Berlin Air Corridor Aircraft

C-130E-II 62-1828
C-130E-II 62-1828 had fake "MAC" (Military Airlift Command) titles on the vertical tail. This specialized ELINT aircraft, nearly indistinguishable from a stock C-130E, was based at Rhein-Main. In 1975, the 7405th Support Squadron became the 7405th Operations Squadron and moved to that new base. The wire antenna running from the very top of the vertical tail seems to be a non standard equipment. Other antennas can be found on stock C-130E.
(Tempelhof, October 1980)

C-130E-II 62-1828
C-130E-II 62-1828 on final approach. Nice shot of the belly.
(Tempelhof, 14 April 1981)

C-130E-II 62-1828
C-130E-II 62-1828 painted in the "European One" camouflage scheme.
(Tempelhof, December 1982)

C-130E-II 62-1819
C-130E-II 62-1819 on final approach to Tempelhof. Nice shot of the belly.
(Tempelhof, November 1978)

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