Peacetime Airborne Reconnaissance Program

7406th Support Squadron

Special support division of United States Air Forces in Europe (USAFE) charged with overall responsibility and operation for peacetime airborne reconnaissance (PAR) program for USAFE; provided staff support and operational supervision for 7499 Support Group (SPTG) and 322 Tactical Airlift Wing (TAW).

Completed preliminary coordination and planning for CREEK RAIL (EC-47 aircraft). 7406 Support Squadron (SPTS) transferred from 7499 SPTG to 322 TAW. 7406 SPTS began conversion from C-130A to C-130B aircraft.

Revised criteria for award of Air Medal for USAFE personnel engaged in PAR program (PARPRO).

Continued analysis of CREEK MISTY tasking to eliminate photo target requests in which distance or terrain limitations precluded acceptable aerial coverage.

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