DIGITAn organic maintenance capability for a Univac 1050 II computer in Southeast Asia, cancelled.
RIVET DOCTORA special mission of the Tactical Air Command involving C-130E aircraft.
RIVET DUKEA special purpose C-130E program.
RIVET EAGLEA special modification to RF-4C Pacific Air Force aircraft.
RIVET FLAREA C-97 training aircraft for the Pacific Air Command.
RIVET GIANTA special mission C-97 Pacific Air Force aircraft.
RIVET GRIPA maintenance management concepts and procedures review, cancelled.
RIVET GUIDEA total maintenance concept study.
RIVET GUNAir Force program for the repair and return of battle-damaged aircraft to the active inventory.
RIVET GYMA modification to the C-121 aircraft.
RIVET GYROA team of Air Force technicians working to find solutions to the problems of high cost and low reliability of aircraft inertial navigation systems. Specifically involved a modification to the F-4D/E ASN-63 inertial navigation system.
RIVET GYRO IIAn improvement to the F-111 AJQ-20A inertial navigation set.
RIVET HAMMERA report of ground CEM equipment status.
RIVET HASTEAn Air Force project designed to improve the air-to-air capability of the F-4D and F-4E. The program was cancelled but new reports link the Air Force and Hazeltine (Greenlawn, NY) to further avionics activity.
RIVET HAWKAn Air Force modification program related to the LGM-30 USGS.
RIVET HOOKA C-123 modification program.
RIVET JOINTAir Force cryptologic intelligence and communications system, involving a modification to the RC-135 aircraft. The Air Force and National Security Agency are putting automatic systems on the aircraft to more quickly locate and identify Soviet radars.
RIVET KINGAn Air Force project to modify Boeing VC-135B transports.
RIVET LOCKA special 7th Air Force mission involving the RB-57E aircraft, cancelled.
RIVET MEASUREAirborne gravity measurement system of the Air Force.
RIVET MILLAn H-34 helicopter conversion program, cancelled.
RIVET MOLDA DH-3C modification program, cancelled.
RIVET PICTURETV display used by the Air Force F-4D aircraft firing the Walleye, cancelled.
RIVET PLANKA B-52D/F wing structural modification, cancelled.
RIVET QUICKA modification to C-135 aircraft, cancelled.
RIVET RACERImproved ECM (Electronic Countermeasures) equipment and engines for the RB-66 aircraft, cancelled.
RIVET RALLYAn Air Force project designed to centralize base-level maintenance organizations in the Air Force.
RIVET RAMBLERAn ECM modification to B-52D aircraft, cancelled.
RIVET RAPA modification of RB-57F for NASA.
RIVET READYImprovements in munitions loading management.
RIVET REDSKINImproved side-looking radar for RF-4C reconnaissance aircraft.
RIVET SAVEA Minuteman crew sleep program modification to reduce personnel number.
RIVET STARCombat reporting posts for India, cancelled.
RIVET STARTA program to improve reliability test methods.
RIVET STEMSpecial mission C-97 USAFE aircraft.
RIVET STOCKSpecial mission C-97 USAFE aircraft.
RIVET SWAPSpecial purpose C-130E program.
RIVET SWITCHProject sponsored by USAF to modernize control tower transceivers. The AN/GRC-168 is involved. AF Ogden Logistics Center is negotiating with GTE Sylvania (Needham, MA).
RIVET TIDEA special mission C-130B program.
RIVET TOPA special purpose Air Force EC-121 aircraft.
RIVET TRIMECM (Electronic Countermeasures) equipment for the Air Force Gunship II program.
RIVET VICTORSpecial purpose C-130S aircraft.
RIVET WAGONModification of twelve C-130 aircraft with an airborne warning capability, cancelled.
RIVET YANKSpecial purpose C-130E program.
RIVET YARDSpecial purpose C-130E program, cancelled.
ROAD RUNNERAn Army laser system designed to destroy night vision devices and other sensors.
ROMAN SHIELDNew name of PROJECT DRAWSTRING real time intelligence relay system. Roman Shield will use large scale computer centers to analyze direction-finding signals tracking aircraft, missiles, and ships around the world. Two or more direction finding fixes off electronic signals emitted from the vehicles will be calculated to pinpoint the location in real time.
ROVING BEARIdentified as a search lock receiver under development for the Army by Sylvania.
ROYAL KNIGHTOne of a series of regularly-scheduled NATO training exercises designed to test the readiness and effectiveness of the NATO Striking Fleet Atlantic to provide support to the Allied Command Europe.
RUSTY BOLTA project under the Naval Research Laboratory.
SABER ACQUIREAn A-10 night and adverse weather enhancement program.
SABER ADVANCEThe capability of Tactical Air Command airlift aircraft to accompany forward movement and unit movement tasks.
SABER ADVANTAGEAn examination of exploitable asymmetries between the US and USSR.
SABER AIRLIFTThe effectiveness of airlift forces, an analysis for FY78 to FY85.
SABER ALERTAnalyses of pre-launch survival of strategic bombers, cancelled.
SABER AMMOAn evaluation of conventional munitions by the Air Force.
SABER ARMORAn investigation of the effectiveness of air delivered munitions against armor.
SABER ARMOR CHARLIEA computerized war game conducted by the Air Force between the Fairchild A-10A and the modified LTV A-7 Corsair, which found the A-10A superior.
SABER ASSUREAnalysis of U.S. and Soviet forces within a SAL agreement.
SABER ATCAA comparison evaluation of advanced tanker/cargo aircraft candidates.
SABER ATTRITIONA vulnerability, survivability, force attrition analysis of AMST.
SABER BAREBare dual and permanent basing deployment concepts for the F-4 TFW, cancelled.
SABER BARRIERAnalysis of Force requirements for AWACS, cancelled.
SABER CARA calculation of aircraft requirements.
SABER CHARGETrade-off among Tactical Air Command air interdiction aircraft, cancelled.
SABER COMPAREA comparative flight evaluation of the YA-10 and A-7D.
SABER CONTROLConcepts for improved capabilities concerning command and control of Tactical Air Command Air Force programs.
SABER COUNTERAn evaluation of the Air Force Director of General Purpose & Airlift Studies of penetration aids used by tactical aircraft.
SABRE COUNTER ECHOA 1975 study of the operational effectiveness of the EF-111A aircraft against Soviet radars; A simulation carried out by the Air Force.
SABER CREWAn analysis of tactical aircrew ratios.
SABER CROSSA Soviet TRIAD disarming study, cancelled.
SABER DEEPAir Force study of strategic missile system vulnerability.
SABER DEFENDSelf-defense systems for Strategic Airlift aircraft.
SABER DEFENDERAn evaluation conducted by the Air Force of the air defense capability generated by the mixture of interceptors, AWACS (Airborne Warning & Control System) and the Over-The-Horizon Radar systems, cancelled.
SABER DELIVERA comparative analysis of alternate forces for Tactical Air Command airlift aircraft during the 1980s.
SABER DENYAn interdiction and logistic model of a Tactical Air Command aircraft.
SABER DOLLARAn economic analysis of Tactical Fighter forces.
SABER DRONE IAn application of drone operational performance in Southeast pursuant to concepts of RPV employment in Europe.
SABER ENGAGEQuantification of interceptor effectiveness factors.
SABER EVOLVEEvaluation of the US FYDP strategic force retaliatory potential 1974 to 1983.
SABER EXECUTEAnalysis of the airborne EAM system for STOP execution.
SABER FIREOverall evaluation of Tactical Air Command forces.
SABER FORCEEvaluation of tactical fighter force mixes, cancelled.
SABER GRADEFactors bearing on the selective retention of senior Air Force officers.
SABER GRANDTrade-offs among all forces involved in Tactical warfare.
SABER GUARDSoutheast Asia lane defense program.
SABER HAULEvaluation of the capability of strategic airlift forces.
SABER HEALTHA cost analysis of air force medical treatment facilities.
SABER HEATA B-1 infrared study.
SABER HITVALEvaluation of the effects of an aircraft special program on the operational effectiveness of Anti-Aircraft Artillery.
SABER INTERCEPTAn analysis of the ABM system, cancelled.
SABER INTRUDERFactors that influence Bomber/Fighter interceptor engagement.
SABER ISLANDAn assessment of long-term Pacific basing requirements.
SABER JETEvaluation of air-to-air capability.
SABER LANCE IVEvaluation of alternative strategic force structures, cancelled.
SABER LANCE VIIEvaluation of alternative strategic force structures.
SABER LANCE IXEvaluation of alternative strategic forces.
SABER LANCERA study of various alternative strategic force structures by the Air Force.
SABER LAUNCHAn examination of pre-launch survivability of AWACS aircraft.
SABER LIFTEvaluation of the Air Force tactical airlift capability, cancelled.
SABER LIGHTAn analysis of the contribution of the Air Combat Fighter to air defense programs.
SABER LOGMobility forces support of the major deployment of U.S. forces to NATO in Europe.
SABER MAINTENANCEAn analysis of maintenance and resupply concepts for wartime support of forces.
SABER MAPMilitary Assistance Program exercise of interdiction campaigns in Europe, cancelled.
SABER MARINERA program to study the vulnerability of U.S. Southeast Asia lift cargo ships, cancelled.
SABER MEASURESA study of the impact on the war outcomes of alternative force postures, cancelled.
SABER MISSILEAlternative courses for the U.S. ICBM force.
SABER MIXA resource analysis of TF forces and A/G munitions.
SABER PATHPenetration aids for strategic bombers, cancelled.
SABER PENETRATORAir Force study of penetration aids for manned bombers, cancelled.
SABER PENETRATOR IIIAn evaluation of attack concepts for strategic bombers in the 1980s, cancelled.
SABER PENETRATOR IVEvaluation of PSAC long range stand-off missile concepts, cancelled.
SABER PENETRATOR VEvaluation of the need for SCAD on the B-1 and on mixed force B-1s and B-52s, cancelled.
SABER PENETRATOR V-AEvaluation of the need for SCAD on the B-52, cancelled.
SABER PENETRATOR VIAn examination of the contribution of the Air Launched Cruise Missile to Strategic Bomber effectiveness.
SABER PROTECTORAn analysis of the capability of strategic A/D forces to defend against atmospheric threats.
SABER RANGERA strategic bomber range payload study, cancelled.
SABER RAVENA numerical measure of ECM effectiveness for selected strategic penetrations.
SABER READINESSFactors affecting the state of preparation of U.S. forces.
SABER READYA USAF munitions and basing consideration study in Central Europe, cancelled.
SABER REEFA comparison of the cost of delivery of conventional bombs from strategic bombers by the Navy, cancelled.
SABER REFUELAir Force tanker aircraft requirements.
SABER SAFEMinuteman pre-launch survivability program.
SABER SCAN IIA classified Air Force study on the E-3A AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control System) program demonstrating that it is possible to jam AWACS with low cost enemy equipment.
SABER SCRAMBLEA program to study the survivability of air defense intercept capabilities against SLBM attack, cancelled.
SABER SCREENAllocations of aircraft in the Counter-air campaign, cancelled.
SABER SECUREA Minuteman rebasing program.
SABER SELECTA comparative analysis of aircraft candidates for the next intercept requirement.
SABER SENSORStudy by the Air Force of the effectiveness of the aerial interdiction campaign in Southeast Asia, cancelled.
SABER SENTRYAn analysis of A/D intercept requirement to maintain surveillance in peacetime of the U.S. air space.
SABER SHELTERAnalysis of NATO tactical aircraft unit in combat operations from a dispersed shelter.
SABER SIGMAAn analysis of the effectiveness of conventional aerial weapons with various delivery accuracies.
SABER SILENCERAn analysis of suppression of emitters of an enemy air defense system.
SABER SILOAn evaluation of the survival of U.S. ICBMs to 1985 and beyond.
SABER SIZEAn analysis of equipment contained in each type of Army unit.
SABER SORTIEAn Air Force sortie readiness and selected analysis.
SABER SPIKEAn evaluation of CONUS manned interceptor in an anti-satellite role, cancelled.
SABER STARAn evaluation of the concepts for employment of the tactical reconnaissance force.
SABER STOCKCost and capability implications of alternate mixes of A/G munitions, cancelled.
SABER STOLAn alternate program for modernizing the tactical airlift force, cancelled.
SABER STREAKAn evaluation of long range SAM for CONUS area defense, cancelled.
SABER STRETCHAn analysis of the proposed stretched FB-111.
SABER STROBEAnalysis and evaluation of the measures of electronic warfare effectiveness and support data.
SABER SURVIVORThe survival of aircraft forces as a result of attack by an SLBM.
SABER SWORDThe selected use of theatre nuclear forces.
SABER TABLEAn air defense force and effectiveness study, cancelled.
SABER TANKAn attack of tanks, cancelled.
SABER TANKERAn analysis of USAF air refueling requirements, cancelled.
SABER TASKA total-force, task-oriented approach to the determination of war-room requirements.
SABER TERMINALThe low altitude penetration of Soviet surface-to-air terminal missiles.
SABER THRUSTA study of the requirements for mobility support forces maintained by the Air Force, cancelled.
SABER TIGERAn Air Force study to define the flight envelope characteristics of the AH-1G helicopter, cancelled.
SABER TIGER IIA simulation of aircraft attrition to surface based weapons.
SABER TRANSITAn aircraft reception capability of NATO airfields.
SABER TRANSIT BAircraft reception capability of NATO airfields, cancelled.
SABER TRANSPORTA study of the effectiveness of tactical airlift forces.
SABER UTILIZATIONWartime utilization rates and costs of tactical airlift forces.
SABER VALUEA cost effectiveness methodology for force structural analysis.
SABER VIEWAn evaluation of the .effectiveness of tactical fighter forces, cancelled.
SABER VOLUNTEERAn analysis of problems relating to an all-volunteer Air Force.
SABER WARRIORAn examination of the effectiveness of tactical Air Force against 1980 central Europe threats.
SABER WINGSA study of pilot proficiency flying, cancelled.
SABER YUKONAn evaluation of the air defense mission in Alaska.
SACRED CENTURIONSupport of operation CENTURION, cancelled.
SACRED HELPA survey of auxiliary Chaplains, cancelled.
SAFE HAVENA program reserved for the State Department.
SAFE LOOKAcquisition, development, installation, and checkout of specialized equipment for base defense.
SAFE NESTInstallation of intrusion detection equipment in USAFE.
SAFE PAPERDeclassification of records.
SAFE PROGRAMAn Air Force program for acquiring and deploying security equipment under the Electronic Systems Division.
SAFE RAMPAn Air Force project on an entry control system to improve and semi-automate the present man-oriented badge-type system. The security system is for SAC alert aircraft.
SAFE WINDA down-channel security alerting order.
SAFER GUARD IIAn economic analysis of USAF capabilities for Southeast Asia lane defense.
SAILOR HATSimulated nuclear air blasts carried out in Hawaii in 1965. Project Dive Under is a follow-on to this project.
SALTY BEEAir Force exercise to demonstrate NATO readiness and give crews and support personnel training in the European environment.
SAUCE PANA classified Naval Electronic Systems Command program. Sanders is thought to be involved.
SAVAGE ARROWMajor conventional explosive accidents within USAFSO.
SAVAGE BOXERUSAFSO support of an annual attack response exercise, cancelled.
SAVAGE THUNDERTactical air control parties for brigade field training exercise, cancelled. by Cincinnati Electronics for the Defense Communications Agency.
SAVILLE BANCROFTA classified family of secure radios being developed by Cincinnati Electronics for the Defense Communications Agency.
SAVILLE VINCENTA classified family of secure radios being developed by Texas Instruments for the Defense Communications Agency.
SCENIC HARVESTA US/Vietnam team in conjunction with the CORONA HARVEST program.
SCOPE DIALAir Force program which will replace electromechanical switching systems at 28 bases worldwide with digital telecommunications systems. Funding will be over a five-year period beginning in FY81, with procurement managed by the Sacramento Air Logistics Center. Northern Telecom is the prime contractor.
SCOPE BITPCM/TDM test and evaluation.
SCOPE CAPA cable assessment program.
SCOPE COLORA color conversion program.
SCOPE CONTROLThe Air Force's code name for the popularly known Priscilla Ellen full-duplex, point-to-point communications system.
SCOPE CORALCommunications, electronic and meteorological support attending the Presidential aircraft for operation in and out of Homestead AFB, FL.
SCOPE CREEKTest and evaluation of Air Force wideband communications systems, cancelled.
SCOPE CROWNTraining of Air Force personnel on Video and Audio Equipment Maintenance.
SCOPE DAWNAn Air Force project involving modification of presidential ground communication terminals.
SCOPE DIGITFeldberg-Augsburg-Coltano digital upgrade program.
SCOPE HAMMERPhase I of a Pacific Air Force interim automated command and control system.
SCOPE HEADA communication support program to the Eastern and Western Test Range.
SCOPE PACERAn automatic digital message switch program.
SCOPE PATTERNA communications program of the Sacramento Air Logistics Center.
SCOPE PAYROLLA portion of an integrated joint communications system in the Pacific.
SCOPE PICTURETV for the Army in Europe.
SCOPE RESPONSEA US Intelligence program involving European readiness initiatives to enhance our combat readiness in support of NATO.
SCOPE SAFEA system which provides a secure ground-air-ground digital voice and high speed teletype communications system in support of Special Air Mission aircraft, such as those of the president, vice president and other military executive aircraft, cancelled.
SCOPE SANDCommunications between Diyarbakir, Turkey, and Central Europe.
SCOPE SCOOPCommunications support for Project 437.
SCOPE SIGNALA high frequency single sideband (HF/SSB) radio system for the Worldwide Scope Signal Phase III System configured as three CONUS HF Stations at McClellan AFB, Andrews AFB and Offutt AFB.
SCOPE SQUEEKA VHF/UHF communications program, cancelled.
SEA CLIFFNavy program under the David W. Taylor Naval Ship Research and Development Center.
SEA DRONE IAn unmanned, self-propelled instrument platform for operation on the surface and to depths of 20,000 feet. It includes two pressure spheres designed to carry a variety of instruments and equipment for various undersea missions and uses a unique acoustical system for guidance and control.
SEA ECHOA high-frequency radar program being conducted by the Naval Research Laboratory and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to predict destructive wave activity.
SEA FENCEA naval program to use small hydrofoils armed with modified SAM-D missiles as picket ships to protect large surface ships from air attack.
SEA FOXNavy planning boat.
SEA HEARA secure digital communications system, studied by Ford Aerospace & Communications for Naval Ship Systems Command.
SEA KNIFEStudy of ship configurations.
SEA LINKA series of NATO symposiums conducted at the US Naval Academy.
SEA LITEA Navy program to determine the kill capability of lasers against various targets.
SEA LOGA classified Navy project.
SEA MISTNavy submarine program involving Tracor, under Naval Sea Systems Command.
SEA NETTLEA mine countermeasures project under SSC (Ship Systems Command) and the Mine Defense Lab at Panama City, FL. Large parts of this project are classified.
SEA NYMPHAn integrated satellite and shipboard electronic signal collection system that will be developed by the Navy to enable identification of the nature and sources of unknown radar and communications signals collected by destroyers by correlating data with information from satellite sensors. Navy refers to it as a Submarine Electronic Warfare Support System using an AN/WLQ-4.
SEA ROCK IIA measurement system developed by GTE Sylvania for Naval Electronic Systems Command.
SEA SCOUTA plan to add a stage to the Polaris missile and make it into a launch vehicle for a recon device.
SEA SEEA plastic bubble mounted on a catamaran, which can be lowered with up to three people inside to observe marine life near the surface. This project was conducted at the Naval Underseas Warfare Center.
SEA SENSEProject SEA SENSE is an in-house evaluation of the Navy's NOMAD (Navy Oceanographic Meteorological Automatic Device), a deep-ocean-moored buoy reporting environmental data. The project is funded by the Naval Air Systems Command. Presently, experimental buoys are located off the California Coast, and in the Gulf of Mexico.
SEA SHEDA proposed system for handling oversized cargo on container ships.
SEA SITEAn Electronic Warfare Simulation program.
SEA STARA concept for having a TV camera in the nose of a probe to send local information back to the launching site.
SEA WATCHA radar beacon that provides radar equipped vessels with accurate range and bearing data and station identification. The system is in service with more than 12 maritime nations.
SEA WATCHOffice of Naval Research program involving Systems Development Corp. SEAWATCH III involves Softech (Waltham, MA).
SEA WINGA Sylvania built surveillance system, (AN/ALR-40) which enables the three-man crew of the McDonnell Douglas EA-3 aircraft to maintain surveillance of electromagnetic activity, with the majority of threats located in L, S and C bands.
SEE FASTA reconnaissance-gathering system for the Air Force which used up to three RB-66 aircraft, two equipped with television, IR (Infrared) and side-looking radar sensors, which transmitted information to a third relay plane; in turn, it sent the information to ground-based Airborne Battlefield Command and Control Center (ABCCC) war room for real-time display.
SEE HAWKA Northrop forward-looking infrared system that will be installed on the HH-65A Dolphin short range recovery helicopters that the Coast Guard is procuring from Aerospatiale.
SEE SAFEAnalysis designed to determine aircraft survivability equipment requirements for Army Security Agency special mission aircraft.
SEE SAMThe Air Force AN/ALR-31 Electronic Countermeasures receiver developed by Loral to provide tactical aircraft with a Surface-to-Air Missile (SAM) warning and homing capability.
SEE SAM BRAVOA project associated with the Quick Reaction Capability (QRC), Air Force, which provides surface-to-air missile homing and warning aircraft.
SEE SAWAirborne electronic warfare equipment.
SEED BRONCOIntroduction of the Air Force OV-10A aircraft into the inventory.
SEED CIRCLEBelieved to be the installation of the Army AN/FLR-9 ECM set at Udorn AFB, Thailand. (See also LIFETIME.)
SEED CLEARModifications to the Air Force AN/FPS-27 frequency diversity radar used in the 416L (see SAGE) system. The modifications included the addition of a coded pulse anti-clutter system and a side-lobe blanking capability.
SEED CUPSThe 436M Seed Cups program is a time-phased replacement of the Strategic Air Command computers with third-generation hardware and accompanying software.
SEED HAWKAir Force designation for the Navy's AGM-78A Standard Arm missile.
SEED JOYThe AGM-12E Bullpup missile.
SEED MIXA correction by the Air Force of the deficiencies in the interface between the F-105 aircraft and its AGM-12C Bullpup missile.
SEED PROOFAn improvement program for the AIM-7E and AIM-7E-2 Sparrow missiles. Raytheon performed the work for the Naval Air Systems Command.
SEED SESAMEAn ECM (Electronic Countermeasures) family of noise jammer pods for Air Force F-4 Phantom aircraft.
SEED SOURCEA secure automatic voice switching system used by the JCS (Joint Chiefs of Staff) (see AUTOSEVOCOM).
SEED SPREADERA special automatic message switching system which is part of the 497L Automatic Digital Switch System.
SEED TANGOProcurement of the AN/ALQ-71 electronic countermeasures pod by the USAF. The noise jammer is mounted in a pod hung from the wings of F-100, F-105, F-4, F-101 and A-7D aircraft to counter enemy tracking and missile guidance radars.
SEED TREEThe Air Force 493L Southeast Asia undersea coastal cable communications system with five shore terminals in Vietnam and one in Thailand, and tied in with U.S. Defense Communications System.
SEED WEASELAn improvement program associated with the AGM-45 Shrike missile.
SEEDED JAMMERAn Army project under the Harry Diamond Laboratories.
SEEK ABLEThe Air Force designation for the Airborne Battlefield Command and Control Center (ABCCC).
SEEK ANGELAn evaluation of actions necessary to improve the combat aircrew recovery capability of the Air Force, cancelled.
SEEK BANDITClassified Air Force program.
SEEK BANGA nuclear Walleye missile for the F-4D.
SEEK BATAn Air Force high-altitude air-to-air missile built by General Dynamics. Designed to pursue the Soviet MIG-25 Foxbat.
SEEK BEERSystems improvements to the APX-85 on EC-121T aircraft.
SEEK BIRDIEA 1st Air Force aircraft munitions and stores compatibility certification program.
SEEK BOGEYA 1st Air Force aircraft munitions and stores compatibility certification program.
SEEK BURSTA test and evaluation program for a Digital Message Entry System (DMESO).
SEEK BUSNow called JTIDS; it was a program to develop and demonstrate a time ordered, secure, jam resistant digital ground-air-ground and air-air communications system. It was program 634B of the Air Force Systems Command/Electronic Systems Division.
SEEK CAPA term for the International fighter aircraft.
SEEK CARGOAn Air Force ground communications system to improve management of combat airlift in SEA (Southeast Asia). It was intended to facilitate the command and control of airlift forces during resupply and evacuation operations at airfields in austere combat areas. The solid state, miniaturized system is compact and simple to operate.
SEEK CHARLIEA ground-air detection system.
SEEK CLIFFA classified Air Force project.
SEEK CLOUDA modification of 12 C-130B aircraft for storm reconnaissance, cancelled.
SEEK COMMAn anti-jam system being developed for the Air Force at the MIT Lincoln Laboratory.
SEEK DATAA comprehensive command and control system for tactical air operations in Southeast Asia. Under contract to the Air Force, Control Data will improve and enhance the capability of operating units and commanders by evolving and putting into operation a complete system of computers, including software.
SEEK DAWNThe 416P Southeast Asia high-frequency communications system for air intercept control and linked with other Air Force communications systems in Southeast Asia.
SEEK DIGITA program to define advanced tactical command and control capabilities. Its emphasis is on modernization of the Advanced Command & Control Function, improving the response time of the Tactical Air Control Systems (TACS).
SEEK DUSTA low altitude parachute extraction system (LAPES) for use in Southeast Asia, cancelled.
SEEK EAGLEAn Air Force Armament Development Lab program covering the entire field of aircraft delivery of munitions and effectiveness of munitions, including new and improved delivery methods and better munitions. F-16 aircraft will be used in this test program at Eglin AFB, FL.
SEEK FACEAn interface between KG-35 aircraft and a digital communications system.
SEEK FLEXA program to develop secure automated tactical air control centers for use by the Tactical Air Command. Believed to be linked to the 407L Tactical Air Control System (TACS).
SEEK FOURA B-52 re-engine study.
SEEK FREELYAn Air Force program. Raytheon is currently under contract to Aeronautical Systems Division for classified development work.
SEEK FROSTA program to replace the existing Distant Early Warning (DEW) Line with a system of totally unattended short-range radars and support equipment, providing enhanced coverage and higher probability of detection of bomber attack in the northern approach regions to the North American continent.
SEEK GASAn in-flight refueling device for the use of HH-3 helicopters from HC-130 tankers, cancelled.
SEEK GLIDECelesco Industries is conducting flight tests of a modular guided glide bomb (MGGB) for the Air Force under this code name.
SEEK GUNA program related to a gun pod.
SEEK HANDLEAn R&D program for materials, cancelled.
SEEK HIGHA tactical airborne fusion system.
SEEK IGLOOA radar system, relatively maintenance free, to perform surveillance and height finding capability for the Air Force Systems Command. It will enhance the DEW (Distant Early Warning System). It is also known as Robot Radars. Involves AF Electronic Systems Division and ITT Gilfillan and Westinghouse.
SEEK LAUNCHERA test project integrated program for air base defense.
SEEK LIFTPart of the SEEK CARGO program.
SEEK LONGAn Over-The-Horizon Radar for use in Southeast Asia.
SEEK MATCHThe addition and interface of AN/GPA-125 to AN/TPS-43.
SEEK MATERadios for EC-121T aircraft for Southeast Asia.
SEEK MAXF-4E leading edge slats.
SEEK NEEDDevelopment of a manpacked, ground-based radar bombing system.
SEEK NIGHTA multiple integrated systems test program.
SEEK ORANGEClassified Air Force program.
SEEK PARA 1st Air Force aircraft munitions and stores compatibility certification program.
SEEK PLACEAn Air Force program to install LORAN-C/D avionics equipment in aircraft.
SEEK POINTDesign, development and fabrication of AN/TPB-1A radar system to improve tactical bombing capabilities. It is program 642A of the Air Force Systems Command/Electronic Systems Division.
SEEK PRIMEA precedence rating for select critical items.
SEEK PULSEA nuclear survivability evaluation of Air Force systems.
SEEK SAILA radar under development by the Air Force for its Spacetrack system. It will be located in the Southwest Pacific and provide information to the Aerospace Defense Command on new satellites during their initial orbit.
SEEK SCADResearch and Development of the Air Force AGM-86A Subsonic Cruise Armed Decoy (SCAD).
SEEK SCOREAn Air Force radar scoring system to test aircrew bombing accuracy. It is being developed by Sierra Research Corp., Buffalo, NY, for Electronic Systems Division.
SEEK SCRAPAn improved ECM system.
SEEK SCREENAn in-house development at Rome Air Development Center aimed at testing the vulnerability of surface radars to electronic countermeasures. Tested were the TPS-43 and TPS-44 radars.
SEEK SEEAn air-to-air identification program.
SEEK SENTRYAn effort to develop long range surveillance radars for Iran, now cancelled. The program was formerly the Peace Crown program. Seek Sentry was to be a modified manual air defense system using a rate-aided manually initiated tracking (RAMIT) capability.
SEEK SETA dual band radar beacon program.
SEEK SHIELDPurchase of tropo-antennas for project SOLID SHIELD 75.
SEEK SILENCESecure speech equipment for Tactical Air Command air-to-ground communication.
SEEK SINProgram 474N of the Air Force Systems Command/Electronic Systems Division. It provides a computer programming support facility at Laredo, TX, for further development of Surface-Launched Ballistic Missile (SLBM) software and associated training. It also provides a back-up capability for SLBM operational data processing subsystem.
SEEK SKYProject Mentor.
SEEK SKYHOOKA joint USAF/DARPA study to explore the use of helicopter and balloon-borne S-band radars to perform ground surveillance functions. A Space & Missile Test Center project involving Aydin Energy (Palo Alto, CA).
SEEK SNOOPAn air-launched missile for aircraft defense.
SEEK SOCA defense suppression program.
SEEK SPECTREAir Force program under the Electronic Systems Division.
SEEK STARA multi-mode communications transmission system development associated with the TRI-TAC program.
SEEK STORMA weather radar development effort underway by the Air Force with the objective of providing forecasters information to predict more accurately where storms will strike and to provide maps showing where heaviest rainfalls will occur.
SEEK STRAWAn Air Force project for the planning and preparation and support of nuclear weapons tests.
SEEK SWITCHAn Iranian military command and control communications network.
SEEK TALKAn Air Force jam resistant secure voice communications system used to provide reliable air-to-air and air-to-ground communications in an ECM (Electric Countermeasure) environment. A Rome Air Development Center project with contracts to E-Systems, General Electric, Hazeltine and Magnavox.
SEEK TELLA telemetry system for testing air-to-air missiles, to monitor critical missile subsystems such as guidance and fuze and detect any failure during flight.
SEEK TIEA global data link.
SEEK TIMEA demonstration of overland radar techniques aboard an Air Force EC-121K aircraft.
SEEK WHEELSAn F-4 development & test program.
SENIOR BALLShipment of material directed by USAF.
SENIOR BOOKA project under which Lockheed U-2 aircraft engaged in intelligence collecting missions over Communist China.
SENIOR CLASSShipment of material directed by Headquarters USAF.
SENIOR CLUBShipment of materiel directed by USAF.
SENIOR CROWNThe YF-12A/SR-71 program, funding and details classified.
SENIOR DAGGERA test & evaluation exercise performed by Control Data Corp. for Air Force Rome Air Development Center for purposes of reconnaissance. It may involve flights of Lockheed SR-71 reconnaissance aircraft in Southeast Asia.
SENIOR DANCEA headquarters USAF directed logistical support program.
SENIOR GAMEA military item shipping designation.
SENIOR HIGHA research and development program.
SENIOR LANCEA headquarters USAF directed support of an operational test project.
SENIOR MATCHShipment of supplies.
SENIOR OPENA headquarters USAF directed support project.
SENIOR PACEA headquarters USAF directed support project.
SENIOR PEGA data compilation project.
SENIOR PLAYA headquarters USAF directed shipment of material.
SENIOR PROMA military item shipping designator.
SENIOR RUBYAn ELINT system being added to U-2 aircraft, involving Lockheed Missiles & Space (Sunnyvale, CA), under direction of the Air Force 2750 Air Base Wing, Wright-Patterson AFB.
SENIOR STARA DX production rating for a classified project.
SENIOR STRETCHSpecial project logistical support program.
SENIOR TEAMA headquarters USAF directed support project.
SENIOR YEARA new Air Force program once included under the element "Reconnaissance Drone Operations." It is believed to be related to the other SENIOR programs engaging in intelligence collection and reconnaissance.
SENTINEL ALLOYLand gravity surveys in support of the Minuteman system, cancelled.
SENTINEL BABYRetention of records of foreign air attache personnel accredited to the U.S.
SENTINEL BRIGHTA Voice Processing Training System being developed for the Air Force under the Electronic Systems Division. This system will modernize cryptologic voice processing training capabilities.
SENTINEL CAMELIdentifies certain projects and associated resources.
SENTINEL CELTAcquisition of foreign materiel.
SENTINEL CHANCEIdentified certain programs and projects for funding purposes, cancelled.
SENTINEL COPEA specialized positioning experiment, cancelled.
SENTINEL DATEA non-deployable geodetic photographic data base.
SENTINEL EAGLEThe USAF portion of a joint Army/Air Force project, cancelled.
SENTINEL FRIENDRestructure of an Air Force Human Intelligence system, cancelled.
SENTINEL GALA helicopter gravity measuring system, cancelled.
SENTINEL GLOBEIdentifies certain projects and associated resources.
SENTINEL JETA study and development of world-wide concepts of Air Force intelligence operations.
SENTINEL KEEPA photographic processing program.
SENTINEL LACEImproved positional accuracies in support of USAF programs, cancelled.
SENTINEL LEOIdentification of a certain program and project for funding purposes, cancelled.
SENTINEL LOCKA deployable geodetic photographic data base.
SENTINEL MARKA photographic processing program.
SENTINEL MISTCurrently the COBRA MIST program.
SENTINEL MIXRealignment of functions program.
SENTINEL MOOSEIdentified certain projects and associated resources.
SENTINEL MOTHERDevelopment of E&E aids, cancelled.
SENTINEL PADA mensuration project at ACIC, cancelled.
SENTINEL PANDAIdentified certain projects and associated resources.
SENTINEL PAYA highly classified intelligence project for which funds were used to update obsolete equipment.
SENTINEL ROBOTBiographical data on one time source and refugees, cancelled.
SENTINEL ROUGEAn assessment of the Soviet general war system.
SENTINEL SALVAGEIdentified certain projects and associated resources.
SENTINEL SAMIdentified certain projects for funding purposes.
SENTINEL SARAModification and deployment of special purpose platforms, cancelled.
SENTINEL SCOREA management concept for acquisition, utilization and career development of human intelligence personnel.
SENTINEL SCRAMBLEA visit abroad of the Air Tactics Team, cancelled.
SENTINEL SEEKIdentified certain projects and associated resources.
SENTINEL SHOTGUNIdentified certain projects for funding purposes.
SENTINEL SIGMAA photographic standardization program.
SENTINEL SIGNALA special intelligence training program, cancelled.
SENTINEL SIGNAL IA special intelligence training program.
SENTINEL SLAMProvided for navigational systems support to the Air Defense Command, cancelled.
SENTINEL STRINGA special modification of the CT-29 aircraft, cancelled.
SENTINEL STUDYIdentified certain projects and associated resources.
SENTINEL SWOOPAirlift program in support of special requirements, cancelled.
SENTINEL TARA tactical air intelligence review, cancelled.
SENTINEL TUNAIdentified certain projects and associated resources.
SENTRY KEEPTemporary storage of F-100 aerospace ground equipment at a Savannah, GA training site, cancelled.
SENTRY SABREAir National Guard F-100 temporary storage at Tucson, AZ.
SERVICE BURSTA comparison test of M427 and MK-352 fuzes, cancelled.
SERVICE DORMLogistics actions relating to all volunteer Air Force personnel, cancelled.
SERVICE SHIFTWar-room I project Code 121-war consumables.
SERVICE SKIA spares kit improvement and USAF war readiness kit study, cancelled.
SERVICE STAMPStandard air munitions packages for mobility support.
SERVICE STARA program to test reliability of the ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile) re-entry system.
SERVICE VOLUNTEERLogistic actions relating to an all volunteer Air Force, cancelled.
SESAME SEEDAn electronic counter-measures system manufactured by Westinghouse for Air Force F-4 aircraft.
SEVEN BAGSA survey of USAF commissaries, cancelled.
SEVEN BEARSSpecial technical security support for SAF.
SEVEN BUCKSIncentive awards for narcotics investigations.
SEVEN BULLDOGSSpecial OSI criminal operation.
SEVEN CHARGESA survey of AAFES Braniff air travel credit cards, cancelled.
SEVEN DIAMONDSSpecial OSI criminal investigations.
SEVEN DOLLARSIncentive awards for criminal investigations.
SEVEN EASTSIDESpecial personnel security investigations project.
SEVEN ERASSpecialized activities in connection with technical surveys.
SEVEN FIELDSSpecialized activities in connection with technical surveys.
SEVEN FLOODSA line between the Republic of Korea and Japanese police authorities.
SEVEN HAWKAFPMR name checks, cancelled.
SEVEN HIGHA preliminary report.
SEVEN KEYSTechnical security survey of secure communication centers.
SEVEN LANESAFOSI CI/DVP training in the Philippines.
SEVEN LEDGERSA survey of USAF non-appropriated funds, cancelled.
SEVEN PAGESAn OSI-DOD security project.
SEVEN PARKSA security project for AFCVAFL.
SEVEN PENNIESCY74 fraud investigative surveys.
SEVEN REELSA worldwide investigative survey, cancelled.
SEVEN ROSESA special technical survey, cancelled.
SEVEN SAVINGSA survey of AAFES facilities CY74.
SEVEN SHECKLESA survey of USAF non-appropriated funds 1973, cancelled.
SEVEN SHIPSDignitarial protection training for the Panama National Guard, cancelled.
SEVEN STUDAn operation in support of AAFES.
SEVEN STUFFINGSShipments of AAFES merchandise by vendors, cancelled.
SEVEN TALESA survey of AAFES facilities CY73, cancelled.
SEVEN TIMESRecurring technical security surveys under AFR-124-14.
SEVEN TRAVELSA survey of temporary duty travel of PACES civilian personnel, cancelled.
SEVEN WARRIORSProject homecoming interviews.
SEVEN WINDMILLSA Dutch forces countermeasures training program.
SHED LIGHTThe overall Air Force designation for R&D and production effort in some 75 programs to develop night time sensor, illumination and weapons systems to improve the capability of aircraft to find, target and attack hostile forces, or facilitate attack by ground forces.
SHIP TEASERThe AN/ALQ-91 Electronic Counter-Measure set built by Magnavox for Air Force aircraft but also installed on ships.
SHORT SPIKEA shortened version of the Pave Spike laser designator pod, proposed by Westinghouse for mounting under the fuselage of the F-16 aircraft.
SHORT TRIPTesting of conventional air dropped munitions.
SILENT JOE 2Part of a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency effort to locate and destroy hard targets by clandestine means, including unmanned airships.
SILENT SENTRYThe AN/PPS-3 and -4 portable surveillance radar developed by Sperry and produced by the company, as well as by Aeronca, for the Army. Weighing approximately 140 pounds, it provides target information to the operator via a doppler tone and is limited to one target at a time. Steering of the signal is performed manually.
SILVER BALLAn ECM (Electronic Countermeasures) related project connected with the Quick Reaction Capability (QRC) program in the Air Force (see QRC).
SILVER DOLLARThree Air Force planes set aside as National Emergency Airborne Command Posts. At present the fleet consists of Boeing 707s, but the Air Force wants to switch to 747s.
SILVER SLIPPERCode name for the ground system of Iran's IBEX ground-based electronic intelligence system.
SOLID SHIELDSpecial project under the Army Communications Command.
SOLID SHIELDA series of joint exercises under the US Atlantic Command, including Navy, Marine Corps, Army and Air Force units, to emphasize command and control of forces in a unified operation.
SOUTHERN CROSSThe Navy's early program for shipboard-to-satellite communications which has grown into the present ADSCOM program.
SPECKLED TROUTA Bendix evaluation and fabrication of experimental approach and landing flight control equipment for low visibility associated with large multi-engine military jet aircraft; Air Force test program involving KC-135.
SPECTRE LASERAir Force project for which Kirtland Contracting Center is the contracting agent.
SQUARE DEALA joint US/UK Northern Atlantic ocean acoustic measurement exercise used as a basis for assessment of surveillance system options.
SQUEEZE PLAYAn ASW (Anti-Submarine Warfare) exercise
STABLE DOORCode name for harbor defense function in Vietnam.
STANDARD RENDEZVOUSA classified Air Force program associated with TRACALS (Traffic Control Approach and Landing System).
STEEL TIGERReconnaissance flights over Laos.
STRONG EXPRESSA NATO joint exercise held in the Northern Atlantic in 1972.
STRONG POINTOne of the names associated with a part of the McNamara Line in Vietnam.
STUDY HOBOA flight test vehicle used for development guidance system demonstration.
SUGAR SHACKA Navy developed program aimed at a shipboard communications jamming system capable of attenuating the communications of unfriendly ships observing naval fleet operations, such as launchings of aircraft from carriers. TRW Systems conducted initial studies.
SUGAR TREEArmy Security Agency electronic data-collection/communications intelligence system with work performed by Sylvania.
SUITCASE RANGERThe first prototype ruby rangefinder which was capable of three miles range and +30 meters resolution.
TALK QUICKAn interim secure voice system created to satisfy urgent requirements imposed by conditions to Southeast Asia. Function was absorbed by AUTOSEVOCOM.
TALL TREEPart of the Air Force Quick Reaction Capability (QRC) program.
TALON GOLDA project to develop a low-energy laser to demonstrate acquisition and tracking of targets from space and to precisely point a narrow laser beam. An essential prerequisite for deploying a high-energy laser weapon system. Involves Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and USAF SAMSO, Army Missile R&D Command.
TANK BREAKERA DARPA project to develop a Fire and Forget Seeker for the Army's Hellfire missile.
TAX BRAWLERAn Air Force project under the Office of Scientific Research.
TEA BAGThe last installation in the 99-site wideband/troposcatter and microwave 486L Mediterranean Communications (MEDCOM) network, linking Martlesham Heath in southern England with Fylingsdales Moor (a 474L BMEWS site) in northeastern England. In turn, this link ties into Germany and European Mediterranean tropo via Spain.
TEAK OILA Naval Electronic Systems Command classified program believed to support the TEAL FEATHER program.
TEAL AMBERA Space and Missile Systems Organization sensor that will be used on the telescope at DARPA's Maui Optical Tracking Station in Hawaii for better observation of Soviet spacecraft. A program associated with TEAL AMBER is the Air Force optics program SCOOP.
TEAL BLUEA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency-sponsored program being monitored by AF Rome Air Development Center. It has been identified as a Compensated Imaging program for the DARPA facilities at Maui, Hawaii. The current TEAL BLUE II program is the development of a compensated imaging system for distortion caused by atmospheric turbulence.
TEAL DAWNClassified Air Force project that involves technological efforts for the advanced cruise missile.
TEAL FEATHERA classified communications system being developed by Ford Aerospace & Communications for the Naval Electronic Systems Command. Involves terminals on P-3 aircraft.
TEAL GREENA study effort undertaken by GTE Sylvania for MICOM/DARPA (Army Missile Command/Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency).
TEAL JADEAn Air Force early warning study. Hughes Aircraft is performing a sensor definition study; Rockwell International an advanced discrimination study; and Lockheed the special early warning portion. The program is designed to detect launches of small missiles from space.
TEAL ONYXAir Force project, funded by DARPA, to demonstrate the applicability of infrared technology to long-range search support for theater surveillance and control.
TEAL RAINClassified project involving DARPA and Air Force Aeronautical Systems Division.
TEAL RUBYAn investigation of infrared detection of aircraft from satellite-borne sensors. The program is being conducted by SAMSO and involves Lockheed Missiles & Space, Rockwell International and IBM.
TEAL TOPAZAn Army Missile Materiel Readiness Command project involving Decision Science Application, Inc. (Arlington, VA).
TEAL WINGAn exploratory development program funded under the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). System is an advanced command and control communications technology program. Army Missile R&D Command has now contracted Ford Aerospace & Communications (Palo Alto, CA), and Magnavox for a competitive Trans-Pacific test.
TELL TALEA record unit used by the Navy.
TIBETAN MONKClassified Army program.
TIGHT JAWAn Army program relating to Vietnam.
TOP SEAAn experimental investigation of ionospheric modification an its application in communications and 0TH system performance. program within Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.
TRAFFIC JAMArmy project under the Harry Diamond Laboratories.
TREE CATA phased array retro-directive jammer being developed by Maxson Electronics.
TREE HAWKA wing pod.
TREE MOTHA high power expendable jammer for confusing Soviet radars. It descends via parachute giving off 1 kw of noise after release from the aircraft or drone.
TREE SQUIDA Navy search and track radar ECCM evaluation program involving Texas Instruments (Dallas, TX).
TROPHY DASHA special USAF communications exercise.
TROPIC MOON 3Air Force program involving a night attack, acquisition and tracking system installed in B-57G aircraft. Texas Instruments, Westinghouse and Martin Marietta have been identified with the effort.
TRUE COURSEAn experimental investigation of ionospheric modification and its application in communications and 0TH system performance. A program within Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.
TUBA GROOMNavy program involving Hydrotronics (McLean, VA).
UPGRADE SILOA modification improvement program for Minuteman III.
UPGUN COBRASA Bell Huey Cobra with a Sperry helmet-mounted optical gunsight.
UPPER HANDA joint U.S. Norwegian exercise designed to promote proficiency in Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW), underway logistic support, and communications procedures.
VARSITY SPIRITJoint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) directed and coordinated exercise.
VELA HOTELA satellite program for detection of nuclear detonations in space, now referred to as NDS (Nuclear Detection Satellite). NDS itself has been incorporated into the Program 647 Integrated Satellite.
VELA SIERRAA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) program for the detection of nuclear detonations within the atmosphere whose role was taken over by the Vela Hotel satellite, the latter now referred to as NDS (Nuclear Detection Satellite).
VELA UNIFORMThe ground-based portion of the overall nuclear detection and investigation program sometimes referred to as Vela. (see also LASA; VELA.)
VIGILANT OVERVIEWAir Force exercises, involving the E-3A, to test the North American continent's air defense system.
VIPER FIREA Sperry development for the Army consisting of a target sight device mounted on a pilot's flight helmet which is electronically linked with the airframe to measure sight line angles to position the aircraft's armament. Within limits of the turret's tracking capability, the system, in effect, allows a pilot to acquire his target and train his guns on it by looking at it - without further positioning his aircraft.
VOLANT RODEOAnnual airlift readiness training exercise conducted by the Military Airlift Command.
WEDDING RINGAn Army Missile Command intelligence analysis program conducted by Sylvania.
WEE LOOKA multiple-band emitter surveillance equipment under development by McDonnell Douglas and Sylvania for use aboard Navy EA-3B and EA-3C aircraft.
WEST FORDForerunner to LEAP FROG, the communications experiment involved orbiting of 400 mission hair-thin wires, called dipoles, in a continuous band around the earth to serve as an artificial ionosphere and used to reflect signals of 800 mc back to earth.
WET ENDA Naval Sea Systems Command sonar equipment program involving Texas Research Institute, Austin, TX.
WET SNOWA Strategic Air Command bombing method.
WET WASHA submarine cable with a 60-channel voice capacity linking Johnston Island and Hawaii, and a microwave portion consisting of two links between Oahu and the Defense Communications System facilities at Kunai one of three subsystems in the Air Force 484N Pacific Area Communications System (PACS).
WHISPERING DEATHAn air-deliverable quad 50 cal. machine gun capable of firing 2400 rounds per minute.
WHISPERING GALLERYA new Air Force technique for propagating medium length radio waves through the D-layer (lower layer of the atmosphere). The technique opens new avenues for military communications and detection systems.
WHITE ALICEA troposcatter and microwave radio system providing most of the telephone and teletype communications in Alaska. Coming under the Air Force's 489L Northern Area Communications System (NACS), it serves DOD, government, commercial and general public users.
WHITE CLOUDA Navy program for liquid propellant guns.
WHITE CLOUDA Naval ocean surveillance satellite program under development at the Naval Research Laboratory.
WHITE IGLOOAn early name for the IGLOO WHITE system, the Air Force segment of the overall anti-infiltration system managed by the Defense Communications Planning Group. IGLOO WHITE supports the Army's Commando Hunt operations aimed at reducing the flow of supplies through Laos into South Vietnam. System uses ground sensors, aircraft and ground assessment facilities.
WHITE NOISEA test set developed by Marconi Instruments for the Air Force.
WHITE ORCHIDPart of the Air Force Quick Reaction Capability (QRC) program.
WHITE STARA 40 mm cartridge used by the Army.
WILD WEASELECM (Electronic Countermeasures) sets designed to warn a pilot that he is being painted by enemy radar and to indicate the direction from which the signal is coming, and acquire that signal for retaliatory action. Used in Air Force aircraft, the Army has also contracted for Wild Weasels aboard its U-8s. A modified version, AN/APR-38, went onto the USAF F-105s. The system may also go on the F-4E. See also Advanced Wild Weasel.
WIRED GARRISONAn Army R&D effort aimed at improved communication and information systems.
YANKEE TEAMA phase of Indochina bombings.
YELLOW TAGAn electronics project administered by NAVSEA for which Sylvania (Mountain View, CA) received awards. May be part of REWSON.

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