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Border Patrol
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The follies of the Cold War revealed
Les folies de la Guerre Froide revelees
NSA Document Admits ET Contact
1/32 Tamiya F-4E post-Vietnam- Kicked up a notch.
The "Extraterrestrial Messages" of the NSA
Les "Messages extraterrestres" de la NSA
The espionage of the Russians along the Berlin Wall
Die Spionagefluge der Russen entlang der Berliner Mauer
Topic: Yak jets
7406th Support Squadron
Morbach Ammunition Storage Area (US)
Energy Politics and Nuclear Incidents
The Origin of the NSA Extraterrestrial Radio Signal
About paradigms: COLD WAR versus now.
7499th Support Group explained
Airspace violations of the GDR
Luftraumverletzungen der DDR
635th Combat Support
7405 Support Squadron
C-130 reconnaissance plane
C130 "Aufklarer"
Air Force over East Germany 1985/1986
Bundesluftwaffe Uber DDR 1985/1986
Declassification of the NSA
Declassification de la NSA
Airborne reconnaissance platforms
Luftgestutzte Aufklarungsplattformen
Multimedia Library Index of UFOlogy and Space
Mediatheque et Index Ufologique et Spatial
Declarations of important personalities
Declarations de personnalites importantes
Links 1/5/18
Re: Israel releases video
The "Extraterrestrial Messages" of the NSA
Les "Messages extraterrestres" de la NSA
USAF EC/RC-130s Berlin corridor 1970/80s
16 June 2010 "golf to a nuclear bomb"
Edward Snowden Defends the Constitution ...
RC-130S? Anyone have any information on what these did?
All I can find is information on battlefield illumination.
Operation Eagle Claw
The Truth Behind UFO Sightings and the U.S. Air Force
OXCART and ELINT Research
The art of war (47): HAVE to explain
El arte de la guerra (47): HAVE to explain
Official ET Disclosure? "NSA Document Admits ET Contact"
American Aircraft Lost Over The Soviet Union During The Cold War
Fulton Recovery System
What happened to all the torpedoes that missed
Cold War Reconnaissance Flights along the Berlin
Corridors and in the Berlin Control Zone 1960 - 90
Capt Robert Arthur Yates
News Blog: UFOs-USA
Actu du blog:Ovnis-Usa
UFO and Science Investigations
Investigations UFO et Science
Thai made patches -- Vietnam era or post?
Automobile Parts Agent
432d Wing
Ryan Model 147
7407th Support Squadron
7499th Support Group
This man sacrificed his freedom

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Candida Abbud
Cockpit Photos
Kokpit Resimleri
Chant du Depart: Tales From the Ramp - Front Radar Scopes
Aircraft Cockpits & Flight Decks
Gallery Images For Air Force Ribbon
I thought this was interesting ... lost nuclear weapons!
Red Star Cluster Military
Lockheed C-130E-LM Hercules 62-1828
Boeing KC-97G-26-BO Stratofreighter 52-2688
Boeing KC-97G-26-BO Stratofreighter 52-2688
148423 Cockpit of F

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